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April 10, 2005

• Cranky Chris
• Intention Request from Michele
• Perspective on Current Energies from Friends in Spirit


Been cranky lately? I've been telling my friends that this is my condition at the moment, and to please forgive any seeming intolerance, or emotional shortness. Here in Minnesota we have many people with Scandinavian ancestry. Growing up in a family reflecting a certain Norwegian matriarchy, I learned well how to hold my emotions in check. Some of you may have heard Garrison Keillor on the “Prairie Home Companion” radio show. He talks about such influences in his Lake Wobegon stories, and I'm here to tell you that there is a real basis to his humorous portrayals of those with this heritage.

Well, now I get to work with this reluctance to FEEL (oh boy!) as the incoming light continues to push against all the old patterns and structures that are loosening up to be released from my body. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, given the number of people I have talked with in the past month who are facing a wide variety of less-than-pleasant physical experiences.

I KNOW we are going through a physical transformation. I KNOW it is a significant accomplishment. I KNOW that we are being challenged to change. Still, it seems helpful to be reminded of what we are doing, assured that the discomfort doesn't last forever, and that, yes, there is an outcome worth waiting for. My intent in creating these updates is to share some of my journey with you, and perhaps you find that helpful. Perhaps not. I do have my way of connecting with Earth and Spirit, but sometimes my humanness just likes to hear words of reassurance from those who are in a position to offer them. For this, I am grateful to live with someone whose gifts allow such words to be spoken. I don't know what perception you may have of what it's like to live with a channel, but in truth we don't do many personal sessions and I always appreciate the moment as a wonderful gift. I also love to share information and perspectives on this evolving consciousness, and in this update I include a conversation I recently had with our Friends in Spirit. I suspect their message will also speak to you.

Before I present the channeling transcript, I would like to add something written by Michele. Like you, we feel the many levels of rearrangement taking place in our lives, in our bodies, and in the planet. We, too, long for those experiences that represent our deepest heart's desires. For us, that includes having a physical place from which to create what is next for us personally, as well as what goes out into the world. It is to this vision that Michele writes.

I also offer a reminder that we have made available two excellent CD's that contain processes designed to assist during this time. One was with the Karmic Council, which includes a process assisting the release of personal karma, and the other was with the Earth Mother, who offers a process to help the bodies through the releases now taking place. If you are interested, you will find the order page here.


From Michele:

For many years, Chris and I have been partnered with the Spirit Teachers and the Earth Mother to help people realize and then land in the New Matrix of Living Love. Most of that time, we have worked with individuals and small groups out of our home with a few groups this last year held in a borrowed space. The ultimate goal of landing in the New Matrix is not to continue to focus on healing and transformation, although that will continue to be included as needed. We are becoming Conscious Creators, and within our souls are dreams and visions, hopes and ideas that long to be given form and expression. It feels like it is time for the New Matrix to land in its own manifest building and location. It needs a place for people to gather, to share visions and ideas of new forms and connect with creative others who may want to help give those visions life. And we need a place to continue to share the energy and processes of moving into this new configuration beyond duality, and to cook up some new multi-sensory experiences that will bring our work to the next level.

I do not see this as a healing center or focused primarily on teaching, although both will be included as part of the whole. In fact I hesitate to call it a center. I like the word “collaborative.” Its nature will continue to unfold and I hope to articulate more of it soon. What we would like to ask of you, our network of evolving conscious creators is to add your intention for the New Matrix to land in a place of its own. And, please let us know if you are aware of a building or site for sale or lease somewhat centrally located within the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We're looking for something either within or near a natural setting, with 3000+ sq. feet,


Conversation between Chris and Friends in Spirit, April 7, 2005


Well, you already have some awareness because you worked with the Earth Mother earlier this year, and realized that the current focus for the body was the shifting of frequencies that were opening and activating areas of the DNA. So, in a sense, there are ways in which different bodies need to process through this differently, depending on certain places in the body that have not yet shifted, that are still holding old memories, old patterns, or old senses of identity. The shifting of the ego or persona is discombulating many. That is connected to emotion, and that is connected to the body. Those of you who do more release through the emotions perhaps have a little easier time right now, compared to those who process more through the physical experience rather than the emotional experience. Those who can shift structures in their own body or persona, or whatever layers of consciousness are affected, have it even easier because that will assist the rest of the shift. If you work with someone who can shift structures AND you open emotionally, it's easier. But it is working through all three levels.

If someone just wants to pay attention and work through the physical, it will be a little harder, take a little longer, and be a little more uncomfortable physically. Emotionally, you can move through it if you are willing to go to the core of wherever the emotions lead you, then unravel that piece of consciousness and let it move through the body. And it will then also shift the structure. If you work with somebody to shift the structure, then you still need to do the other two pieces. Yet, that is perhaps easier if the map is rearranged. But the map can be rearranged, and if you are very stubborn emotionally, you may still bind yourself. So, all three are needed, do you see?

Some of you get particularly hung up in your emotions. You do not feel all of your feelings, or you do not allow them to process all the way through. Your body, then, is relegated to the harder job of trying to deal with it. Do not judge your feelings or allow them to just remain a sort of nebulous undercurrent. Allow your feelings. Bring them to the surface, work through them, work with them in the processes that you have learned. There is a way in which you have judged your emotions. You don't want to feel anything that perhaps is not good. There are no bad feelings or emotions, but rather they assist you to reveal part of your makeup and your consciousness.

Some of you are tired of processing. Well, perhaps that alone gives a message that this is not wanted or desired. And desire is one of your keys to creation right now. So if you turn off some of your desire by a certain judgment, or a decision, or perception, then your desire body can't work on your behalf. It truly is necessary to release judgments or those places where you tie yourself up in one form or another. People always think about judging others, and yet judgment literally ties you up. It is probably second to shame in terms of the binding influence.


Again, it is somewhat individual. There is a precipitating energy now, and that's why it is pushing many through at the same time. So, your experience may continue through this month or perhaps into the next, depending on how quickly you move. Probably by June most of you will feel that you have at least begun to rebalance in a new way. Then the next phase will begin, which is to integrate what is new. A new frequency, a new sense of what you are creating in your persona, a new way of integrating your mind with your body. For many of you, your mental fields and your bodies have not worked well together. For some of you they have, but not all.

So, you are in a time period of more uncomfortable shifting, then will come an integrating phase, or building onto the new structures that are in place, which will also include some form giving. This is all precipitating manifestation of what has been in the dreamfield, or etheric templates, or in the desires. This summer and into the fall, and then into the next cycle, you will find yourselves moving more easily. You still may have some shifts or adjustments, because frequency is shifting. Depending on how much you can undertake at one time, you may have several waves of such shifting, because the body cannot do all of it at once. You break it up into segments, and some of you have done that so that your bodies can handle what it can handle now, and then it will move into another phase later after you have done some integration of this phase.

So, do not have judgment about this. You are in a process of transformation unlike any that has been done on this planet within this human form. It is new for your human form. You are doing breakthrough, pioneering work, if you wish to see it that way, through your willingness to basically shift the frequencies of cellular DNA and open the latent potential that is sitting there. That is a pretty big deal in our view. Those of you who have come through duality, and the process of releasing, letting go, and healing, you may have a certain weariness for the process. But, it is now a different phase of the transformative experience, and it is no less pioneering. In fact, it may be more so because there is not a precedent here.

Your young ones have come in with high frequencies already forming their bodies. Their DNA is already "on", so to speak. Their frequency bodies, their physical bodies, vibrate higher than yours. Your transformation of frequency within cellular matter and DNA, however, is rather a new process. It has been done before, but it has not been done en masse before, and it hasn't been done with all the varieties of bodies, awarenesses, and different kinds of designs using the process and working through it. Some are completely new pathways. Some designs, or templates of human form, have not done this before. Certain templates when through this to lay down the map earlier in the story, but all of the designs did not go through it.


Yes, there are many, many stages. Some will be feeling more and more a sense of pressure, because the frequency shift is universal in terms of consciousness, in terms of the planet. All cellular matter experiences it somewhat. Most often, if there is a great holding, particularly within the persona, and a lot of judgment or projection of what is reality, there is an increase of a certain kind of pressure. Most of the time that magnifies distortion first. It is the nature of the process. So, the distortions magnify first, and then the cracks appear. If you ever watch what happens when something is stressed in a building, for example, the places that have the greatest instability crack first. In a psyche where there is a lot of distortion or illusion, or areas where they are not in alignment with life, light and truth, those places magnify, feel the pressure, and then crack at some point. So, as we have said before, you are apt to see worse manifestations of the distortions before they crack or are able to break through into something different.


Notice, if you will, that there is a lot of death in the media. Whenever there is a wave of death that shows up in your collective face, so to speak, that is a wave of release of some way of collectively measuring the release of structures, or the release of what has not been able to sustain life. So, even though you don't see it some of the places you might like to see it, there is a wave moving through now. You have your own wave within the wave, and what is coming out of your system, out of your persona, out of the banks of the stored repository that no longer sustains life for you.

As that release continues through, the new frequencies take root. They have to take root, they have to land in your body's capacity to draw life. The root chakra is very important to have activated and working at this time. If it is not working, or if it is limited at this time, you will have more physical symptoms. Also, in this time where there is a shift of frequency, realize that where you put your focus every day is important. If you choose to focus into the consciousness of the collective, and you end up feeling a response in that place, instead of judging yourself or others, use the response as a way to get into your own pathways or patterns. Let yourself now use every experience to open emotionally. If there is grief, let there be grief. If there is anger, release the anger in ways that are safe to yourself and others. Find a place to say things out loud, to stomp or hit, or whatever needs to release out of the body. If there is shame, lift it to the light, for it is not real, it is not true. It is old sludge from old conditioning and messages that are not of essence any longer. Lift it to the light, and clear it out. If there is any sense of sluggishness in your body, open the root chakra. Clear it, open it, and release those fear patterns that bind the root and keep it from fully actualizing its potential. Fear binds the root. Shame binds the emotion and the sense of self. Anger binds you in the sense of not being able to act on your own behalf. Grief binds the heart so it cannot feel the wholeness of all of what is present in your own dreamfield. Any place that you feel an emotion, know that you are releasing from the bindings of your own past, and perhaps some ways that you have been bound in the collective.

So, if you feel drawn into a particular story line in the collective, and it elicits emotion, it is now time for you to follow that all the way home, so to speak, and to allow the shift through the fluid emotional body to assist yourself with structural shifts as well as the physical release. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourselves in this time is to allow the process, and to make a choice to give it a little more priority.


You are very welcome, and we offer our blessings.


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