Update February 3, 2004

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Hello to our global friends,

Time/Space shift is underway

Perhaps you are already feeling the effects of quickening from the magnetic shift that has begun. It is expected to intensify during February and March, with some potentially uncomfortable experiences being possible. As we learned in the new year's channeling, this change in the time/space continuum will bring with it an even greater sense of time speeding up as well as likely difficulties with equilibrium, disorientation, and other physical symptoms.

This year is about the physical body

For almost half of last year a group of us met in regular sessions to work with the Earth Mother and Spirit Teachers to assist the transformation of the emotional body. This rather large project culminated in the creation of the currently available Light Into Life Course. In November, we organized groups for three sessions at the time of the Harmonic Concordance, and now we are preparing for what is next in the sequence: a series focused on the physical body and material manifestation.

Series of 3 events planned for March

We are again calling people together for gatherings to be held on the first three Saturday evenings in March. As with our previous groups, you can participate in person with us at a Bloomington, Minnesota location, or by telephone, or via audio recordings. Here is the link with more information about those options.

For those people who cannot join us in person, please consider joining by telephone. Gathering your own small groups to gather around a speaker-phone would be a great way to share in the experience. If audio recordings are the best option for you, know that we will be mailing them on Monday following the events so you will still be able to easily work with the energies and processes in the optimum window of opportunity.

More details from Michele and the Teachers

The remainder of this update will explain more about what is happening in the coming weeks. Michele has put together some information from her perspective, and will also share some recent comments from those in Spirit who spoke with us recently to help fill in the blanks about the coming events.

Also, a few days ago, some friends and I sat for a nice conversation with the Earth Mother. We could feel her desire to connect with us, and during our talk she offered some additional explanation and words of support about this coming year. I will be transcribing and posting her message in a few days, and will send out another update when that is available.



Magnetizing the New Matrix

From Michele:  Since November of last year, I have been feeling that there would be another short series of channeled events in late February or early March. Recently, when I tuned into the current, the series landed on the first three Saturdays of March, beginning with a full moon on March 6th, and ending with the new moon Equinox on March 20th. The theme seems to be focused on facilitating our bodies through a shift in the Earth's electromagnetic grid. Not only does this affect our bodies, it also will shift our experience of time and space. The Earth Mother and those in Spirit will share more about the time/space effects during the March events, and I'll share a bit of what I am learning about the effects on our bodies and lives.

Many of us have been continuing to clarify our bodies and energy fields, calling more of our Spirit into being present here in the new matrix of Creation. In other words, we have spent years lightening up, releasing old fear/pain based structures of consciousness that were bound in our bodies and lives. It was necessary to recognize our own inner polarities, choose Love or a way to be present to both so they could transform, and release the magnetism that bound the structures within our fields and bodies. Gradually, our frequencies have shifted upward so that we vibrate more of our Essence without distortion or adaptation.

Increasing the ability to manifest

In some ways, we were demagnetizing during this past phase of transformation. As a result, we may have had difficulty manifesting in the material plane. Last year the focus was on stepping free of the old dualistic structures of consciousness and recreating our emotional bodies. (see the Light Into Life course). We are now moving into a time of focus on the physical body and magnetizing the new structures we are growing so we can manifest more easily what Creation desires to dance into form through us.

As we root within the new matrix of Living Light, we begin to be nourished and informed by a living hologram that is collaborative and co-creative by nature. It does not need polarity to generate energy. Life flows freely through the hologram and it draws energy directly from the living universe, Earth being part of that system. The Earth has been slowly creating the new matrix for manifest creation, shifting her own etheric field and the energy flowing through her grids, increasing her rate of vibration, and undergirding the transformation of consciousness that we, as humans, have needed to do.

It is now necessary to magnetize the new grid in a way that enhances its capacity to draw together who and what is needed to give birth to new forms. It needs to be able to attract, self-organize, and dissolve structures and groups as needed.  In the Duality Matrix, when something formed, it was often systematized, centralized, dogmatized, or crystallized into structures, institutions, or attachments that were difficult and slow to change. Look at churches, government, or big box stores as examples. The new matrix of Creation is not designed to crystallize into systems or structures that resist change. It is more fluid and forms serve until they don't.

In the new matrix, energy no longer polarizes

Magnetism operates within matter, but instead of magnetizing a dualistic polarizing structure of consciousness into form, it now attracts by pulling elements together for specific creative intentions within Life itself. What is grown and learned in each collaborative endeavor flows freely throughout the "whologram" so there is constant and efficient evolution. Witness the birth of a multitude of charter schools as people are pulled together to create new learning structures for the children who are being born directly into this new matrix. Few of these schools are being "boxed" and recreated elsewhere, although their ideas may flow outward and be integrated into other new-form schools or learning centers.

Time to listen carefully to the needs of the body

This shift in the magnetism of the Earth grids will affect us physically. It is becoming increasingly important to listen to what our bodies need in terms of nutrition, cleansing, and exercise. In a recent channeling, the Spirit team said:

"Those who do not listen well to their bodies will find this next couple of months, February/March, 2004, uncomfortable. Yes, they will gradually shift, and yes their bodies will come into a greater shift magnetically, but you can do it with greater comfort and alignment within the body, or less. It is not typically an easy thing for bodies to make this kind of adjustment without supports. Some bodies function well, and they will make the shift more easily, but many people's bodies are not high-functioning. We offer some suggestions"

"Infrared saunas are helpful for release of metal toxicity in the body, as well as other toxins. These may not be helpful for all bodies, but are especially helpful for those who have had exposure to environmental chemicals or heavy metals in their lives. Anyone who has had dental metals in their mouth from the past is particularly affected. Those who eat much fish or non-organic foods are affected. Also there are many who have been influenced by environmental toxicity without awareness. Anyone who has moved into a new home, has ingested fluoride, or has put in new carpeting, etc., has environmental pollution within their systems. Bodies don't know how to handle those metals and chemicals. They often locate in the brain, or in other vital organs, and stay there because the daily diet typically does not allow the body to discharge or eliminate toxicity, because the body has everything it can do to just process what you give it. Even then, it has difficulty. The typical American diet is not very good. The typical diet amongst those who are more conscious is better, but even then many are in a hurry, busy, not able to fully able to nourish themselves in ways that are aiding the bodies to cleanse and eliminate. Some people choose some times of either fasting or some modality of cleansing. However many have done little to clean out the toxic backload."

"Spring is the usual cycle for cleansing the body, but because of this time of magnetic shift, the time for cleansing and detoxifying is now. Deep tissue massage can be helpful because it can open up storage areas and pockets in the muscles. Organ massage is helpful, as is hot stone massage which also works with the magnetism in the body to some degree. Some of you may be sensing a need to bring your body and your life into alignment so that you are not in such a hurry, so you do not skip meals or overfeed yourself with too large a meal. Many use stimulants [caffeine, etc.] as a means of bolstering energy, which during the day keeps your glandular system, adrenals, thyroid, etc., operating with a false sense of energy. How can your body discharge the toxins that are held or bound up in these glands if they are always charged up and can never then release?"

"It is focus on the body time. That is the basic message."

So, to assist and facilitate this shift of magnetism in our bodies and to collaborate with the Earth Mother in magnetizing the New Matrix of Creation, we are offering three channeled events. The first one on March 6th will be with the Earth Mother. Those in Spirit will facilitate the second one on March 13th and the third will again be with the Earth Mother. There are also three ways of participating: with us in person at The Center in Bloomington, MN, via live phone conferencing, or via CD mailed soon after the session. Here again, is the link to more specific information about the sessions.

We are excited to be at this stage of the transformative journey! The Dance of Life is beginning and we are stepping into and learning its rhythm and melodies as we clarify and strengthen who we are and how we move. I look forward to dancing with some of you in the years to come!



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