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Update about the Updates

A bit of change is in the works regarding how our Lightsmith updates are sent to you. We have switched the service we use that monitors our website and notifies you by email whenever we post something new.

This first mailing from the new service may have some hiccups, though thanks to much appreciated technical support from Suzanne Ahjira any glitches should be minimal. Let me know, for example, if there are any issues with how the email shows up for you. I’m also not sure if you will receive only this message or some previous postings will also be sent. Any weirdness should be only for one time as the new system catches up and sends only recent postings.

I have a short list today, but wanted you to know a couple things:

Recordings Available

Recordings of the winter solstice planetary event and the new year’s channeling are up in the Freebies section of the shop. Both can be played directly on the page, or you can download the files for listening whenever/however you please.

The solstice recording is notable for the powerful work done with the Earth Mother and her quite direct message that came through Michele in a bit of channeling. It seems evident that significant shifts are soon upon us. Most people attending found the new year’s channeling to be especially clear and helpful. We received interesting information about the energies of 2015 and many questions were asked about general events of these times. We invite you to give a listen!

New Materializing Light Series

Among the good news for 2015 is that we will find ourselves doing less healing and release of old structures and patterns, and more embodying of the Light of Self. Our experiences will begin to change, and our sense of how we create within the new system will be our practice.

Events on second Saturdays of each month have been our rhythm since we moved into our own building 10 years ago this fall. We began with a channeled visit from Yeshua (Jesus) at our first event in February of 2006, and each year we have worked collaboratively with beings of Spirit and Earth, continually and progressively moving through the stages of transition and transformation. As most of you know, we do not do “classes”. Ours is to always assist what’s next in the unfolding, and these days we don’t usually find out what IS next until the day of the event, just hours before the presentation.

The format of the second Saturday events does shift a bit from year to year, though we usually have some combination of information, process and channeling. These sessions have enough content for the mind to be engaged, but the deeper work is the embodiment of the frequencies we are working with that day. That work happens mostly in the processes that Michele facilitates, and sometimes during the channeled portions.

This year we continue with Materialized Light, a 6-session series that continues every-other-month starting Saturday, February 14th. Fittingly, the primary collaborator for this Valentine’s Day event is Yeshua. We have not enjoyed the presence of this being so directly for a few years, and I am definitely looking forward to what that day brings. And, even if you have not participated in previous events, you are welcome to begin with this year’s series. We would love to have you join us!

I have not yet created a web page for this series, but you’ll find the information you need on our calendar listing for this event. If you are not in the Minneapolis area, know that you can participate at any distance through our phone or internet streams.

Another Quick Reminder

New Moon session next Monday, January 19th. Info and sign-up on the calendar.

Breathing into the new year,




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