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New Moon Sessions

Note: New Moon Sessions for 2013 and beyond are available by request @$14.99 each. Contact Subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal automatically receive these sessions by mp3 download every month.

Excellent New Moon Session Recording from 09-05-13

This session was treading in new territory. I haven't added a New Moon recording to our shop for awhile because we normally have little download activity once the event has passed. However, this session was extremely helpful and effective, and worth including for anyone who finds their way to this page. We are no longer just working with the Earth Mother, or Spirit, or masters of either Spirit or Continue →

New Moon 12-12-12

This powerful session used the alignments of the new moon and the focus of 12-12-12 to encompass a deep level of personal work, with a second phase focused on the collective. This was one of the important moments adding to the momentum of the energies as we close 2012. Continue →

New Moon Recording 11-13-12

A gentle process assisting primarily the third eye, pelvic, and solar plexus chakras. Helpful for most everyone who is going through deep transformation in a more conscious way. Continue →

New Moon Recording 10-16-12

Lots of attention to the body in this session, including root chakra and liver. An excellent process and definitely in line with the push that has been on to get things in order and get into alignment for transformation. Continue →

New Moon 09-10-12

Focus on the chakras continues with attention in this session given to the second chakra and 3rd (solar plexus). Also some focus on the right side of the neck. Continue →

New Moon August 2012

Continuing work with the Heart Chakra....and much more, of course. A longer, deeper session than some. Continue →

New Moon Session July 18, 2012

This month the focus goes to the throat chakra and other related aspects of the energy system. During most of these sessions in 2012 assistance is being provided for the transformation underway in the chakras as they prepare to interface and function within the new dimension of consciousness. This process is deep and thorough and, as usual, beyond adequate description. Continue →

New Moon Session June 18, 2012

Continued chakra restructuring. This session focuses on the third eye and includes some endocrine system work with the pineal and pituitary glands. Continue →

New Moon May 21, 2012

Focusing this month on the "morphing" of the Heart Chakra as it moves into its new design for operating in the New Dimension of Living Light. Continue →

New Moon Session April 20, 2012

This event definitely kicks off a transition into a new level of work for those of us making our way through this transformative shift. In this session Michele brings much focus to the Solar Plexus chakra, its healing and restoration, and the beginning of the chakra *morphing* into a new toroidal structure that all the chakras will shift into in sequence over time. The gist of this new work is Continue →

New Moon March

Continuing the theme from the Equinox, the re-imprinting for the new field continues. $15.00 Continue →

New Moon February

Another great session. $15.00 Continue →

New Moon January

This session covered a lot of bases, so to speak, with deep clearings and processes to focus into what's next. $15.00 Continue →