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Two August Events Remaining

The NEW MOON session is tonight (Monday, August 13th). We scheduled this date because we will be out of town at the time of the actual New Moon. We’ve been working with the transformation of the chakras during these sessions, and we expect that focus will continue this month. Join us in person, by phone or by internet. Information and registration

ACCELERATED CHAKRA SHIFTING is scheduled for Saturday, August 25th from 10am – 4 pm. During this event Michele will share more about what our bodies are undergoing as the chakras move through a transformation into new toroidal structures. A guided process will assist the chakras to move into the new patterning more easily.

You can participate in this event in person or by phone/internet stream. More information and registration for remote participants

And FYI, in a few days Michele will be posting an informative update about what we’re going through these days. It’s a pushy time of sorting and choosing, and I think you’ll find some fresh perspective to be helpful.



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