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Releasing Deeper into the New Field, Greater Activtion of the Masculine   October 21, 2008
For your part to get clearer and so you can be more visible

Includes bringing in more of your soul and more light/information from your higher self.

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Releasing limitations to manifestation in the New Field. A deep Process, and continuation of work with Sophia  September 16, 2008
Releasing structures and beliefs iinhibiting manifestation in the New Field.

This is a very deep process with much assistance from Sophia, the Earth Mother, and others in Spirit. We're calling it part 2 of a larger movement and reconfiguration that began with the Sophia channeling on the previous Saturday, 09-13-08. Definitely a significant event.
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2 CD's

1 hr. 25 min.


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Major Pelvic "Overhaul" July 15, 2008
A potent and specific focus on releasing structures created in patriarchal conditioning that have been oppressing the creative/sexual currents.

In each of us is programming of the old feminine and old masculine, particularly a distorted masculine that became dominant, creating a distorted and repressed feminine.  Over several millennia, specific structures within the Pelvic Chakra have adapted and limited the amount of magnetism and potency moving through the upper chakras, thereby limiting creation. Sexual distortions or abuse trauma are part of this limiting structure, but each of us has our own version of the much larger story that is still affecting most of humanity.

Here are some of the symptoms of the pelvic chakra distortions that can show up:
Sore lower backs, sciatica, sacrum instability, intestinal stress, uterine or ovary issues, yeast infections, candida, weight gain in the belly/hips, bladder infections, or challenges within the prostate, hips, legs, and feet. Whew! You may also find that you are bumping up against limitations based in shame, and fear around sexuality, attractiveness and magnetism.

Women are particularly affected, but men are also finding themselves challenged to expand capacity within the pelvic chakra and to not channel the freed energy through old pathways.  Connected is the fusion place in the sacrum that is the catalyst of the body's capacity to translate Light into cellular aliveness.
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2 CD's

2 hr. 8 min.

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Mega-Tune March 18, 2008
One of the most all-encompassing sessions we have ever had, assisting participants with crucial shifts during the March 2008 energetic push. A brief description includes working with:  
fear at the base of the spine, the “back door” at the base of the neck, clearing attachments or “hitchhikers”, clearing structures in the mental field, uploading felt injustices to the Karmic Council, releasing what is non-essential, opening receptive areas, dissolving conditioning that doesn’t fit anymore, clearing other people’s emotions, bringing in more of one’s soul, dissolving old containments, connecting root chakra, clearing distortions and boundary incursions, clarifying wisdom, loosening personas that no longer fit, and overall frequency adjustments to shift into the new field.

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2 CD's

1 hr. 53 min.

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