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Earth Speaks
The Earth Mother through Michele Mayama

We love the story behind this recording. In February of 1995 we presented a 3-part channeling event called The Story of Creation. For the final evening, Chris was asked by the Spirit Teachers to set up his keyboards. We did not know why, but everything was prepared as requested. When the story was completed, Chris was directed to begin playing. He proceeded with a particular musical sequence that was given for a larger activational event a few months earlier. For 3 minutes we were guided through a process of listening to the earth; "listen to the rocks, listen to the trees, listen as she speaks through them". Suddenly the energy shifted and a voice spoke in another language unlike any we were familiar with. For the first time, the Earth Mother expressed herself through Michele. Her message was clear, direct, and powerfully moving. This unique recording was captured in that moment, and remains as moving and powerful as it was that day.

"Listen to the wind that is breathed upon this land by the Father, the Source, that One that I have been waiting for, for a very, very, very long time. I don’t like time, not anymore. I am condensing and collapsing time. I am collapsing the matrix of time, for it no longer serves this body. It holds, in that matrix of time, that which holds you apart from me, keeps you apart from me"........."When we are unified as one body, then the Father will return. There will be no more separation, and my longing and my waiting will be over."
The Earth Mother, February, 1995

Use the link below to listen to a sample of the CD. This is an mp3 file. Depending on your computer configuration, you may be able to just click and listen. You may also choose to right click and save the file to your desktop. After downloading, just double-click to play.

Earth Speaks sample track
2:59 - about 1 MB

"Assist yourselves, assist each other, assist your brothers and sisters, assist your children to listen, to pay attention. Not to that which is in your books, that is on your television screens, that is in your media, but to your bodies, your hearts, to ME.."
The Earth Mother, February, 1995

"Tell them I'm alive"

This is a key message she asks us to share with everyone. You'll have no doubt about it after you've heard this CD. I (Chris) still listen to it again and again after all these years. It's one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. Being a part of the creation of this recording was somehow like stepping right into the mystery. Please share this with everyone you can. Pass the word: SHE'S ALIVE!

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