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Light Into Life
The Course
Processes by the Earth Mother and Spirit Teachers
through Michele Mayama

19 audio CD's in modules     Click for more information

This series is at the core of what Lightsmith is about: planetary transformation via the union of Spirit and Matter in our bodies and the earth. Over half a year in the making. Guided processes and loads of insights from the Earth Mother and Friends in Spirit. Greater description and complete audio files of the first two CD's on the information page.

3 Modules now available

ReSourcing Your Life
Healing and Restructuring the Root Chakra
Guided Process by
Michele Mayama

1 Audio CD, $ 16.00     Click for more information

This recording is a deep process in two broad parts. The first part focuses on releasing old traumas from the root as well as calling the soul into deeper union with the body. The second part includes information new to most, particularly about connecting and drawing upon 9 filaments of the root through which Life flows. Michele describes the field of living light that has been formed as the new template for creation, and how working with the filaments consciously is part of re-sourcing life and becoming a conscious creator of your own life experiences.

Energetic Self-Care
Simple Exercises for Clearing the Mind, Emotions,
and Energy Body

Processes by
Michele Mayama

1 Audio CD, $ 16.00     Click for more information

Each day we are affected by what we experience on both conscious and subtle levels. We may become energetically, emotionally, and mentally overloaded causing us to feel tired, overwhelmed, or confused. Michele offers simple concise exercises that assist people to energetically clear the mind, the emotions, and the energetic body. She also offers some energetic self-care tools such as filters and shields for use when needed. Use the CD to learn the exercises, to clear before going to sleep, or to realign after a long workday. In time, the exercises can be drawn upon as needed.

Karmic Council Event
January 30, 2005
Michele Mayama

1 Audio CD, $15.00     

This was a very rare, special gathering, and so we are including this disc in our more "permanent" selections. This recording is both informative and effective, and contains powerful processes created for your participation. This is the end of the age of Karma. Besides learning more about what Karma has been about from a greater perspective, you will also be offered a gift. The gift is the "removal" of any Karma you may now wish to release out of your field and consciousness. The Karmic Council will also work with you to effect change in the collective.

Earth Speaks;
A powerful message from the Mother of us all
y Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine

1 Audio CD, $16.00     Click for more information

Unique, powerful, and profoundly moving. A short, but potent live recording of the first time the Earth Mother spoke through Michele Mayama. Special music by Chris LaFontaine. Learn more and listen to an audio sample on the information page.

Bringing Your Light into Life;
A Deep Soul-Alignment Process

By Michele Mayama

1 Audio CD, $16.00     Click for more information

This is a guided process facilitated by Michele. The intention within this process is to facilitate the healing and strengthening of the central column ofenergy which runs vertically through the body from the below the feet to above the head.

The Process of Creation
The six stages of manifesting your experience
The Earth Mother expressed through Michele Mayama

1 Audio CD, $16.00     Click for more information

Recorded in November, 2003, this is the most recent version of the the six stages of manifesting your experience in the new matrix of consciousness.

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