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The Guidance of The Larger Hologram

“In this time we would like to speak about a quality of consciousness that is beginning to open more than it has in the past. Many have called it intuition, or in a personal sense those levels of guidance that ones seek when they make decisions about what would be for their highest good or a way to proceed in their life’s unfolding. That intuition, instinct, or sense of knowing guides people. If you move beyond the personal level, however, it is a quality of awareness that accesses a kind of intelligence. You might call it the Divine Mind, or God, or Infinite Intelligence. Whatever is your name for it, we don’t care. But it is a quality of being informed beyond the personal plane and within the whole of the movement of the unfolding of what is to be created in the earth plane. Ones who have previously had in their life time a fairly consistent core of creating their lives and their purpose and learning from their personal experience have not had so much experience working with this quality. They may have opened their intuition for personal use and guidance, but have not been hooked up to this level of Divine Mind directly. However, it is opening and beginning to come in.”

“Many people will begin to experience a sort of feeling that they need to be very precise in their purpose and their choices each day, whether it is regarding food, whether it is regarding what they watch on television, etc. Even very mundane choices all of a sudden seem to begin to take on sort of an importance that feel as if they are being aligned and brought into a certain way of being disciplined, even if they are not ordinarily disciplined people. But it is a quality or a feeling like that. The body and mind of the person, their lives, and their choices begin to be hooked up to a quality of consciousness called Divine Mind wherein they are part of something larger than what has been unfolding for themselves personally. For some it is welcome. It has been what they have been waiting for and looking toward. For some it is a little frightening because they feel as if they are losing some of their personal control over decisions or their life, and they may rebel. That is just a playing out of a sort of rebellion pattern of what they perceive to be authority in duality.”

“What we would advise in this time is to realize that it is the next step, moving from the individual awareness and guidance system into the larger hologram and the guidance system that is connecting all together. So there IS a sort of alignment, and there IS a sort of precision. It does not mean that you lose your spontaneity, your child, or your sense of self. It does mean that your choices are more informed. You actually have more information about your highest good and greatest joy. You actually do know what is a better choice between the chocolate cake and the fruit that is offered to you. You actually do know that. It is not just a way of moving in the unconscious and finding out that many things are fine working from that level. It actually moves you to consciousness in ways that perhaps previously you did not have to pay attention. Allow this.”

“Over the next month or two it will begin to be much more real for many more people now in the earth plane than has been the case. Some have been aligned in this way for some time in order to bring certain things into consciousness for the whole. For others it will be a new experience, or relatively so. If you feel like rebelling, then look at patterns that you have with authority in duality and realize that it is a dualistic response. You are not losing your individuality or yourself. You are becoming more conscious, more informed, and truly more whole in the process. You are also taking your place within the whole. You are coming into your place and purpose that you have been designed for and have worked towards. It will unfold to fulfillment. And yes, there is an alignment with what is greater than self, and it will guide, direct, and inform you in ways that are perhaps beyond what you have been used to. Open to it. There is love there, there is grace there, there is all that you need to fulfill what is your sense of unfolding creativity and ideas for what you would like to bring into form. There is also connectivity there, a way of bringing into coherence and connection all of those that are necessary in order to dance together what is unfolding. So blessings dear ones, and enjoy meeting that which is the Great Mind.”

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Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or

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