The Transformationto Conscious Creation
Part Three in a series by Michele Mayama
First, the Healing of the Feminine
Up until the mid 1960's, there was a collective image of the ideal family. Father out in the world working a steady job and making the money to support mom at home with the children. Each family in this ideal lived in their own home in a neighborhood with other families in the same mold. Women sometimes worked as nurses, teachers, or secretaries, but most quit when the babies were born. Then, out of the contraction of fear during the cold war, a wave began to form, powerfully building to surge out of the collective unconscious. The cherished ideal picture began to crack. The wave surged upward, affecting people who were open to new awareness, insights, and visions of another way to be together where more aspects and voices within culture could be heard. Youth, women, and African Americans were the first groups the wave affected. The authorities fought to push the wave back; riots ensued. Men fought to keep women from stepping out of the home and taking their jobs; divorces ensued. Nixon and political subterfuge was exposed, Vietnam spoiled the patriotism of war, shadows spilled over into every life; chaos ensued. The upward current was on the move and no one was aware that collectively we had reached a turning point in our journey of consciousness. 

I remember the wave, as do others of you who were born to bring it through and ride its tumultuous surging. It felt as if a breath of fresh air blew through everything. In my school, some teachers were trying new things, and we were encouraged to speak up and out, to be creative, and do things differently. Girls fought for and won the right to wear short skirts, males to grow long hair. We sang our protest songs in church to the sound of strumming guitars, sat in rallies or walked with signs, and our heroes were those who called for change. Then came the inevitable contraction that follows expansion, and control was seemingly reestablished. But the ideal picture was irreparably damaged, even if it lingered on in consciousness. The visionaries had not yet seen beyond duality for the next template so, although felt, the new matrix for creating that other way to be together was not yet visible enough to articulate or manifest. That is now beginning to come to awareness, and it isn't another version of the same old tune of duality. It's a brand new song, and the first voices are coming from the feminine aspect of consciousness. 

In part one of this series, the focus was on moving beyond our personal interpretation of our experiences while healing our core wound with unconditional universal Love. Part Two looked at the nature of the matrix of duality and how we are beginning to shift beyond it to create a new hologram of Living Light. In this article, I'd like to look at why the healing of the feminine aspect of consciousness has had to be first in the sequence and how that is influencing the healing of the masculine. When I speak of masculine or feminine, it is not referring to males or females. In this reference everyone, regardless of sex, has both a masculine and feminine aspect as does the larger consciousness that has created our current collective experience. The feminine is the yin or receptive flowing principle of creation, while the masculine is the yang, or active structuring principle. Likewise there are spirit and earth aspects that are also part of the equation. Spirit is the downward clockwise spinning electrical current of bringing idea or inspiration into form or matter, while earth is the upward counterclockwise magnetic current of raw power or life force that gives any materialized form its substance or energy. In our collective story, the Earth became aligned with the feminine, although there are both masculine and feminine principles within "her". And Spirit became aligned with the masculine (God), although both are within "him" as well. 

In the story of duality, the masculine and feminine have taken turns being emphasized in the material conscious plane of reality, both in smaller as well as grand cycles of time. First the feminine was the dominant influence with matriarchal societies focused on the Goddess in the 35,000 year cycle of womblike gestation of human consciousness. This was the infancy and early pre-conscious childhood stage of development wherein human consciousness grew to preliminary awareness within known, safe, and nurturing family or tribal ancestral rootedness. Creativity was focused on producing practical and increasingly more ornate tools, vessels, or ways to obtain and prepare food. Life proceeded from generation to generation with little change, and the first abstract awareness beyond the physical that they tried to articulate and understand was of the natural forces and cycles that governed their lives. 

Then the masculine gained the ascendancy, charging into consciousness with the power of frustrated repressed action in the barbarian invasions. Using force and violence, it traumatized the peaceful family/tribal communities, charging the first major collective experience of change with fear, and split consciousness into two very different aspects, with one claiming the right to be dominant or superior to the other. Duality began to generate a power and energy of its own as the active principle moved within the last 5200 year cycle to grow self-aware individuals who could use the downward current to bring ideas into form and manifestation. Laws, rational mind, books, technology, industry, all of the 'isms, education, materialism, all of the individual, separate little beliefs, dogmas, groups, and defined boxes are a result of this downward masculinized current doing its thing. 

The feminine receptive principle and upward life current became the shadow during this phase with short periods of influence such as Camelot or the Renaissance Period. The Inquisition, during which time between 6-9 million women, designated heretics, and homosexuals were tortured and publicly killed. These events effectively cut the root of our collective infancy remembrance of Mother and retraumatized the original wound that created the template of duality. Without the complementary upward current to source life and energy directly and the feminine unifying cohering principle to weave the parts together, duality created a very deep and serious schizm that simultaneously amped up its polar capacity to create more drama and charge as an illusory substitute for the missing life-force. Ideas took form, then crystallized in consciousness creating a matrix of death, not as part of living cycles, but the result of being unable to stay fluid, creative, and alive without the influence of the feminine upward current. 

The feminine, largely illustrated within women but also in men with strong feminine receptive natures, organized the shadow around survival fears leading to passive victim or martyr configurations, caretaker and dependency patterns, attachment and love illusions, loss of sense of self, jealousy and sexual confusion, masculinized masks of power, and subtle forms of emotional manipulation to get unacknowledged needs met. The feminine as mothers, teachers, and church or community volunteers was charged with the task of carrying out the primary conditioning of the next generations so to keep the duality energy system in place since, in that system, that is how life is sourced. Cut off from her true ally and source of life in the upward current from Earth, the feminine devised subtle ways of using its receptive nurturing nature to survive in the shadow and insure the survival of duality, which sourced her children as well as herself. Conditional love, a distortion within the field of Love, was used by the feminine within both mothers and fathers to mold their children around fear to keep the old matrix alive into the next generation. With fear and unconscious memories of trauma sealed within the root, the only way to break through the illusion was with pain. The surfacing of raw pain and seemingly senseless violence, seen for the first time on television during the Vietnam War and the riots that ensued, retriggered the original soul/collective trauma pattern, which then called forth unconditional love to heal to its core. 

So the wounded healers began to remember why they were born into this time. The collective inner feminine remembered her capacity to receive undistorted universal Love and begin the healing process to free the trauma seal upon the template of duality. Gradually, utilizing many new and ancient tools (considered alternative) for restoring wholeness, these healers began to reroot with the wisdom and life-force within the body  of the Earth Mother. The inner mother became free to source herself and her inner and outer children with pure universal unconditional Love and the ever flowing upward Life current. Together, Love and Life effectively began to shift the survival fear pattern that keeps duality in place as source. Once the feminine Love connection is reestablished, the inner child feels safe again, restored to the natural order, and able to restructure consciousness and then our material reality with awareness. The wisdom of Life assists the conscious child to discern what things around her have the potential to flow life through them, and which things are dead, or so crystallized that they need to be released from form so to create space to grow new life flowing structures. Thus the healing of the collective hidden feminine and her connection to both unconditional Love and the upward flowing Life current, gives the foundation for a new matrix or template to form in awareness. That awareness is what the collective masculine has needed in order to release its hold on duality as the false source of life and the cause of early death.

Over this last grand cycle, the masculine, aligned with mind, structure, and action, has overburdened itself bringing massive amounts of ideas into materialization utilizing its active downward spiral of bringing ideas into form. However, these forms, disconnected from the upward current of life, are only kept in place by the charge created from energizing duality and its polarities. The mental aspect of consciousness has become trapped in the systems it created yet separated from anything even resembling life. It builds up frustration, and instead of the natural balance of the upward life current dissolving old forms so new can reweave the energy, it turns destructive and violent, striking out at what is perceived as an external competing force for its limited resources for further materialization. War and violence is the result, with a repetition of the original way the masculine inserted itself into consciousness. Once the feminine-Earth alliance is restored and awareness can reach the conscious masculine mind, consciousness begins to see another way out of this dilemma. If the masculine aspect  can trust that the Love now flowing from the feminine is unconditional, he can release from his need to judge and categorize everything from a superior positioning and begin to unwind from his portion of the collective wound. With unconditional Love, the masculine opens to heal the distrust of the upward flowing life current that was cut off and named evil because of its form dissolving aspects. 

As the masculine opens to the new song of creation, the mind learns that consciousness is more than the ideas desiring form. Thought is the vehicle for ideas, like seeds, to be planted within the life force of the whole and that some will grow to fruition and some will not. He also learns that once delivered of their fruit, the structures and forms of those ideas may pass away, and that is not death, but freedom.  As the masculine reconnects to the source of Life in the planetary mother, he releases the great burden of responsibility he took on to be the provider of life for his family, community, or world. That burden has driven many men (and women in that position) to an early grave and is one of the masculine distortions. 

As the feminine cohering principle within consciousness calls all the fragmented aspects back to wholeness with unconditional love, and builds a foundation for a renewal of life within the body of consciousness, the masculine aspects respond, perhaps initially with some need for proof. But that proof is forthcoming as  masculine science converges with the feminine mystical knowing and new awareness is birthed. The proofs are everywhere as people heal without medical intervention, as solutions to problems surface in miraculous ways, as chaos yields to new structures of organization that are more life giving and nurturing. The new matrix is already in form, and beginning to become more visible. What we felt in the 60's is coming to pass. There's still a long way to complete transformation, but at least there is the beginning of awareness that we are creating a new way to be together, beyond duality and all of its masks. That's why I'm here, to participate in this long awaited time. You too?!

Copyright 1999, Michele Mayama

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