Stories of our Earth journey 1999-2000

By Michele Mayama

About the Journeys
In the summer of 1998, I was invited by Laurie Young to visit her in Guatemala. During that visit, I was given a vision during which the Earth Mother asked us to form groups to travel to different parts of the world to assist her in a process of planetary cellular metamorphosis. Her body is composed of large cells which have had a specific structural template since early in her evolutionary story. Those cells are now in the process of shifting to a higher level of complexity and order, affecting all of life on this planet. Her transformation is part of a greater shift timed by the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes as well as other factors. The journeys were designed to fulfill a specific sequence of activity and were aligned with planetary events, such as the powerful eclipse on August 11, 1999. All the journeys form a whole that will become clearer as the stories are integrated and told. 

These trips were the primary focus of our lives for the rest of 1998 and virtually all of 1999. We traveled to Guatemala, France, Germany, Poland, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, and Hawaii. In February 2000, one year after our first trip to Guatemala, Michele organized yet another journey. This journey to Peru was for women, and was intimately connected to the other trips.

Unlike tours to sacred sites, these trips were more akin to sacred adventures, guided by the Mother and those in Spirit who are overseeing the group, and synchronized by powerful forces with which we join to accomplish tasks that are beyond us to control. We had only a limited idea of the overall purpose and itinerary, but plenty of flexibility built in to move to locations as instructed. Each person present had a part to play. All of the personal work and shifting people do during such journeys is an unwinding of collective threads of consciousness that benefit the whole. Personal transformation is wedded to planetary purpose and all are quite magically served in a dance of great love and joy. There were specific preparations for each journey, some physical, some energetic, and some personal. As each journey drew closer, the group also began to link in preparation. The traveling mode was very intuitive: we landed and listened, built a clear group awareness and field of intention, and moved as we were led.

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