Posted October 3, 2003

The Lightsmith Shoppe

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the change of seasons......or perhaps it's the season of changes. Here we find ourselves again moving through the passage of another wave of transformation, and maybe you feel the changes stirring inside, like something is ready to burst out and become visible. Something expectant, long awaited, under pressure, straining to rupture the membrane that has covered-over for so long.

Our web site is reflecting these changes, too. Maybe you've stopped by in the past couple weeks or so, and tried the menu bar on our newly-designed home page. All of the links are now active, and I hope you find the navigation cleaner and easier to use than our previous home page. Either Michele or I will be adding our perspectives when the mood strikes, so check often for changes.

Also new is the addition of the LIGHTSMITH SHOPPE. In the last update, I talked about us beginning to offer practical tools for transformation. We will be continually adding recordings, books, and other items of a unique nature, many of which will be produced by us. Everything offered will be supportive of personal transformation, the movement into the new matrix of consciousness, and the birth of the new planetary experience being created.

Much of what we offer will be connected with the Earth Mother. It is she who possibly has been one of the most overlooked beings in this entire process of planetary transition, and yet she is the one knows most what is happening in our bodies, is orchestrating the transformation and moving people about, and being the master weaver of the new consciousness. In large part it is she who took on this plan and made an invitation to us to join her as part of something wondrous and new.

My personal focus over the coming months will be to:

1. Assist others to reconnect to her, and re-establish our relationship as beings merged with her.

2. Provide clarity about our processes of embodiment, transformation to becoming conscious as Creators, and the creation of a new structure of consciousness.

3. Offer material, programs and events designed to identify and assist the processes of embodiment and transformation.

I specifically am choosing to say these things to be clear about the perspective I hold about what is happening on this planet, and the purpose of the Lightsmith site. From my point of view we are not turning into light or leaving the planet, we are not going to be beamed anywhere by ET's, and neither the earth nor our bodies are inert matter, inferior to Spirit.

I propose that instead we are finally immersing more fully INTO our bodies, the plan in motion is creating a new planetary experience based in the merging of Light (Spirit, us), into Life (Matter, earth), and our design is to become conscious as Creator(s) in Creation.

Also, although I realize it is a question of semantics, I would suggest we are not becoming ONE, since we differentiated out of that state, originally. We are, however, awakening to our existence as a unified being that is whole.

I consider the heart of our transformation to be taking place right here within our bodies. If our attention is pulled outside of us by beliefs, misinformation, or external events, I consider it a distraction and a hindrance, if not an actual danger, to the process of full embodiment (or what some have called ascension).

The update now posted on our site is from a session we held last weekend. As you may know, about 80 people have been participating in a program we recently re-named Light Into Life; The Course. On September 21st, we gathered for an information follow-up with our teacher friends in Spirit and another process facilitated by the Earth Mother. As usual it is difficult to summarize everything, but I have posted select paragraphs from the evening's transcript that pretty much tell the story. In a nutshell, the earth will likely soon begin more outward expressions (interpret that how you will), and it is important that we do not focus our energy into the illusions that surround us, whether being played out by governments, countries, or just in our own relationships. That external focus keeps one ensnared in the duality matrix and disconnected from self. You'll find the new page on our site at

We invite you to also take a look at the items we are currently offering in the LIGHTSMITH SHOPPE. The products are all listed at

We have begun our commercial adventure by offering the entire 22 CD Light Into Life course, two other recordings by the Earth Mother, and an excellent book called The Future of Money.

Much love to you through these interesting times. Let us know how things are going for you.



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