Update January 10, 2004

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Greetings to everyone,

I have decided to call 2004 the year of meaningful intensity. Even though November and December were action-packed, I have to say that the new year has started off for me with a continuation of feeling like I have much opening in my life. Perhaps you, also, have been experiencing a sense of what the coming months are starting to feel like. The energies would seem to include anticipation, movement, deep change, surprises, and amazingly enough, large amounts of joy amidst chaos.

Each year on January 1st we gather friends to share time with us, taking in food for body and soul. It has now become a tradition for us to open our home on new year's day for a channeling and pot luck dinner. This year we again sat in the wonder of the moment as we listened to the Earth Mother and our friends in Spirit as they offered us a glimpse into the unfolding of the next cycle in our experience. I have posted the complete transcript of the channeling on our web site for you to read, if you wish, but here are some of the highlights:

We were acknowledged for taking on (and completing) even more than may have been called for in our original “blueprint”, or agreement, with a discussion of the purpose for doing so.

We are shifting from a time of transformation to a time of creation. (WOO HOO!).

We will be moving, either physically or with the sense of going into motion as we begin more collaborative, cocreative gatherings.

Also challenging us will be even greater contraction in the dying duality matrix, with unexpected events and deaths being part of the scenario. The United States in particular will be significant in what transpires this year.

We were also reminded not to allow the contractions to pull on us and diminish our energies. Suggestions were given how to keep ourselves clear and keep our frequencies high.

They made a reference to the coming presidential election in the United States and the concerns people have about it. Best you read that in its entirety.

The overall theme is that this is a year of choice, and they spoke with tremendous joy of how the choices this year will lead to the “freeing up of free will” out of the duality matrix. They said we wouldn't understand completely what that meant until we experienced it, but that it will be a cause of celebration as we go into 2005.

The closing portion was given by the Earth Mother, and her big announcement was that the experience of the speeding up of time was going to double this year, in about two months from now during a significant shift of the space/time continuum. Apparently those times where you've felt dizzy or tired during small shifts was the preparation for what is coming.

The Earth Mother closed the session in her creation language, which cannot be adequately transcribed. At the end of the page you will find a link to an audio file so you can listen to what she shared. You will also find a link to our PayPal cart if you wish to acquire a recording of the complete channeling.

Participants also had an opportunity to ask questions, so there is plenty of interesting reading in this channeling.

Click this link to read the transcript

I have some other information I will post as soon as I can from a couple other sessions we had in December. All interesting stuff, all taking time to prepare, and with time speeding up……..who knows. Enjoy the ride, and I hope you are all moving easily and swiftly into your next level of expression.



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