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The State of the Planet

At the request of the Earth Mother we have scheduled a special event this Saturday, September 12th from 1-3:30pm central time. We don’t know much about what will be presented, but it is likely to be both informative and energetically helpful as we collectively make our way through these challenging times.

No secret I advocate for the earth. It is my view that this planetary mother is the primary orchestrator of what is taking place here, and therefore is the source I most trust. I know, it may seem more glamorous to focus attention on ET’s as saviors, or to entertain predictions of how money will be miraculously re-distributed, or how on a certain date we will all experience instant global awakening. Really? How about distractions, flummery and balderdash.

Ah-ka ma-ka teh-a ma

Know what that means? Listen to your mother :)

You can listen and more on Saturday either in person, by phone or by internet stream. If you are at a distance, you can sign up using the link on the calendar page.

Other events of special note:

First, save the date of Sunday, October 4th, 3-6pm. We are planning a Lightsmith community event to which you’re all invited. Details soon, but we didn’t want to shift the emphasis in this update from the Earth Mother event.

And, Michele has scheduled the next complete round of Visible & Present Discovery Processes. If you are not familiar with V&P, it’s about bringing your outer appearance and presentation into alignment with your inner vibrational essence. Below, you can read more from Michele about the upcoming Visible & Present events. This program is more powerful and life-changing than you might think, and Michele is the perfect guide for the process. You will be able to see and feel the transformation in yourself and other participants as change happens right before your eyes.

I will sign-off here with a final invitation to join us on Saturday. I may not know details of what to expect, but given my previous experiences with the Earth Mother I’m sure that whatever takes place will be quite wondrous.




From Michele:

The next round of Visible & Present Discovery Processes are on the calendar for the fall. If you are ready to become a conscious creator, it is more than being conscious within your mind. The clearer we communicate our true self into the larger field, the more effect we have both in the field as well as is attracting from the field. Visible & Present takes all of what I know about vibration and frequency and translates it into teaching you how to dress who you are so there is no static or confusion in your personal energy field. Vibrating with clarity and learning what colors and frequencies to wear to enhance various types of experiences gives you practical tools for becoming more conscious, authentically visible, and more fully present in your life. It is fun to do this process with friends or family members so you can support each other as you shift your wardrobe and possibly home into vibrating who you are.

The benefits and effects of this work are many! As you learn to dress who you are, you can expect to experience some or all of the following:

  • Feeling of being supported through what you wear
  • Save money by only buying what vibrates with you
  • Shopping is simplified and time is saved
  • Conserve energy every day so you have more for what you want to do
  • Love and appreciate your body as your visible voice and your soul’s expression
  • People trust you more naturally and quickly
  • Relationships are enhanced and communication is more effective
  • More instances of being authentically heard and respected
  • Closets are cleared and dressing is simplified
  • You receive more support as your home environment transforms to reflect who you are
  • Vibrating clearly ripples out into creating more clarity in your life and choices
  • Greater ease of connection with others as they relax when they are with you
  • Feeling more confidence in previously stressful situations or encounters
  • Show up authentically without reverting to old patterns
  • Enjoy being YOU!


Here are the dates for the next round of V & P Discovery Processes:

Saturday, September 26, 10-5 pm: Discovery Process I: Authentication

In this first process, each person learns how fabric vibrates and how it can either vibrate with you or actually drain energy from you and those around you. We explore the attributes of the four primary elements and then discover your body’s unique vibrational signature. You will begin to learn an attunement practice so you can discern whether the fabrics vibrate with you or not. We then create the fabric filled shopping guide that is specific to you. Cost: $296 ( Students:$206)(which includes the creation of your shopping guide valued at $125) If you already have been typed but still have the laminated fan, you are welcome to come for $155 so you can learn the attunement process and make your fabric shopping guide.

Saturday, October 17, 10-5: Discovery Process II: Magnification

This process focuses on how to more consciously influence your experience to be respected, heard, trusted, and to conserve energy while showing up in a variety of situations. Each person learns about what specific patterns empower your presence, and what design lines support your body and natural way of moving. We also explore how light interacts with your skin and body and hone in on using that knowledge to illuminate your aura and magnify your energetic influence. Five more cards are created and added to your shopping guide. Cost: $195

Saturday, November 21, 10-4: Discovery Process III: Integration

In this process we go deeper. Through some gentle visualization, we explore aspects of our unconscious that we learned early in our lives to either project or to hide in order to get our needs met. This is where we focus more on conscious creation using all of what you have learned and how to apply it in creating the kind of experiences you desire in your life. In the afternoon we play with creating whole outfits that include all the elements needed to support you to be fully visible and present. We include hair and make-up consultations to more fully align you with your signature. You receive a Wardrobe journal both to facilitate the creative process and to remember what items have been combined to create your effective presence for specific situations. Cost: $195

Pre-registration required for each event. Payment not due until you arrive. Register with or 651-224-4451.

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  1. ‘The State of the Planet’ update seems incomplete…see bottom of the above page

  2. Thanks for the note. And oops. That text was from a rough draft of a longer comment and was not supposed to be included. I have deleted it.

  3. Hi all. The State of the Planet experience was one of the most profound and loving adventures I’ve shared from Lightsmith. However, I do seem to be having some backlash. Fatigue and perhaps releasing from the secret, hidden, sacred and precious place? Anyone else? Christie l Lord.

    Christie Lord
  4. This session was similar to other Saturday events this year in that the processes have been very potent energetically and can require a day or two for integration. Feeling tired and needing to rest is common after this level of experience. Drinking extra water mixed with some sea salt is usually helpful.

  5. Thank you so much, Chris. This feedback is helpful, supportive, and even a little exciting!

    Christie Lord

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