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Re-Sourcing Your Life
Healing and Restructuring the Root Chakra

Guided Process by Michele Mayama

For over two decades, Michele has facilitated transformative healing sessions with individual clients. During those times Michele joins her consciousness with theirs, and gently assists the re-engaging of old memories stored in the body or unconscious for release and re-patterning. Since 1995, about 70% of her sessions have included extensive work with the Root Chakra and its relationship with the Earth as our body’s source of Life. Trauma and fear close or injure the Root, cutting us off from that connection. In the first process on this CD she guides a release of trauma imprints from a person’s original birth process, as well as trauma from experiences later in life. The process is loving and gentle and leads to calling the soul into deeper union with the body and connection with the Earth as Mother and source for life.

The second part of the process focuses on restructuring the Root Chakra and includes connecting and drawing upon 9 filaments through which Life flows. She describes the Field of Living Light that has been formed as the new template for Creation and how working with the filaments consciously is part of Re-sourcing Life and becoming a conscious creator of your own life experience. Running times: Part 1 34:26, Part 2 38:56.


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