Update April 23, 2004

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In this update:

  • Commentary from Chris
  • Mother's Day event with Earth Mother
  • Twin Cities Wellness interview

Hello to our Lightsmith friends,

We have finally come up for air here in Minnesota, as spring makes its debut at last. I have been immersed in assorted projects (and a little personal processing), and Michele recently returned from two weeks of R&R in Guatemala. Her favorite place is to be around Lake Atitlan, being nurtured by the Great Mother. The Mayans call this deep volcanic lake that is home to three volcanoes the Earth Mother's umbilicus. We were both at the lake in 1999 as we kicked off an extraordinary year of group earth activations, and I had my own experience of the deep connection that is possible at the lake within the nurturing life-force of the planet and the consciousness of Gaia. We may be creating a group experience with the Earth Mother at Lake Atitlan in 2005. Stay tuned!

Physical challenges continue among many that we know, as bodies seem to be in full gear releasing old structures of consciousness. That was the prediction earlier this year, and changes and disruption in the physical (personal and planetary) continue to be expected as we proceed into the summer and fall. It may sound obvious, but somehow it seems we forget that we cannot have change and restructuring without experiencing change and restructuring. Quite often the old rigid patterns and structures don't let go gracefully, and the resulting processes can be intense.

The mantra “Love knows the way” is a good one to call upon while the mind struggles to surrender its hold on trying to control how and when the change comes about. We're usually the last ones to see our own patterns, and sometimes they need to become real evident before we get the awareness to finally release them. The dominance of the mind over the body has been a deeply embedded structure of consciousness in the duality matrix. That positioning is pretty unconscious for most people, and originates in an imbalance of masculine and feminine aspects. Sometimes the imbalance is reflected in our beliefs, a common one being that spirit is superior to matter.

This is a time to acknowledge the consciousness within the body. It is seeking to come into balance, and knows how to do so if listened to and assisted. I would say that the “mind over matter” imbalance is one of the most difficult adjustments for people facing physical challenges. We can get so focused on the symptoms, which admittedly are often painful (the body finally gets our attention!), that we seek a fix without listening to the deeper messages. Michele has used an analogy of imagining what it feels like to a child trying to grow and evolve its own unique nature, while a domineering parent is constantly judging every move and insisting on directing the child's path and outcomes. If you can relate to or feel the stress of that experience, then you can get some sense of how the body feels when the mind becomes obsessed with how it is functioning and is constantly “on top” of it. The body is conscious and wise, and consciously partnering with it leads to real healing as the relationships within the whole are restored.

Well......that was an unexpected message! I didn't know it would pop out that way when I began to write, but the advocacy for the body (the earth, the feminine, the less honored or less vocal aspects) sometimes needs to be articulated, and it shows up. I suspect such advocacy is only going to become stronger as we proceed in the coming months and years.


MOTHER'S DAY EVENT – 4pm CDT, Sunday, May 9th

We have wanted to create a gathering to visit with the Earth Mother. It didn't arrange for Earth Day, but will be happening instead on Mother's Day. This event will be less formal than other recent programs that were very focused with specific intentions and processes. Instead, we will have an opportunity to interact with the Earth Mother in a more personal, sharing way. People are invited to participate either in person, by phone, or by audio CD's. The cost is $25 in person, and $15 by phone or CD.

For those of you who would like to join us in person, we will be gathering at our home in Mahtomedi. The channeling will be at 4pm, so plan to arrive by 3:45. As is our tradition, we also invite you to bring food to share afterward at a pot-luck meal. Our space is limited to 25 people, so you will need to check with us and reserve ahead by calling me at 651-235-9614 or by sending email to chris@lightsmith.com. If you can't make it in person, please consider joining us by phone or CD. We won't be set up to take questions over the phone, but you will be able to hear the Earth Mother and other questions asked by those in the room. Go to http://lightsmith.com/shoppe/events/may2004.htm to participate by phone or CD.



One other item we'd like to tell you about: We have a local publication called Twin Cities Wellness, centered in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. In the April issue, publisher Lynn LaFroth presents an interview she recently did with Michele and me. If you are interested, we invite you to pick up a copy of the paper. Over 25,000 copies are distributed in news racks around town, including at most food co-ops, Whole Foods, Borders bookstores, health practitioners, and many other places. You can also view the Twin Cities Wellness cover and see a current (finally) photo of the two of us. You'll find a link to the interview just below the photo.


I am not posting any new channeling information with this update. The March trilogy of sessions was quite profound. They included some extremely powerful processes, and some helpful information. I'll share some excerpts in the next update, but I haven't even had time to think about transcribing them. Have you noticed how little seems to get done in a day, at least relative to how it used to seem? Both Michele and I are proceeding with whatever has energy next, without any ability to force something to happen. It seems as if it has just about become impossible to engage things, jobs, people, or events that aren't in alignment with what is next in our own personal sequences. Forget trying to live up to anybody's expectations! It just gets painful, fast.

As I was saying……….for me, the March sessions ranked right up there somewhere in my top five events as far as experiences I've had living this life with Michele. The audio recordings function to focus and transmit the energies, and the CD's are still available on our site at http://lightsmith.com/shoppe/events/march2004.htm, although the description is clearly inadequate. In fact, we plan to re-title this series and publish it as a significant tool in the transformation process. The focus is on magnetizing the new matrix, and stepping free of duality. We received assistance to do so from every level starting at Source all the way to the Earth Mother. Session two was especially moving, even to many of those who have been participating with us for years. I will post some of the information from those sessions as soon as I can, but the outcomes of the processes cannot be adequately shared in the words of a transcript. They need to be energetically experienced to be effective.

It's quite a moment we live in. I truly hope that your transition through this time is proceeding with as much ease as possible. As Michele often reminds me, it IS a transformation, a change of form. Restructuring our form is a process, and a bit of a miracle, it seems to me. Be kind to yourself and allow, allow, allow. We do come through our very own birthing process, one way or another.



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