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Traversing the Wormhole

Wormhole:A tunnel in the geometry of space – time postulated to connect different parts of the universe“.  And perhaps different dimensions?

If my soul has a to-do list I may soon be able to cross off being funneled through a wormhole. It’s akin to being expressed through a pasta maker, yet disorienting enough to distract you from fully recognizing your new shape. Holy ravioli!

We had our spring equinox session on Wednesday evening. Very early Thursday morning I awakened feeling oddly torqued, uncomfortable in any position. I had a sense of twisting inside, as if I was trying to rearrange myself within my skin. I stayed with the feeling until finally recapturing sleep, aware that a process I began earlier was continuing in ways I could never articulate. Who knows what is yet to come, but my sense of self already feels subtly changed.

Most of us are still dissolving adaptations born of duality. And now certain energies have gone into motion that are firm, non-negotiable, and final. The sorting of what moves forward into the new creation is getting serious. On some level you likely have made a choice to join the earth in a new dimensional experience. If so, you may find additional adaptations and distortions within your own field surfacing to be cleared as these sweeping energies move through humanity. You may call your experiences illness, emotional processing, or getting conscious. It does not matter. In the end it simply is this: whatever is not of essence cannot be taken forward.

We previously noted our expectation of a significant process on the equinox, and I believe we now have redefined understatement. The intensity of energies and the declarations by participants and the Earth Mother were powerful and moving. Together we created a moment, one we have been evolving toward and longing for. A moment when we absolutely know we are moving beyond a world wrapped in chaotic denial, and saturated with the unconsciousness of the anti-Life. Like the anticipation after a long airplane flight we finally landed and disembarked into fresh, exciting unexplored territory. As the Earth Mother declared: It Is So.


I will not tell you much about the process from Wednesday evening. I will tell you it includes choice, acknowledgments by participants and clear intentions of the Earth Mother. The process also moved out into humanity. Without doubt this was one of the most energetically powerful planetary events we have had. Most meaningful for me were the moments the Earth Mother sounded her language of creation along with the mudras (hand and arm movements) that accompanied her sounds. The rest of the message spoken to us was confirmation and assurance that we are now proceeding together into our next dimensional experience. No worries.

Yesterday I posted the recording of the equinox event. You’ll find it in the Freebies section of the Lightsmith shop. You can complete (or revisit) this process for yourself by clicking on the website player or downloading the mp3 file for use on other devices. Highly recommended, as if you couldn’t tell :)

And now we at Lightsmith get a little break from events for a couple weeks. The next facilitated breathing group is Saturday morning, April 6th from 10 to 12:30.

Happy about it all,


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Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. Chris, your mention of joining the Earth in a new experience brought to mind one I recently had. In a couple months I’ll be turning 80 (what?) and I’d mentioned to one of my grandaughters last year that I’d like to celebrate it by doing a skydive! (My friend Ursela from Tucson did one last year when she turned 80. Michele might remember her.) I’d let that wild thought go, but then my grandaughter, Naomi, phoned me to say she’d like to go with me if I still planned on going! I agreed but I felt this big rush of FEAR flood through me, and sought to blank it out via my old favorite – a good nap. However, when I woke up, the fear had completely disappeared and I only felt exhilaration and excitement! Very strange. In fact, I got all 5 of my kids plus some grandkids – 13 of us – all planning on the Great Abbott Skydive on Sunday, May 26. Wowza!!

  2. Thank you Fran for posting your story!

    I want to share that I have awoken many many mornings needing to sneeze and noticing my nose also somewhat stuffed having to clear it out. It seems my brain is removing stuff out through my nose. This has been going on a lot the first 3 months of this year. It feels like a huge clearing is going on.

    Paal Joachim
  3. Fran, I don’t know you, but your story is super-inspiring! Please let us know, after the event.

    Michelle in L.A.
  4. Fran, what an inspiration! I hope you were able to go. Much love to you!!! :)

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