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Bringing Your Light Into Life;
A Deep Soul-Alignment Process

By Michele Mayama

The intention within this process is to facilitate the healing and strengthening of the central column of energy which runs vertically through the body from below the feet to above the head. This solar Core is the vehicle that sources the body and soul with Life from the Body of the Earth and Light from the realms of Spirit, or God. The Solar Core lies just in front of the spinal column in the body, connects and aligns all of the major chakras that process and translate energy into life, and determines how much of our soul's essence can be sustained within our physical bodies and lives.

The process begins with remembering and realigning with your soul's choice to embody before you were conceived. Then it gently guides you to engage and realign each major chakra beginning with the Root and your soul's connection with the living body and consciousness of our planetary mother, the Earth. This process requires deep listening and inner focus. We suggest an environment for listening that will be quiet and uninterrupted for the duration fo the recording - approximately 1½ hours.


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