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The Lightsmith Deal and New Moon Reminder

New Moon Session this Friday at 7pm

New Moon events are all about you! These sessions assist the preparation of the mind, body and soul for conscious creation and that which desires to be birthed from the New Field through you. Each event is created in the moment, engaging the alchemy of the group in a unique process guided by Michele. The next New Moon session is this Friday evening, April 20th, at 7pm central time. You can participate in person, by internet stream or by phone. The cost is $25, but how to participate free is explained below*. Sign-up here or see New Moon Sessions under the Events menu.

Introducing The Lightsmith Deal

So, what’s The Lightsmith Deal? TLD is a significant upgrade to what we have called our monthly download subscription. It’s now MUCH more! We have two main events each month that offer leading-edge information and powerful processes to help navigate the rapid pace of change. Second Saturday Channelings offer current perspectives and insights, and New Moon Sessions directly facilitate change at deeper levels of your own experience.

As a subscriber to the monthly Lightsmith Deal you will receive links for mp3 downloads of these two main events each month. These audio files let you listen at your own pace in your own time. *The big upgrade is that you can now ALSO participate in any of these events LIVE at no extra charge, whether in person, by internet stream or by phone. Plus, subscribers of The Lightsmith Deal will receive surprise freebies every now and then just to keep things interesting.

Sign up now on our site, and if the link doesn’t work for you just look for The Lightsmith Deal in the shop menu. The Lightsmith Deal is $29 per month, and even if you participate live in only one event a month ($25 each) it’s way more than worthwhile with the downloads. We’re doing our best to be helpful, and we hope you find our offer to be as good as we think it is.

In summary:

mp3 downloads of every session for listening on your own schedule
Streaming by phone or internet any time you want to participate live
Free admission to these events if you come in person
Surprise Freebies

The Lightsmith Deal subscribers have their own page for retrieving stream and download information. Take a peek at this simple form. As a subscriber you just enter your email address and the internet logins and phone number passwords are immediately sent to you. This is a right cool feature made possible by current web technology and clever design by Suzanne. As I’ve written before, the new site is quite magical.

Some other brief reminders:

This email is being sent to the list called Lightsmith Announcements. We also have Lightsmith Commentary, Lightsmith Community and Visible & Present. If you’re not on the other lists you’ve missed a comment by Chris, a community discussion about fatigue and a hot sale on women’s clothing at LaRue’s (something playful on Michele’s Visible and Present list). Sign up for more lists here.

Also, current monthly subscribers need to change their subscriptions by the end of the month. At this point you will need to cancel your current subscription and sign up for the new one. Contact Chris if questions.

Okay, that’s plenty for now. Lots of new stuff heading our way and we’ll be a-bloggin’. And, please leave comments on any post or page. We love to read what you have to say! Click the title on this email to leave a comment on the site.


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Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. Thank you indeed for the cool upgrade to our subscription!

    Michelle in L.A.
  2. Wondering if an online reservation system for Michele’s private healing work is in the works. Would be great for us out-of-towners and it would cut down on her emails of people scheduling. Payment is made upfront on most of these systems that I’m seeing.
    Just a wish!

  3. Hi Monika,

    We have talked about using such a system. Not yet sure if we will proceed with it, but I agree that it could make things simpler for both clients and Michele. I’ll be sure to make an announcement if it happens. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. MindBody online scheduler has an option to “request” an appt., Chris. It is then either approved or not by the ptactitioner. It allows for more wiggle room, not so black and white……..

    Also just wanted to say thanks for the upgrade in TLD. It’s really a great deal. And tonight’s New Moon session was another example of why. Thanks, Michele for the wonderful solar plexus work!

  5. Shannon, thanks for the scheduler suggestion. I’ll take a look.

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