The Transformationto Conscious Creation
Part Seven in a series by Michele Mayama
Stepping into the Current of Creation

As I sit down to write this article, my Millennium countdown clock registers 111 days until the end of the current cycle as marked in linear time. Contemplating this, I become aware of a feeling that has been increasing in frequency and strength in the last few weeks. Last month, I wrote about the shift from the personal focus of transformation into the larger field that is created when groups form with a shared intention. Building upon that is the feeling of connection with those I do not know and am not with in a physical sense. I'm beginning to feel "with" others even though I am alone in my house. These others seem to be laughing, singing, and talking "with" me even though I am not aware of the specific messages. The feeling is not one of being joined by my Spirit guides and teachers, but is more like being with people at a party. I sense these people to be here in Earth, fully embodied and within the living field of awareness that is the new matrix of creation. The experience is so tangible at times that I expect to meet them that very day and pick up conversations which have already begun in this living field of consciousness. Once we begin to practice living in this field of living wisdom, it automatically and by design seems to unify us as it begins to seed within us conscious intentions for future creation. This happens even if we are not physically present with each other or fully conscious of the part we are playing in the whole. 

The trips I undertook this year with groups of courageous people willing to participate in both personal and planetary transformation illustrated the way this principle works on several levels. While we were traveling, a small group of people chose to consciously support and connect with us both in their individual meditations and by meeting together several times here in St. Paul. The travelers often commented about feeling the support from the group at home and upon our return, we discovered amazing synchronistic experiences between the two groups which confirmed the sense of being linked in ways that were beneficial to us all.

At another level of orchestration in the field there were specific people that were needed by the field of creation to fulfill the intention we had been asked to assist. On the Japan/Hawaii trip I had known that the success of the intention to re-code human DNA in Hiroshima depended on physically connecting with a specific man whom I had met in Mexico in1995 and/or others of Japanese descent with a direct experience of the atomic bomb blast in 1945. I had tried to contact him before the trip, but to no avail. So I consciously linked with him or whoever it would be, felt a response in the field, and proceeded with a trust that all would unfold. The day before we were to arrive in Hiroshima, we found Masaji, home for only three weeks between his own journeys abroad. A small group of Japanese people were attracted to join with us in the larger intention, but they had not known each other before we arrived. Yet we all felt instantly connected, as if we had known each other for years or lifetimes. (For a more detailed explanation of the expereiences of these journeys, check the website, I also often felt a current of support and connection with many others that I didn't consciously know who were also linked to the intentions of these trips, and since returning, I have heard from some of these people via the internet. 

Each person, whether physically traveling with us or not, is integral to the whole and has a part. Before these last journeys to Tibet and Japan, I knew these things in my mind, and had experienced some of this connecting more tangibly, but not consistently. Since returning, the connections seem open and fertile and alive and dancing and I don't know who or where "they" are, or what we are creating within the larger field, except perhaps more joy?!

In the past, we have often been affected by the collective, depending upon our level of sensitivity and our own consciousness. We perhaps could feel the pain of certain groups of people being directly affected by natural or human created destruction. Or perhaps we knew if members of our immediate family were in pain or distress. This awareness of our larger connectedness, even if it announced itself through pain or anxiety, precedes the conscious connections within the new matrix of creation and the universal human. With the dissolution of duality and its creation of conflict, pain, and fear, then Creation is able to inform our collective experience directly. Life flows like currents within the Wholosphere of Creation joyfully attracting all aspects together that are necessary to accomplish creative intentions. If those aspects are conscious and choose to participate in the living current with Creation, the experience is joyful, inner animating, and naturally expansive and filling. As an evolving planetary consciousness, we have always been interconnected even if we only were conscious of our own little perceived reality. Now, with the internet, satellite television, computerized translators, and our own expanding capacities to interact with other levels and dimensions, we are creating a worldwide experience of relationship and interdependence and shared reality. I have been amazed that the word "Baywatch" elicits similar nods and smiles in Guatemala, in Nepal, and in Japan. And we met a Chinese girl in Tibet who sang a Karen Carpenter song perfectly even though she knew almost no English with which to communicate. 

Accompanying this awareness of joyful interconnection is a sense of animated playfulness that I have not felt so purely for a long time. This feeling will not allow me to be heavy or serious for long. Certain old thoughts or states of mind that I once considered normal are unable to take root in this field so can no longer control my outlook. And this larger field of animated playfulness tugs at me to move within its current and create, create, create! What is asked of me is to show up and step forward into the living current. It seems that if I have even one clear intention, I am in motion and dancing, even if other things I hadn't planned are joining in the experience. 

I have noticed however, that maintaining this state of awareness requires a level of precise integrity with myself and others that does not allow much latitude for illusion or slipping back into old patterns. I am aware that if I "go along" with an idea without consciously feeling whether or not it has life, I can find myself very quickly in a place of feeling out of sync, confused, frustrated, or even angry. Such experiences are invaluable in training me to be consistent in checking into the field and sensing the current as I am being woven within it. My part in the larger dance of creation is not always the same as my partner's, or friend's, or coworker's. When they are doing what they have been led to do and are feeling joyful, doing it with them may not feel joyful to me. I am learning to say that I respect and honor that they are having the experience that is just right for them in the whole, and I need to choose to do something else, perhaps with others who are sharing the same current as myself in that time. Without judgments or fears of what others may think of us or that we're missing out, we can return to our own flow of Life and they can follow the currents that are moving them, and we can all be within the greater living creation. With practice, we learn to discern more immediately when our choices are flowing within the current of Life which is illustrated with a joyful "Yes!" as a response. 

If both we and the people in our life are happily flowing within the currents of life that each is freely choosing to honor, there is a sense of harmony with different parts and experiences. Our task is to become so focused on finding and stepping into that living current of Creation that we are no longer trying to either make everyone share our experience and perception, or feel left out or less of anything if our experience is different than someone else. If we set up our relationships and communication structures to honor this principle of creation, each person becomes response-able for their choices and whether what they are choosing is of greater Life of not. If we agree to co-create a shared experience, then we choose to open our life currents to flow together for a greater creation. The merger of the Light of consciousness with the currents of Life allow the alchemical transformation of our material experience, we eat of the Tree of Life, and the flow of Living Light creates our shared experience. 

Some people speak of "being in the flow", others speak of the grace of God, or the movement of the universe. I have chosen to speak of my experience of the Whole from the perspective of Creation as the unifying informing principle. Not only does it seem to offer a balance to the overemphasis of the tendency to put mind over matter, and refer to Light or spirit as separate from or superior to body. Within duality consciousness, Spirit has been kept subtly separate apart from this world of material human experience, not fully integrated in our bodies or how we created our lives individually and together. In my experience, Light or Spirit loves Life and is intimately merged within every cell of physical matter, in my body and in every experience that is my life. The marriage of the Mother (matter or life) and Father (spirit or light) creates a child that is the fruit of both yet uniquely new in its design. 

This child is the new matrix of Creation. It has always been  present as an informing current, but not conscious within our collective way of describing reality when everything was split apart with judgment, fear, conflict, or confusion. Collectively we are maturing to see beyond the separating influences to the unifying wisdom of Life in all of her manifestations, and then choosing how to co-create the next cycle of life in Earth. That creation is already circulating through our collective body as a whole and more and more people are consciously choosing to dance in this field awake and alive. Over the past several months, it seems as if the currents of creation have swelled in magnitude and power becoming ever more attractive to those on the precipice of leaving the old behind. As more of us make the choice, joy expands, more people join the party so to speak, and the possibilities for greater synchronistic creation within this field increase exponentially. 

So, test the waters of Life, stick in a toe, a foot, step in and practice staying within or coming back to the living currents of creative intelligence. Perhaps one day soon, we will meet in person and continue the dance that is already in motion within the Field of Love.

 Zippity-do-da and so it is! 

Copyright 1999, Michele Mayama

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