We were contacted by Mr. Leonid Yurkovsky from Kiev, Ukraine, and he has asked for assistance. I am posting his letters as I received them. Please respond as your heart dictates, and please tell others about this page.

Religious community "The Faith of Light"
Revutskogo Str. 36/2, Apt. 181, 253068 Kiev, Ukraine 
Tel./Fax (+380 44) 570-47-10, 

Dear Mr. LaFontaine,

I shall be sincerely grateful, if you will not perceive this letter as "spamming". The real man who is the chief of real organization, which is carrying out real work, writes this letter in a critical situation. To confirm it we are ready to give any documents and to answer any

Our Community is small organization, which was created for the edition of the spiritual literature with the purpose of spiritual training of the population and creation of atmosphere of tolerance in conditions of close coexistence of the representatives of various religious movements.

We issue the journal " Secrets of Eternity ", being the sole Ukrainian spiritual journal, which is distributed in all large cities of Ukraine. 

Our mission consists in the following:

1. Publishing of materials about different ways of spiritual development. With accent of attention on more advanced methods - Meditation, Spiritual Visions, Dreams, OBE, Astral Projection, etc. 

2. Organization of educational groups for spiritual realization. 

3. Creation of a web site in Russian similar SpiritWeb.

In the activity we adhere to belief that does not exist unique correct for all people of a way of spiritual realization. Attempts of separate religious group to provick what exactly she is the carrier of absolute true and all others - sheeps going astray can not result in anything except for religious division and hatred. 

Each religion and culture is valuable and unique in itself. Therefore we publish materials on different religions and cultures and their role in life of modern community and keeping for the reader the right independently to choose the information necessary for him. 

In parallel with the edition of the journal we attended by the project of creation of a web site devoted to questions of spiritual self-realization of the person. Similar Spiritweb, only in Russian. The first stage of the project is designed for two years and provides the publication in the Internet 1200-1500 web-pages illuminating all sides of a spiritual heritage of a human civilization, and also various aspects of spiritual life of modern community. On a web site will be shown the main world religions and spiritual currents. A history of their occurrence, biographies of the spiritual leaders, photoreviews of sacred places allowing to make virtual excursion, sacred texts, photoarchive and picture gallery. After opening web site news from areas of religion, art, medicine, space researches and last technological achievement will be updated weekly. The information will be stated in Russian, therefore potential users of a web site will be the people with all territory of former Soviet Union and it is a very large audience. 

As we did not manage to collect means, which are necessary for the beginning editions of the journal, I have sold the apartment, and on this money the necessary publishing equipment was purchased, the organizational questions are decided and first numbers of the journal are

Money received from sale of my apartment is a sole source of financing of our publishing. In the summer of a 1998 we have begun to issue the journal. We have issued some numbers and have managed to achieve that our journal began to be distributed in 15 large cities of Ukraine (that is to 85 % of territory of our country).

Week back we have received the offer on cooperation from the Ukrainian academician Henry Shvebs. He is the professor, doctor of geographical sciences, academician, winner of the State premium of Ukraine. In 1998 Henry Shvebs was announced by the American institute ABI by the man of year and is awarded with a medal the 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor. Yesterday we had with him meeting and have agreed upon constant cooperation. Our magazine only develops. We hope that we also further will have many similar contacts, which will be useful to our movement.

To our deep regret the financial crisis, which has taken place in Ukraine, has resulted that cost of polygraphic services and papers was increased twice. We have appeared in a situation, which is not simply bad, but very bad. That money which has remained with us has appeared insufficiently for the regular edition of the journal and development of other projects. If we can not find additional money simply we can not continue the further activity.

Causes despair that fact that not such are necessary for continuation of normal activity for us large money. About $ 5.000 it is enough to print two numbers of the journal of circulation 10.000 copies and to support hereinafter stable monthly exit of the journal. The development, creation and maintenance of a web site will be financed at the expense of the profit received from sale of the journal. We can not find additional means in
Ukraine, therefore are compelled to address behind the help to international organizations.

If the situation were not so critical, we never would disturb you. Please, consider a capability of rendering to us of the help even within the limits of $50 -200. It is small money but we have addressed behind the help to many organizations and we hope that we will manage to collect the necessary sum. We hope to find the people, which can not only theoretically reason on problems of maximum matters, but also ready to render the real help to the colleagues in a critical situation. 

We want to make our magazine maximum universal, examining all party of spiritual development and all spiritual movements. Therefore we hope not only for your financial support, but also on fruitful information cooperation further. 

Please, help us to survive! It is necessary not only us, but also readers of a magazine, which already have got used to him and expect the following releases. It is necessary for our future readers, which can on pages of a magazine learn about new spiritual movements, about new
prospects, about new opportunities of development of spirit. To learn about you, about your sights and belief. 

Please help!

With hope,

Leonid Yurkovsky
The chief of a Community

I asked him how we can help...........

Dear Mr. LaFontaine,

I am sincerely grateful to you for your answer and your attention.
For transfer to us of money you can take advantage of several possible variants:

The first variant: bank transfer to account:

BENEFICIARY:                  ACCOUNT NUMBER 015-26009855 (USD)
                                        Religious community "The Faith of Light"
                                        Pr-t Chervonozoryaniy, 39b, Apt.118, Kiev, Ukraine

BANK                               JS POST PENSIONARY BANK AVAL

BANK:                              SWIFT: BKTRUS33, ACCOUNT NUMBER 04-400-503

                        or             BANK AMERICA INTERNATIONAL, NEW-YORK, USA
                                        SWIFT: BOFAUS3N, ACCOUNT NUMBER 6550-0-75703

                   or             AMERICAN EXPRESS BANK, NEW-YORK, USA
                                   SWIFT: AEIBUS33, ACCOUNT NUMBER 729616


The second variant: transfer of money through system Western Union

                                        Revutskogo Str. 36/2, Apt. 181, 253068 Kiev, Ukraine 

The third variant: to send the check to the address

                    Zaslonova St. 24/2, Apt.1, 253099 Kiev, Ukraine

I want once again with all my heart to thank you for your support of our activity. 

Peace & Love,
Leonid Yurkovsky

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