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Assurance that all is well. Relaxing the mind and need to control. Pulling out of the limited arena of the old story into awareness of how you are sourced. Let go and come into life. Questions about Devas, Obama, tube amplifier sound and more..
From Special Channeling July 29, 2009
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Assistance to help us return to a sense of aliveness. How we lost our connection to our bodies and the Earth Mother, and her joy in introducing you to your body in ways you can honor and respect. Process to more fully feel who you are.
From Monday Channeling November 24, 2008
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Nothing to fear. All the Mothers are active dissolving the illusions. No financial meltdown. The extractors begin to have consequences for their actions. Process to help release fear in the body.
From Monday Channeling September 29, 2008
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***RELEASE OF PROGRAMMED STRUCTURES KEEPING BODY AND MIND BOUND TO THE OLD REALITY*** Frequency shifts, relaxing the mind, changing brain chemistry, taking direction from the heart. Another potent process. Closing song is from a Lightsmith reader who used verbal quotes from an Earth Mother video and merged them with an electronic beat.
From Monday Channeling July 28, 2008
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***RELEASE OF THE BODY'S AGING PROGRAM*** inserted millennia ago. Beliefs about the body. Science and the repression of Life. Also, comments about the purpose of floods and fires.
From Monday Channeling June 30, 2008
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To the Point Message and Process. Releasing old structures, beliefs, and separations. Mind does not know how to create in this new field. The BIG FAT LIE.
From Monday Channeling April 28, 2008
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Tones to Assist Bodies to Synchronize with the New Living Field. Explanation of How Creating Works in the New Story.
From Monday Channeling March 31, 2008
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Breathing Techniques
From Monday Channeling February 25, 2008
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Whispers of Spirit pre-expo event
October 20, 2007 - Lots of information and potent processes to assist physical shifts and embodiment.

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Earth Speaks (below) is an extraordinary recording from a live event in 1995 when the Earth Mother first began to speak through Michele. Accompanied "in the moment" by live music performed by Chris.

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