The Transformationto Conscious Creation
Part Two in a series by Michele Mayama
The Nature of the Shift

In this second article about the process of Transforming to Conscious Creation, I'd like to focus on clarifying the shift itself. What is actually shifting and why is it such a big deal? I'll begin by looking at duality as the structure of consciousness that has given form to our current collective reference for reality. Its nature is polarity, which generates dynamic tension between its poles to create energy. Electricity is a form of that energy, as is a sort of emotional or astral juice that we have mistaken for life-force. Within duality is an innate urge to seek balance, which if achieved, is inherently doomed to tilt back into the swing of the polar pendulum in order to generate the energy for evolving and living within this matrix of reality. Thus the collective addiction to conflict, violence, competition, stress, and chronic imbalance.

Therefore, within duality there will always be an either/or choice, black or white, good or evil, male or female, you or me, right or wrong, war or peace, hot or cold, spirit or body, nice or not nice, male or female, God or Goddess, victim or abuser, guilty or innocent, etc. Most of the time, these polarities are so integrated within our perception of reality that they have become dogmatized and crystallized (i.e. "it's just the way it is...") People fight to defend the side they most identify with (which is right opposing the other's wrong), further crystallizing the matrix while energizing the astral energy reservoir. Currently, we are collectively creating another visible staging of this structure of reality in Kosovo, but most of us don't have to look that far to discover a feeling of internal conflict or stress in some part of our experience. 

Duality is by design intended to generate so much tension, pain, discomfort, death, or imbalance that eventually we are forced to surrender our intense hold on this matrix of consciousness for life and open the possibility of the existence of a very different structure for creation which would alter the entire fabric of our individual and collective experience. Some people assume that what we will create next is an experience of Oneness. Despite the teaching of many religions, old and new, Oneness is not that new matrix. We evolved out of the Oneness of Source or womb of creation into the conscious perception of two, an "I" separate and unique and different than a "you". The intention inherent within the split was that Oneness/All That Is desired to experience itself within an infinite diversity of experiences and expressions, to have an other to relate to and with whom to experience greater love, and to create a dynamic active principle of creation that would eventually lead to an experience of complete immersion, creator within creation. That desire has been moving deep within the matrix of duality creating more and more diversity, individuation, and it's crowning achievement, the awareness of our own uniqueness and power to create. 

But with the achievement has also come the tolling of the bell for the death of duality. Unnoticed by most of the world that is yet involved in personalizing every experience of conflict and identifying with sides, duality has generated enough momentum to push some strong individuals to the top of the proverbial pyramid of consciousness to open the door that is to initiate the shift to something new. I'd like to offer some insights on the process that is opening that door.

Within duality, each of our souls have wound around core conflicts, which, with observation, we can identify. They feel like a deep inner and usually externally manifested war. If I do what I love, I'll end up alone. If I speak my truth, I'll be punished or hurt. If I open my heart, I'll be rejected. If I am true to myself, no one will love me. If I'm spiritual, I can't have money. And of course, I can point to many experiences that seem to prove that this is true. Each of these examples has an either/or feeling, and often one side of the pole is what we identify with and the other is externalized. Working within duality, we have begun to learn about and work towards equality, compromise, cooperation, and consensus. These bring us to an awareness that what benefits the "other" may also benefit me and there is temporary peace or balance. However, regardless of how much work we do, how long we talk, or how many meetings we call to deal with conflict and achieve balance, we never fully uproot the basic cause of conflict and so we continue to live with a fear of it being triggered again. 

The path of personal transformation offers another map. The first step toward resolution of internal or external conflict is to come to the awareness that both sides are within us. We are both the one who has experienced abuse and, at some point in our soul's evolution, the one who closed our heart and abused another. Who we are includes both spirit and body, and one is not better or more important than the other as in the duality perspective. Once we can identify our pet polarities within our belief structure, the next step is to release any judgment upon either pole allowing each to exist equally and unconditionally. If this is done in the midst of unconditional Love, then each part will feel acknowledged and allowed to exist with all of its perceptions, conclusions, or feelings. Most often, we begin to soften towards the "other" and it is easier to embrace it as a disassociated (shadow) aspect of ourselves within our own consciousness. 

In this process, unconditional Love serves as a Third Principle, gently softening the hardness of the crystallization and dissolving layers of trauma that freeze memories and structures of consciousness within duality (creating karma). Regardless what we call it, Higher Power, Universal Love, Grace, Wisdom, Beauty, Fluid Perfection or All That Is, the shift begins the moment we take our focus or attention off of either or both of the poles and activate the transformative power of the Third Principle. The Third Principle opens a portal within duality to tap the innate potential within it to create something entirely new, rather like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. By taking attention off of the conflict and placing it within one of these rays, the focus shifts from maintaining the energy producing the tension to reconfiguring with the Third to present a  new perspective or possibility, one that has been unperceivable until the shift..

This process can take some time, particularly if the polarity has generated a lot of energy that has fed not only its creation, but also you or others. However, when we are ready, we step to the middle between the two and open ourselves to receiving awareness of how we might perceive differently by standing in the center of our own experience as the creator. What was my original soul desire or intention that used duality to achieve it? Is the desire now fulfilled? If so, am I ready to move beyond duality for future creation? If not, the choice becomes whether one wants to continue to create within the dance of duality until it either feels more complete or you wear out.

Once one chooses to shift the underlying matrix of reality, a person needs to be willing to unearth all buried or hidden aspects of consciousness that have created our sense of a personal self within duality. Since the Earth herself is in a similar process, the energies for this process are more supportive than ever before, only this time we are not to fall back into the dualistic experience we fear will follow a temporary high or period of balance. As we more fully embrace the awareness of being the emerging Conscious Creator, the old structure of consciousness can be disengaged. Then, in a sort of orchestrated sequence, the entire energy field, chakra structures, body, and life begin to reconfigure. As the barriers dissolve, all the fragments and former dualities become a  more integrated Whole. Our Essential Nature calls more of our greater potential to merge within our denser body of matter and we begin to open to being sourced by another ever-present source of Life energy. I liken it to moving from the Tree of Good and Evil to the Tree of Life. No longer plugged into duality as our only source for feeling alive, we begin to enter another phase of experience, one of standing as conscious creator, universal human, cognizant of our unique part within the greater orchestrated Whole. We become the fulfillment of the potential to give birth to Light, Living Light, the culmination of the intention seeded within Earth by the desire of Source to experience itself as Creator within Creation. Our bodies recreate themselves to be the animate expression of the merged creative force and feel incredibly alive and vibrant. Our emotions no longer are needed to produce the astral fuel that duality generates, so are free to explore feeling our latent potential for extended joy. 

So the next question becomes, if I am indeed Living Light, then, "What wishes to receive life through me?" We not only "choose again", but we also choose to create from within a different structure of consciousness, and that makes all the difference in how and what we experience. The new matrix is a higher order organism, and perhaps the word Homo universalis or universal human is not quite accurate. What I'm just beginning to glimpse is how it feels to merge my individuality within the sense of being the creator of not only my own life, but the whole of all I perceive. We are not just becoming a new species. The whole of the Earth and all of consciousness is metamorphasizing, including human, but only as an aspect of a larger integrated whole living creating Being. What is the name of that Being that we are becoming, merging individuality and infinite diversity within a living hologram of limitless creative potential? If a name is ever given, I'll pass it along. Until then, I, along with those who are willing to make the leap beyond the known reality will traverse and attempt to map the process and experience of shifting the matrix of creation. Much is new, so new that language has not yet been created for speaking clearly beyond duality. That too will emerge as the butterfly learns to fly. May each of you who read this and feel a knowing in your cells receive an extra gift of grace to support your/our shift. Alomaha! 

Copyright 1999, Michele Mayama

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