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The Piercing Blue Ray of Truth

Overall in this time, these stretched out months are burning out old, old, old patterns. Many people have done much healing work, transformation, and transmutation. They have spent many hours, many months, many years, and perhaps many dollars gathering support for these processes, and yet there have been within those consciousnesses certain patterns that have eluded the light. It is these patterns that are now opening to be ferreted out. There is discomfort in such processes. These old patterns are those things which the conscious mind has at all cost to itself attempted to cover, to hide, and to put into a box that was buried so deep that even the conscious mind and the light of the Christos could not find it. That tenacity is being challenged. That tenacity of duality of the mind, of the control that the conscious mind and the consciousness within separation has held. That tenacity is sort of manipulative, and it has manipulated ways to keep certain structures, beliefs, and patterns from the light of your awareness or your own great conscious spirit.

That is the focus now of the blue ray of truth. Compassion and love is always, always present, but in order to ferret out such deeply buried and craftily hidden structures of consciousness, the blue ray has become rather piercing. In some cases when it becomes very piercing, there is a certain quality of resistance that shows up from the depths of your consciousness. It is these places that have been hiding that old duality and experience of separation. That resistance cannot be coddled to. It actually needs to be addressed very directly in a way that does not allow it to get away with what it has gotten away with maybe for millennia. So this is a very piercing blue ray of truth. You can call upon Archangel Michael, the legions of truth, the legions of Divine intelligence and awareness, the legions that assist from the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light, but at the same time it is also a melding of these forces with your own will to go the distance, to not quit at this point, to not stop, but to open up what has been hidden from yourself, hidden from the whole of consciousness, hidden from the light of awareness for many millennia.

These patterns held within the personal consciousness are not only personal, they are collective as well as personal. It is courageous ones now who are willing to wield the sword of truth on their own behalf and on behalf of consciousness, that move through their own resistance and through their own places of craftily created defense mechanisms that will divert you if you are not persistent. Be persistent. Draw on the golden light of courage. Draw on the grace that assists and opens the blessings that will assist you. Most of all yield the sword of piercing truth, knowing that once it is opened there is abundant love to support you to finish the transformation, the transmutation, and the process of releasing.

When these deeply held places are opened to the light, when they are cleared, when they are claimed and when they no longer bind in any way or form, then the consciousness is open to a restructuring at the most intimate levels of consciousness. It is then that the Great Spirit of Creator, Source, can fully sigh its way into the personal experience. Until those places are ferreted out, you will continue to feel a certain inner battle or inner conflict, or even a sense of fighting back or fighting against all of what is supporting or helping you. You may even push away the support that has been there for you in the past.

Know that this is a stage that must be faced more directly than ever, more courageously than ever before. As you step through this phase, which in some ways is a battle, you will find a sense of success, completion, and the realization that what has remained hidden and has fought to keep control deep in the consciousness for so long is truly only an illusion that had gained the strength to call itself real in the matrix of duality within separation. That is all it is.

So, those who move through this phase will feel a sense of heightened realization, heightened awareness and alertness, a sense of being more powerfully able to stand in love than ever, a sense of not waivering with any of that which is in duality’s guises to usurp your energy. You will have a sense of empowered awareness and love without end, and that will then serve you to make choices.

The choices you make are yours to make. You are no longer being asked, or directed, or given purposes from a plan that you are unconsciously working with or serving, in a sense. You are no longer being treated in such a way that is being directed by the legions of light beyond the human consciousness. You are being asked, and there are choices. The choices are presented clearly. You can make a choice, and the choices will be informed by this love and the empowered awareness of the light that is awakening within you that has no more need to ferret out the old, for it is all completed now.

The choices that you make will create the future. In a sense, the plan has always been to get you to this point. At this point, once that last opening of consciousness has been attained and the old ferreted out, you will find that there is no difficulty in making these choices, and yet you will find that you will consider them. You will weigh in your consciousness the future based on your choices. You will move into your future along these pathways. If there are two or three options or pathways, you will move along them and then you will come back and you will make choices based on the impact of these choices. You will be far more aware of the far-reaching ripples of your choice as it is cast into the consciousness as a whole. Every choice matters. Every choice matters in the creation of your collective future. So, for now, those of you who feel resistance, turn around and face it head on. Call upon the blue ray and let it pierce the illusions that have hidden deep in the recesses of the unconscious, and know that it is for the highest good for you and for all.

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