Update February 24, 2004

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So, how's it going? LOL. If you're like most people we know, you've probably had either the upper respiratory congestion/headache/body viral thingy, or some version of the highly effective intestinal cleanout. Or maybe both, if you're really cruising. If those little adjustments haven't been your experience, then maybe a more voluntary liver cleanse, detox bath, or increased attnention to food or exercise has popped up. At any rate, no shortage of body stuff happening, either for us or for the earth mother.

Both Michele and I are moving through some physical clearing processes. Even though we were earlier informed about another round of physical challenges (last update), that doesn't make it any easier to be in the throes of it all. These experiences are expected to intensify between now and the end of March, so we, as well as many of you, are looking forward to the 3 Saturday events that will begin on March 6th.

The intention within these three evenings is for Michele to bring through guided processes from the Earth Mother and Spirit Teachers that will directly assist the body as it is releasing deeper pockets of old consciousness. The sessions are also designed to help shift the magnetism into the new consciousness structures to facilitate manifestation in this new matrix. I wrote about these events in the last update, and this is another reminder about them since I probably won't be posting anything again until after they take place. We invite everyone who is interested to join us, either in person, by phone, or by CD's. Some perspectives about this time were put together by Michele in the previous update, and more information about joining us can be found on this event page.


New message from the Earth Mother

New on the site this week is a timely message from the Earth Mother. She "knocked on our door" a couple weeks ago, and we had a nice visit with her. She gave us a nice message of support, and I wanted to share it with you. At the bottom, I'll put a link to the complete message, but here are a few quotes:

"Are you feeling what is already beginning to shift in your lives, the time & space continuum? It is as if a great spiral wind, a great, whooshing spiral wind is moving through your manifest experience."

"You may notice the winds at times over the next couple months in this shift of the time/space continuum, or in the world at large there may be winds. Spiral winds, sometimes over much area. And you will start to feel a quickening in your body, a quickening beginning in your sense of aliveness."

"Many of you came out of retreat, even many lifetimes of retreat, where you just said “enough, already”. “It's not worth putting that much energy into trying to create so much, because it is not in resonance with who I am.........Now, there is excitement. Can you feel the quickening? It's as if your soul is beginning to say ah, this could be very fun, very exciting, I get to be here now, I get to play here now, I get to be up in my experience of engaging. So for you, you will find this next quickening in the time/space continuum and in your bodies to be very juicy, very good. You will like it a lot."

"Do not be surprised if this year there are things that take place in large-scale physical challenges for people."

"My feeling is that you will begin this year, these months, to truly know the gift of life."

"Out of this year.........you will re-create your lives and experiences here, and in such a way that it will feel to you as if you are not sure it never happened before, but you are just fully alive. Perhaps I can only explain that much, because the rest is up to you to experience."

"So, it will be a year where your intention and attention will be here in your experience........And, in this experience there will be so much to deepen, and open, and connect to, and feel, and sense, and get into a sort of sensory experience. My hope is, for you, that you will not be so distracted by how this shift in this year is affecting many others, because it will affect them differently. Now do you understand the years of preparation?"

"There are those who will find this year to be very painful, very hard, and it is for you to know that your part in this story is different than theirs, do you see? You have chosen a different part."

"So, the mind is beginning to be aware that it does not know everything, and that it needs other aspects of the whole. Particularly in engaging life, it needs to go to the source of life, your living system, and be aware that there is much present, very organic, very present, very immediate, and will guide you in ITS way. Not the same way the mind gets guided, but ITS way."

"The poor minds. They were so seduced, do you see? They believed so many things that were not true. I do not blame your minds, I understand, and yet in the process the domination of mind over matter, over bodies, over life, has created a severe anti-life experience."

"So, enjoy your experiences, and treat your bodies very well these days. Listen to them. They may want some certain foods, or things to support your strengthening or restoration of life. Listen, and they will guide you and teach you well in this time."


If you would like to read more, you'll find the entire transcript here. All in all, a rapidly transitioning year with many surprises and sudden shifts expected. Let us know how you are doing, and we'll be back in touch in a few weeks. Please consider participating in the March sessions. I'm confident they will be both potent and helpful.




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