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September 15 , 2005

• Two October events with Michele and Chris
• Excerpts from Earth Mother event of August 20th

Hi to everyone,

We would like you to know about two events taking place in the next month. The first is on Saturday, October 1st, and is a 10th anniversary celebration and open house for the Essential Wellness newspaper (formerly Twin Cities Wellness). Michele is a columnist for this publication, and will be giving a short talk on healing our connection with the earth. The open house runs from 10am to 4pm, and Michele will be speaking from 2:25 – 2:40. The location is Abbott-Northwestern Hospital’s Institute for Health & Healing at 28th & Chicago in Minneapolis. More information can be found at http://www.tcwellness.com/article.php?id=885

The second event is on Sunday, October 16th, and is called the Whispers of Spirit Expo. This is a new adventure for a group of Twin Cities creators, and feels full of warm, supportive energy. We will have a booth at this expo, and Michele and I will be speaking at a workshop at 2:30pm. Our presentation is titled Beyond Duality. The expo runs from 10am – 5pm at the Four Points Sheraton at 400 Hamline Ave. in St. Paul’s Midway. Admission is a nominal $3.00. More information at http://www.whispersofspirit.com/index2.html


The remainder of this update includes excerpts from a visit with the Earth Mother on August 20th.

The focus of this session was a process offered by the Earth Mother to assist aspects of our selves to come into greater synchronization. She emphasized that we have no words to really name the unified physical/emotional system. We have heard before that our tendency to define ourselves in parts, such as body, mind, and spirit tends to continue separation. The Earth Mother works with that limitation by using her language of creation that speaks to the whole of our being.

During the session, we also received some motions and words we can use to assist in discernment of what has life, and what does not. The process and the assisting words were given in the creation language used to communicate directly to the body. That portion of the evening was the most powerful because of the energy that is transmitted, and it is also the portion that isn’t sharable via transcript since it is almost completely experiential. Also, I cannot offer any kind of meaningful translation of this language of creation. If you would like a CD of the event so that you can participate for yourself, you will find it at the top of our order page.

This Earth Mother session was held before hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. However, the references to such events were clear and it seems that more is yet to come. She also answered questions on a variety of topics, including the tsunami, Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mars. You can read more in the excerpts, and perhaps also get a better sense of what may be showing up during the next great wave of light in October.

In our next update I will be able to tell you more about how things are coming together for the new center, but in closing I wish for you a terrific month as our lives open into our next great adventures.




[The first excerpt follows the explanation of motion and language used for discernment. The word used translates roughly to AYA - KA]

What you give focus to with your mind is what your emotional body is reading. If you give attention to something, your emotional body reads it. Not just your eyes, not just your ears, not just your brain, but your emotional body. So, right now take a moment to scan all of the thoughts and focuses just in the last two hours. Just two hours, that’s all. What did your emotional/physical body take in in those two hours? What focus, what thoughts, what feelings, what awarenesses? Do you understand how powerful this is?

Your mind has a job, and it is not to separate you any longer from what has life. Your mind has a job, and it is to receive, and choose wisely what to receive, what to take in, and what to say no to. There are little thoughts that you create, and there are things that come in from outside of you – newspapers, media, friends, phone calls, work, family. The mind sort of likes to be occupied, at least at this stage. At some point you may start to open your awareness and consciousness and not need to have so much focus. That will be fun, very fun. And some of you are getting there, yes? But in the mean time, I want you to bring into mind one of the thoughts that you typically create. Some of them might not be those that your emotional/physical body truly feels fed by, truly feels nourished by. You understand those thoughts?

Right now, bring into awareness that thought, but rather than letting it be the only thing you’re focused on, I will help you discern whether or not it is worthy of your attention. Because it may not be. So, very simply, the thought is there, and then you say AYA KA.

And it’s with a certain kind of command. AYA KA. Do you stay, or do you not. AYA KA. If it disrupts the thought, and you have a little bit harder time bringing it into your mind, then that thought is not worth your attention. Very simple. AYA KA. You command the thought, the focus, the attention to reveal itself. Is it of nourishment or not? It perhaps is not, yes? You can check your thoughts that way. Past thoughts, old tapes, old story-lines and conclusions you might have brought along from childhood. Any of those things. Check them.

Same thing if someone brings something to your attention, start to feel whether or not there is nourishment there. If there is no nourishment, then it is not worth your attention. So, what do you do? AYA KA. And, as you do it, especially if it is coming in from outside of you, bring your hand up like this (gesture). Right up through the chakras, right up the front, so you hit them all with this part of your hand (palm) and AYA KA. You don’t have to even say it out loud. Can you feel it? It clears, and again, with the command that you are using, it assists you to discern is this worthy of my attention. Is this nurturing, is this feeding me, is this of life….or is it not.

Try it. Just try it. It’s simple, and it will be effective for you, because there are many who would like your attention right now. There is much out there that is competing for your attention every day. There are many who are not hooked-up directly to life, and they want your life energy. Instead of nurturing you, they want to take from you. Do you understand? It is time to realize how important this is, and to teach your children and grandchildren, if you can, to do some simple things about knowing what is of life and what is not.

This is important. You are moving into another wave this fall. You moved through one this spring, and a smaller one this summer. Even if some of you felt it bigger, it was still small. There is going to be another wave coming through this fall that will peak in October. You are now in the waves. They are not going to go away for a little while, you understand? These are waves of living light, and you need to learn how to ride the waves, to be part of the wave, and to allow it to serve you in your transformation as your body and all of you come into synchronization and new life.

Some of you know about photon belts, yes? There is some truth to that. My body is passing through different aspects of the galactic body, and sometimes we have significant interchanges. It is felt in the whole body of us. Not just your body, not just a small group, but everyone. Those who are not connected to life start to panic when such waves come through. They get scared, and they try everything that used to work, only they try it even harder. If they used to use fear, they use more fear. If they were used to having power and controlling resources, they will try even harder. Do you understand? If someone is just trying to get energy because they don’t have enough, they may lock on to you and talk your ear off, and you will feel as if you are captured. Unless you do this (the AYA KA gesture/clearing). You will unhook anything that they have tried to hook up to you. Perhaps you are watching television, and someone is using fear. Very simply do this (gesture). Begin to know your tools for the waves, because you are not only surfing, but starting to feel as if you are part of the wave, not separate. You are embodied. You are part of it. That is different. Fluidity, remember?

All of this is important. The wave will begin to build again fairly soon. You get a little break right now, so enjoy it. Enjoy the next few weeks. You will begin to notice as it builds, and as it builds there will be more of the panic around you, and the gripping, taking, and needing and all of that.


I would like to talk a bit about this wave time, because it is important for the mind to have somewhat of an awareness of how you as part of my body and as part of what is taking place collectively. As you feel the pulsing, and the pulsation synchronizes you, you have a living potency. You recognize the potency when you feel a sense of excitement, or passion, or a sense of being lit from within. Do you know what that feels like? That is a clue, you might say, for the living potency coming through you, enlivening you. Therefore, would it not be wise to choose to align with everything that gives you that experience. Choose to align with it. The more you do, the more difficult it will be to align with what deadens you and feels as if it contracts. Even if someone expects you to do something and it does not enliven you, you might want to practice a few polite phrases to say I cannot do that. Come up with your own phrases and practice them so that you do not commit to others something which is not in integrity and truth with your aliveness. It’s not just your mind, this is about your body’s awareness of what is lit from within.

So, in this next time, that penetrating wave is coming through. If you practice some of these things, especially what is of life, and you align with and choose that, your potency will begin to manifest itself. Your potency will take on a life of its own. You will not only be lit from within, you will begin to light up and light up your world with something that is only yours to give. No one else can give any of what is lighting up from within you. Only you can do it. Only you can manifest it, form it, share it, create it, whatever it is. Only you.

You have 24 hours in a day. How much of the time are you sleeping? Average 8 hours, some of you more, some less. Okay, so you take that, and that is your unconscious time. That is when your subconscious, unconscious, and your body get to have time to replenish and do its thing. So you have all these other hours. Because of the waves, there is a distortion in time. You’ve already noticed it. At certain times of the year, and at certain pushes there is either an expansion or contraction, but a distortion. Sometimes you feel as if things are speeded up so much you don’t know what happened to the whole week. Other times you might feel as if something stretches, and an experience seems as if it goes on and on and on and on. And it was only an hour. That gets magnified during such times.

So, you have this day. You have your rituals of getting up and doing what you do, and all of those things. It is important to realize that in making your choices, what lights you up will extend the time, and what doesn’t light you up will speed by. When you are alive, you enter the wave. There is probably some physics here, but I don’t know how to explain it. You enter the wave that is this very dynamic place. So much is happening in it, that anything you give energy and power to - that has life - begins to do all sorts of things with it energetically. It is as if there is something happening that needs a little more time. Because you are exposing, you are opening, you are giving life to something that is rather like a child in the womb. Do you know how much happens in the womb in a short nine months? Think of it.

So, wave time is rather like when you have that kind of life opening in your body every time you choose it. You align with it, and then it opens up more time so that more can happen while you are immersed in it. Do you understand? If you feel as if your day has gone zip zip zip, look back on it. How alive did you feel during that day, and how did you feel at the end of the day. If you feel very tired, then perhaps there was not so much of life in that day. Do not judge yourself. No judgments, none at all. Just notice, so that the next morning you have opportunity to make another choice, to practice. You have time to practice. You don’t automatically know this, so that is why I am sharing it. This is a learning curve.

So, you practice every day. If you don’t do so well, then you have another day to choose again what opens you to life. If you are in a place such as a work place or someplace you go regularly, you still have the power to choose where your thoughts are. Even if you have something else there, can you hold a portion of your thought on something that is of life? That is in your power to do. You don’t have to give it all away. You don’t have to give the whole of your focus away. You can hold a part of it, can you not? Practice. It’s a bit challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it you will find yourself being part of the wave. The wave will inform you, you will inform the wave, your space will open up, and your time will open up. And you will start to have moments of pure creation, because guess what? That is the goal, if there is one, to be the creator of your creation, your experience. Not to be dominated, to have it determined by either your past unconscious or your present collective unconscious, which basically is out in your media and everywhere that you go.

You are life awakening, living light. That is who you are, living Spirit. You are embodied. I, too, am embodied and am a soul, a spirit. I am different than you, and my body looks different, but I am also a spirit embodied. We are moving through a galaxy that is part of a universe, and there is a dance that happens between us and things that come into our proximity as we move. Not only does this solar system have its own dance, but the solar system moves, also. We move very fast through space. You don’t feel it, but I feel it. When you drive your car, you feel it. You notice things going by, and that gives you the sense of speed. What if you were my body? Not only do we travel an entire circle that is quite large in 365 days, the whole of us is moving at the same time and our proximity is now putting us into a place where light is interpenetrating our living body in waves.

That is where the waves come from. It’s not being made up by a whole bunch of spirits that surround the earth, you understand? It is a natural phenomenon. It is natural, and part of us. It is part of our cycle. We’ve done it before, but not for a long time. And not with quite as much potential ready to now birth. It’s exciting, very exciting, and part of the reason I sort of prompted this one (Michele) to let me through. I didn’t want to just have my own experience, I wanted to have it with you, and it’s my pleasure, believe me.




It is important for him to realize that his awareness needs to be with me. Not with other people’s actions, but with ME. It is different. He is assuming that their actions are hurting me. They are not hurting me. That is his assumption based on some past experiences that he has as an overlay from his old earth life. His old earth life is impinging on his current sensitivity, and he is afraid that there will be great destruction from my body that will affect everyone. That is not going to happen. There is a process, we are part of it, and he is part of it. He also needs to know that he is part of me, and that we are not being hurt. Rather, we are actually growing something new. There is something new being grown, and that is where he needs to start to find life and excitement. Because, in him are seeds, and I can nourish and nurture them. But, he has to find them, feel them, and know what his seeds are, because they are not the same seeds as someone else. So, it would be important for him to start talking to me directly, so I can respond. And, for him to realize that he does not need to worry about me. I am big, he is little, and I have ways to care for myself. Every day I choose ways to assist our great body, which includes all of you, to do that which is a transforming of frequency. This begins to shift the possibilities of what we create together, not just in your personal life but also in our body.

Some of the little ones are here to be directly informed by me in order to bring to life something that has not yet been seen. If they do not listen to their seeds, then it might take a little longer. But, they do not have to grow to ancient age to make their contribution. They will begin making contributions in their teens and twenties.


Tsunami is a great wave. It is important to realize that sometimes your body manifests what is taking place in your life, and to realize that my body also manifests what is taking place on a larger scale. The loss of life during such events carries a great blessing with it. Each soul who leaves during an event where my body is, in a sense, the cause of that life moving into spirit, they are carried out on a wave of love and grace that is quite magnificent. I do not create harm, and that is not my intent, but there is need at times for my body to manifest itself in ways that creates not just waves, but it is also to realize that you are part of me and I am part of you, and that as you breathe in to life, you gain life, you grow, and you live it. As you breathe out, you release life, yes? Releasing life for you seems traumatic, because you are holding onto it. And yet to your soul it is rather like a breath. At that level, your spirit, your soul, has breathed in. You have lived, you have experienced, you have grown, you have learned, and then you breathe back out. That is the quality from spirit’s experience.

Those beings that left at the tsunami have great grace and love, and their souls are now moving into a kind of harmony within my field. Many souls are not desiring to be part of this transformation consciously. They are moving into spirit, and they will harmonize in the spirit realm. They are not leaving the earth, so to speak. Do you understand the difference? They are still part of the transformation, but they are not doing it in their body. You may know people doing this, leaving their bodies at this time. They may be people you personally know, or they may be leaving in greater numbers. Do not fear for them. It is their choice to do this process differently, not in the body. Perhaps for them they knew that it was not going to be their part, but there is another whole realm where this is also harmonizing. If spirit is embodying, and there is a new frequency that is now part of this living field, then is it not necessary for that to also be affected? Not just here, but all fields that are part of the great living field.

So, tsunami was an act of grace as well as manifestation that I have to do. I have done it as gently as possible for most of these last few centuries. In some ways I have been determined to grow enough awareness and to birth this new field with your help. Before, I could not do so much because it was necessary to keep things stable. But, waves are waves, and we are moving through them.

So, the Bermuda Triangle. Do you understand magnetism, some of you? You are affected by it, yes? It is a force that your scientists have had difficulty pinning down (she chuckles). And why is that? They can observe the effects of it, but they cannot control it or make it do what they want it to do in that arena. They don’t know what to, so they observe it, and create theories, etc. However, there are certain places in my body where the magnetism has sort of shift plates. You know what tectonic plates are where there are two different things moving different directions and they come together, perhaps…….well what if magnetism isn’t just a unified field? What if it, too, has a kind of life? What if it, too, has a kind of wave that moves, not always in synchronized ways, but has its own thing that happens in different places? In certain places you will feel more magnetism. You may feel more present in your body. In other places you feel more electric where you might feel as if your head is going to float away.

In certain places there are waves of magnetism that intersect. They are unpredictable. There is no predicting what takes place in such an area. Even I don’t know, because I’m not in charge of it, so to speak. It, too, is part of the life of the whole of us. You are not mentally in charge of every part of your body, are you? No. So, the Bermuda Triangle is one of those places where there are some unpredictable forces of magnetism that are intersecting. There are others, too. Some of them are on land, although more of them are in an ocean.


That time in my story was where the interface between the creators and the materializing matter of my body had a very, very long period of time. It was rather like cooking soup, where you form ingredients to call into the whole. That was a formation time, a great birthing time. And that was MU, the birthing time. Many of your species had their origins in that birthing time. So, it was a time when there was no separation between matter and consciousness. It was very playful and creative, but it was not fully formed, either. Consciousness was not fully evolved. It was the beginnings. And yet it took a certain kind of frequency intersecting to make what happened happen. What is returning is the frequency of the potency that is like that time, but now YOU are the fruits of that time. So, the fruits of that time are now alive and conscious. This is a very different, unique moment. You could think about this for awhile, because when you entertain a thought that has something to do with life and this new living field, it will inform you. You will get more information and more awareness. Consciousness will be informing you through your dreams, your awareness, your sense of ideas, and all of a sudden you do understand, you do get what is happening in a conscious way. You won’t understand it all, because it is not all formed, but open as much as you can in each moment. That gestational frequency is now returning to this living field, and the fruits of that time now have the capacity to birth anew. That is you.


Atlantis began as a great experiment of this age, in the sense that there was colonization during that time from many different aspects, dimensions, and planetary experiences. It was like a great colonizing time. It brought in a great variety of ways of creation, not all of which were in harmony and synchronization with what had been created here. So, there was some dissonance. The dissonance created separation, the separation created duality, and duality lived through that age and into this one.

In some ways, many of you are the fruits of the creative birth energy and have been awakening first in this time, because you recognize it and it calls you forth. You know it. It calls you forth, and that is probably why you have come to this place in this time.

That time, especially the end of the Atlantean age, was very difficult for any who were embodied, because it continued to feel as if you were moving further and further away from what you found so beautiful and so resourcing of you. If you were alive at that time, some of you may have some memories that you carried forward into this time. You decided at the end of this age of duality to take on certain things and transform them. That is good, thank you very much.

The colonization process has sorted out what is to stay and weave in, and what cannot. From that time to this, each of you has been sorting. You are sorting in your consciousness, and you are sorting in your lives. You are choosing what has life and nourishes and feeds you, and what does not. You are choosing where to focus with your thoughts. You are choosing how to be alive, and how to give life in every day. That is the sorting, and it is happening on a grander scale than you. So, there are sortings going on in the collective, as well.

Am I answering the question? I may have taken a tangent somewhere (chuckle), but do you understand? Everything that came into our planetary experience had a chance to weave its way in, to integrate, to keep forming and creating, and to be part of it. But over time, it may have distinguished itself in such a way that it did not or can not weave in to the living field. Those who identify very strongly with that may find it more and more challenging, but everyone has a choice. It is present now to everyone.


Everybody thinks Mars is all about war. It is not. It is about a vibrancy which says I desire something so much that I am willing to move with it. How about translating that a little differently. Yes, we are dancing with Mars, but it is not going to hurt anybody or anything. It’s just a part of the dance. As it dances closer, those of you who are sensitive might feel a little excitement. A little of that oomph inside that say oh, I really, really want this. So, open the door to bringing it forth.

There are stronger desires in a Mars dance. There are sometimes stronger impulses, as well. If you are open to life and connected to the wave, the impulse may move right up and through you in such a way that it manifests so quickly it will take your breath away. You’ll just go what, my goodness. You’ll be so surprised. Other times you will feel it, and you will also engage the pulse I spoke of earlier. And if you feel the pulse and you notice that there is a desire, but it is building energy, the pulse may need to gather a bit. You may need to get a little bit more strength or something in order to bring it forth. Let the pulse nourish you, feed you, strengthen you, and gather to you whatever is needed.

Mars is a potent, powerful friend. In duality, your astrologers have interpreted its effects through duality. Notice that it is not what you might want to give power to. Test it. If you are giving power to an interpretation that comes from some place, even about Mars, then test it. Does it hold up to life, or is it something that still has some dualistic stuff going on that isn’t really about life. How can it serve you, and listen, pay attention. Your body will tell you. Your energy will know. Mars, of course is not the only one we’re dancing with. It’s just one of the many.

So, it is my joy to offer a blessing that you may take with you.

[She closes with a blessing in her language of creation]


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