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Downloads, Discounts and Freebees!

The Lightsmith Deal

What is this?

A simple way to participate in our two regular events each month: the Second Saturday Channeling and the New Moon Attunement. Super-easy, and you get everything!

What do you mean, ‘everything’?

mp3 downloads of every First Tuesday and Channeling Event for listening on your own schedule
Streaming by phone or internet when you want to participate live on First Tuesdays
Free admission to the First Tuesday events if you come in person.
Discounts to almost all other events including the Second Saturday series.

And, as a subscriber you have direct access to the call-in information for each First Tuesday session. You will use the Subscribers link on the main menu to have the passcodes sent to you directly!

Okay, what is the cost and what’s next?

The subscription for The Lightsmith Deal is $29 per month. Super Deal? We think so!

So, you don’t need *everything*?

Then consider the Lightsmith Mini-Deal. For $19 per month you get the mp3 recordings of First Tuesday sessions and Channelings delivered right to your mailbox. Plus, you save $ and the hassle of having to purchase separate downloads.

Just click on one of the subscribe buttons to proceed. The subscription is made through Paypal. You can either use your existing account or you will be prompted to set up a new one. It’s quick and simple. Hint: keep track of your Paypal password so you can access the account in the future. Subscriptions are billed automatically each month until canceled by either you or us. There is no obligation to continue for any length of time.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to starting your subscription, please and he will help you out.

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