2009 is a year of increasing embodiment, synchronization, and mastery. In this series, Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, and other special visitors join us to assist the fusion of Light (our souls) into Life (the material experience, our bodies).

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Lady Venus November 14 , 2009
A nice overview of the larger story from the beginning of earth to the separation that came from the aspects of mind that came onto the planet. A reminder that only a small number of people are yet moving into the fusion/embodiment process.
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Sanat Kumara October 10 , 2009
This was an interesting evening as Sanat Kumara did his best to explain the experience of being in the New Matrix and then guided a process to assist people to have the experience. Very good, helpful explanation about this current stage of the fusion process.
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Archangel Michael-Karmic Council September 12 , 2009
Chris always appreciates a visit from Archangel Michael. The presentations are direct, clear, and significant in scope and information. This channeling is no exception. We learned that the transition is about to amp up and that we would be worked with in the next 3-4 months to speed up our own release of old structures to move more deeply into the fusion process (partly to enable us to stay out of the dramas, polarization and intensity that is about to occur. The Karmic Council worked with minds to assist the release of mental structures that have kept us bound to the old story of duality. Also, questions from participants were accepted at this event, and much helpful information was given.
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Lady Venus August 8, 2009
An important and powerful session (aren't they all??) with LV and friends bringing in some specific frequencies of Love to assist the heart. Also, some work in the deep brain to release limitations to full embodiment.
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Sanat Kumara July 11 , 2009
A reassurance that we ARE in the doorway to the new experience, with discussion of shifting into mastery. Assistance from beings in Spirit to help release remaining issues and open to greater sense of self. Quote: "The last piece of this unfolding is to set yourselves free".
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Mother Mary June 13, 2009
Once again we are graced by the presence of this one who carries an incredible energy of Love. The first part is great information about who we are and what is becoming our new reality. At one point Mother Mary refers to a 12-pointed crystal grid set up on the floor in the room. She says "In front of you is an illustration of the 12 rays of creation." The process she leads assists further embodiment of these rays.
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Lady Venus May 09, 2009
This is one potent session with Lady Venus, Sanat Kumara, Buddha and Quan Yin focused in a deep process of weaving (fusion) of the yin and yang (masculine and feminine, gold and silver, MA & RA)
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Sanat Kumara April 11, 2009
Releasing karmic strands of consciousness woven into our experience.
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Earth Mother March 14 , 2009
A very upbeat message saying it is time to move on and ignore the doom and gloom promoted by people invested in the old story. It is time to live. The EM brought a large number of beings to assist, and even got us up to move and dance (see music notes below).

Music on the recording is provided for context. Opening excerpt is Destin by Celine Dion from The French Album. The piece during the session (spoken over) is Send in the Drums by James Asher. The ending excerpt is The Call to Dance by Leahy. For complete versions of these songs please see Amazon.com or the iTunes store.

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Lady Venus February 14 , 2009
A powerful session with working with a holographic map of our transformation process. Additional guidance to help shift our focus from external to internal.
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Sanat Kumara January 10, 2009
This first session of the new series for 2009 gives an overview of what's up for the year plus a powerful process to "delete" programs from the mind that are no longer needed.
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