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Light Into Life; The Course
Effective embodiment processes from the Earth Mother and Spirit Teachers through Michele Mayama

This is a time of fundamental personal and planetary transformation, culminating in a merging of Spirit (Heaven) and Earth, or Light and Life. Much information is already available about what is taking place on the planet, with many visions about where we are headed. Words and information are helpful in preparation, but finally comes the immersion into one's own personal process of transformation into conscious creation. It is intimately experiential and often challenging. Life changes and we transform, leaving some things behind to make room for something new. Suddenly, theory and teachings alone are no longer enough, and we could use some assistance making and integrating these shifts. This course offers such assistance. This is the HOW-TO, facilitated by those who know what is needed to move us as gracefully as possible into what is next.

"This course was not a walk in the park. It was intense, the involvement was physical, emotional, spiritual - it hit all levels. It was difficult, but worth it. I still am feeling the effects and unfolding. Throughout it all, I felt love and support." A.O., participant

Module 1 (sessions 1-3)
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Module 2 (sessions 4-6)
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Module 1 (sessions 7-9)
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You can read more below and listen to the
entire first session using the mp3 links provided

These studio-quality recordings were made from January to September, 2003. Over 80 people participated in the original program as the Earth Mother and Master Teachers in Spirit took us through specific processes designed to facilitate change at all levels. A significant part of the program is the process of restructuring the emotional body to help us shift the way we process events and changes we experience or observe. In short, we were given the keys to embodiment and the help needed to open the locks.

Use the links below to sample or begin the course. The entire first session is provided. It offers some sense of the course, and also contains a gentle process. Part one is with Spirit Teachers, and part two is with the Earth Mother.

Part 1
54:26 - about 13 MB

Part 2
52:09 - about 12.5 MB

These are mp3 files. Depending on your computer configuration, you may be able to just click and listen. You may also choose to right click and save the file to your desktop. After downloading, just double-click to play.

"This series facilitated amazing changes in my life. Yet for me, it was a very gentle process. I was one of those who had known I had a greater purpose, but couldn't seem to find a place to blossom. Over the past few months, that has completely changed. I could easily write a 25 page article on my experiences." - D.I. , participant

Each time we gathered, we first would be guided through a process, followed by an opportunity to dialogue and ask questions. The Earth Mother and The Spirit Teachers would take turns, one facilitating the process and the other offering discussion. The processes grew more powerful as the sessions progressed, with participants given at least two weeks between gatherings to more fully integrate all that was happening.

"The techniques shared were so beautiful in their imagery, not to mention their effectiveness. They have and will continue to give me such joy." - C.C. , participant

The course includes 9 CD's, with several hours of material. The first part of each session with the process is on the audio CD. The second part of each session is discussion and Q & A, and is provided as a transcript in PDF format. The 3 PDF files for each module can be found on the third disc in the set. You can open the PDF files in any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent.

"I am so marvelously happy. I am in love with our Mother. And my new relationship with my body is inspiring to us both. " - R.H. , participant

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