Stories of our Earth journeys 1999-2000

The Story Unfolds
Over the years, it became clear to me that in this life I chose to be part of a planetary transformation team, many of which are not currently in physical form. My channeling and other evolved abilities were given or remembered (and practiced!), but not chosen or even wanted. Every once in a while I get called on to do a job at the planetary level, and the event, location on the Earth that needs assistance, or people who are to assist are all rather magically brought together, and our movements and actions are guided like human instruments in the hands of a much larger planetary conductor. After much global and local (Minneapolis area) activity from 1991 to 1996, I spent nearly two and a half years sitting on the sidelines wondering if I'd been retired without notice. Then another call came in.

The story begins in August, 1998. After a trip to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in July, I received a detailed vision of the Earth's body and how she was cellularly shifting from a simpler etheric structure that had served her since from the time life began to take hold until now. The consciousness of the Earth showed me several locations on her body where she needed human assistance to unlock gridlocks of consciousness that were preventing her from completing her shift to the more complex higher frequency cellular structure that would serve Life in a new way. If I was willing, I was to form groups to travel to these places during 1999, undertaking specific tasks that she indicated.

Unlike most trips to sacred places with pre-planned stops, activities, or rituals, these journeys were to be guided by the consciousness of the Earth Mother and to unfold from within our shared experience. It is a very feminine or yin way of working; receptive, listening, allowing universal unconditional Love to lift things to awareness, following the flow of energy and intention, acting only as the guidance from within the group unfolds .... a trust walk for all involved! From the moment the vision took hold in my awareness, I felt as if I was pulled into the future by the power inherent in the vision and its fulfillment. It quite literally took over my life until it was done, almost a year and a half later.

The first thing I was inspired to do was create a group that would meet every other week to open to the new matrix of creation directly. It was practice for me to let go of preconceived notions or learning and allow each gathering to create its own focus and fulfillment with and through me. My gratitude and appreciation to those seven souls who were courageous enough to face whatever was binding them in consciousness and trust the process that they each were part of creating, and then to apply the awareness in their individual lives and choices. It was transformational for all of us and I began to realize that this group and process was weaving the foundation for the trips to come.

Another foundation piece was the way grids were used throughout the process and the trips. Grids are sacred geometry in action, and whatever intention is set into the grid is magnified and assisted to come to fulfillment. I use primarily stones or other gifts from nature, or objects that have symbolic significance. Working primarily with the hexagram or Star of David matrix, six crystals are placed with consciousness and both clockwise(masculine) and counterclockwise (feminine) spins are initiated. There is a central stone that anchors the grid into the material plane to bring about fulfillment of the intention in experience, and several other stones or objects that support the center. Then everyone who is participating in the co-creation places stones or objects into the grid to weave their energy and intention into the whole. In this way, both the individual and larger intention that serves the Whole can be intricately held within the same matrix of intention and unfold on all levels of experience. Not only are the grids powerful, they are beautiful and inspiring to those who have participated in creating them. Every time a shift is made, the grid is shifted and objects removed or added. People take their grid pieces out and evaluate whether their intention is to remain the same or has changed.


About a month before the first trip, I was presenting a weekend workshop, and one of the participants wheeled in a purple suitcase. She unwrapped a very large crystal (8 inches wide and 12" high) that she had been led to purchase. As much as she tried and regardless of where she placed it, she felt a discomfort with it in her home and was slightly afraid of its power. She got the message to bring it to me and that I would know what to do. I immediately recognized it as an Earthkeeper Crystal, a rare kind of quartz point whose mass and nature are designed to work with the Earth's master grid. This grid is an intricate pattern of ley lines and vortices spread around the body of the Earth in a lattice-like weaving of energy flows, rather like the meridian system and chakras of the human body. I have met and worked with only two other Earthkeeper crystals in previous times of planetary service, one larger and one smaller. So I smiled, and with gratitude to the way creation works to provide all that is necessary for fulfillment, I accepted the crystal for the purpose of anchoring and connecting all the trips into a unified whole.

Before each trip, I set up a grid in my living room in Minnesota, at times with assistance from a group of people who would be part of the anchoring support team connecting with us from home. These grids created powerful living fields of intention that we connect with at any moment and it linked us with all others joining in the project. The support team met several times around this grid during each trip, consciously connecting with those traveling at predetermined times as well as spontaneously when orchestrated by the intelligence within this large unfolding. We all felt the connections and it became clear that our parts looked different but all were essential to the fulfillment of the intention that was weaving us all together. I have no doubt that there are people who were unknown to me personally who were also part of this past year's grand adventure, and if you are reading this now, know that I know and am grateful.

The first trip was in February, 1999, to the umbilicus of the Earth with her human children, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Eight of us gathered first in Antigua to weave our individual energies into a whole. We toned together in a perfect acoustic chamber that is part of the remaining structure of an old earthquake-destroyed convent, Las Capuchinas. Then on to Lake Atitlan to the Casa del Mundo, House of the World. Run by Bill and Rosie, this hotel/B&B jutting out into the lake with a magnificent view of three surrounding volcanoes, was our home for a week of processes and reconnecting with our bodies' knowing of Mother. After creating our group grid and connecting it with the larger field of intention, we gently opened those places in consciousness that had been stored unprocessed until there was enough support. At one point we reopened the memory stored in our own umbilicus (the navel) of our birth into this body through our human mother. Then we reconnected the larger umbilicus of the Earth Mother within our bodies and, as surrogates, created the template in the field of consciousness for all human children to sense and reincorporate this connection. We buried our first grid of crystals there to keep the connection open into the whole of consciousness.

This trip was very physically nurturing. Everyday we ate incredibly delicious life-giving and tasty vegetarian food prepared by Rosie and her staff. Each morning we opened the day with gentle yoga and breathing led by co-facilitator Laurie Young, and several evenings Bill fired up the large wood-heated hot tub down by the lake and we sat under the stars delighting in our bodies' senses and our return to the possibilities of Life in her abundant fullness. Several local healers and massage artists were on call for more intense individual work and the "house of a million steps" provided good aerobic exercise.

One evening the Earth Mother came through me to teach and work with us consciously, and we were joined by others who live on the shore of the lake. Afterwards we danced in a beautiful circular room/temple that was being hand built with the intention that this place was to serve as a sacred space for many who will come in the future. She led a process of rebirthing with her as our Mother, taking care of every need with great love and nurturing, repatterning our survival fears and the fear of lack that has been a collectively shared wound since our loss of her as Mother in an earlier time of our collective story. Later, she had people practice discerning how various words either carried and delivered energy or didn't. Her language is one of pure vibration and therefore carries and delivers energy directly with intention unlike much of our language. Together with the soft and colorful beauty of the indigenous people and their art. I know I will return here as often as Life allows for that intimacy with my physical Mother, perhaps at times to share this experience with other groups. You will find a Realaudio file of this channeling on our site, just look on the home page for the Earth Mother audio files.

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