Update November 1, 2004

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November 1, 2004


We wanted to offer an update before the US presidential election takes place on November 2nd. Two nights ago we held an event that involved a process of listening to the soul of the United States. This listening process was facilitated by Michele, and was followed by a channeling segment that gave us an opportunity to hear from our friends in Spirit and ask some questions relevant to current events.

We hope those of you voting in this election will find some helpful suggestions from the information that follows, especially in where to focus your energies and hold intention during the balloting. This email gives a summarization by Michele of the outcome of the listening process. At the end you will find a few highlights of the channeling, followed by a link to where you will find a complete transcript.

It is a crucial time. Not just in choosing a person, but in supporting a greater intention of what this nation wishes to become. Not many are listening at this level, and a small group of conscious listeners can have a large impact on what unfolds in our experience in the coming years. Please consider what we are sharing as you proceed through the voting process.

- Chris


Here is the portion from Michele:

On Saturday, October 30th, I facilitated a process in which people were invited to contact and listen to the soul of the United States of America. About sixty people participated either in person or via phone. The first part of the process was to clear the mental, emotional, and energetic fields so each person could stand open to receive without personal attachments, agendas, or filters. The second phase was to listen in groups of 5 or 6, with a recorder/witness writing down the messages as they flowed into consciousness. Then each witness shared with the whole the feelings, messages, and experiences of their group. Several people who participated by phone later e-mailed their impressions. I have read or heard all of what was shared and will do my best to synthesize and share what we collectively perceived the soul of the USA to be saying at this time.

Several groups reported feeling a sadness and tiredness in this soul and several saw an image of a male, one said prematurely aged. Yet there was also incredible love emanating to us from this one and a deep appreciation for being acknowledged and invited to share. A number of people saw that the nature of this one has been to welcome with open arms the many varied peoples and cultures of the world. Several groups acknowledged the pain of the past, the mistreatment of native and immigrant peoples, and the bloodshed of wars and violence. Yet mixed with this sadness is a hope for the potential that has yet to unfold.

Several mentioned they saw or felt the great beauty and abundance of this land, a generosity of spirit, and strong virtues of brotherhood and freedom. Many sensed that this soul has a strong vision or dream that all who come here could live together in equality and harmony, with honesty, integrity, and compassion. However, this dream has not unfolded and this soul feels sadness and grief about that. Many saw and felt a splitting, of light and darkness in nearly equal measure. Fear, greed, and isolation were part of this scene. Some saw and felt a period of cleansing and chaos followed by calm. And a number also felt that there is a birthing taking place, that the splitting is opening a door to a new kind of hope. This soul, as expressed through its people, has a unique opportunity to synthesize the wisdom of many cultures, spiritual beliefs, and creative innovation to lead the world and invite the nations of the world to collaborate and synthesize for the good of all. And to do this well, there is a need to partner and interact with the Earth so to stay in alignment with Life for all. Another impression shared is that it is time for us to listen to our inner knowing and accept that we can solve all our problems together. That process starts inside each individual and then by sharing and growing it, it will ripple out across this country and this planet.

Some other images that came through more than once: strong, tall trees supporting and connecting, flowers of various hues blossoming and spreading out over the land, a golden chain or core of light anchoring this nation down into the center of the Earth, a pulsing heart that many felt during the connection, and cleansing waterfalls, rivers, or tears.

I stood with the Soul of the USA and felt the experience. This soul had felt ignored, overlooked, and misrepresented. The connection we opened and our invitation to share directly with us was deeply appreciated and there was a hope that this kind of opening would continue. I also felt that the soul was strained, holding together what no longer was able to stay together. As it lets go, chaos or the experience of things falling apart is probable. Yet within this soul, I could feel its desire to manifest its true nature and potential, and I suddenly wondered how much of what we feel is a personal desire to manifest our true nature and potential is wedded to this larger soul that breathes through us. And this soul is part of the Earth and she too has been transforming the basic matrix for manifestation and creation. My experience was one of essential unity with deep appreciation for the uniqueness of each person receiving and sharing that evening and within the whole.

- Michele


Following are a few lines from the channeling transcript. The complete text is here.

“With your willingness and choice to be present and listen, you have made a connection with the soul of a being that you live with all the time, but whose spokespersons are often not coming from a place of listening or awareness. What would it feel like to you to live in a home, and have people speak for you all of the time, without representing your nature? What would that feel like?”

“This particular in time, you in the United States are on a cusp or precipice. It is as if there is a moment......not just a second, but a moment......of time. And this moment is precipitating either the United States as a being beginning to step forward as itself, standing up and being recognized, honored, heard, and represented more clearly.......or the frustration will build, and it, too, will erupt. ”

“Allow your heart to connect to the larger heart that is this nation's heart. In your heart, be a spokesperson on behalf of not just yourself, but others, whether you have knowledge of these people or know them or not. If you can, say to the soul of this nation that you are willing to listen, that you are willing to receive and represent clearly. Speak for yourselves, and speak on behalf of others now, as the representatives or ambassadors of the collective, of the humanity that is connected to this time, this juncture, this precipice, this moment. And breathe willingness, so that this soul, this being, begins to feel that the opportunity is being given to step forward, to make more clear in the collective its essence, its feelings, its truths, its reasons for being, its purpose.”

“This nation, this being, is not Republican or Democrat. This being includes all of you, embraces all of you, lives in and with all of you, regardless of what you believe, regardless of your agendas, or needs, or any of it. This being is part of your experience, has informed your experience, and will continue to. It is now time to include IT in your consciousness. This being is part of a larger family...this world. It belongs to the earth, as you do. It is part of a community of interconnecting entities that are other nations, other sovereign beings.”

“There is a vote coming. You are all involved in this. What is difficult is that the way it is set up does not allow you to truly share essence, does it? Not really. However, you have the power of intention. If, when you designate your choice and choices, rather than only doing so in terms of the people that are listed on your ballot, that you hold the ballot and connect essence to essence. Intend that your choices be a communication of essence, a sharing of essence. Since this is the vehicle that is open to you in this moment, that is the vehicle that you can use for this. We have done so tonight, and you can do so in that moment as well.”

“You are at a precipice, so in some ways it is a big deal. But, these two men are archetypes, if you wish. They are holding cherished beliefs, agendas, and hopes, dreams, and fears of not just themselves, but many people who are focused upon them. There is, in a sense, a magnification of each of these people by the collective focus placed upon them, and what they then manifest. George W. Bush did not manifest all of the last 4 years by himself, nor did he do so with the help of only a few people. That has been generated by generations behind this person who hold a certain kinds of consciousness, beliefs, structures of agendas, hopes dreams and fears. That has created your experience these last 4 years. Some of you haven't liked it. There are also other hopes and dreams, other agendas, other beliefs that wish to be represented, and yet both representations are coming out of a very long story of duality. Both representations. And you now have great polarity, pretty much, yes? Both sides standing, facing each other rather like a duel.”

“It is also a growing soul. How many years old is this nation, officially?


Yes, not very old in terms of national identity. So, this is an evolving experience, an evolving soul. Some of what it has not been so good at has been an awareness of how to create a sense that the whole is also impacted by the decisions of individuals. In a sense, the pursuit of individualism, which has been a very strong value, has impacted the whole in ways that may not have been foreseen. There is a shifting of awareness, an including of a larger perspective, that is a maturing of this soul. The native people may have had qualities of being able to listen to the whole, but perhaps they were not so strong in individuality or creativity. But, add it all together, there are many great values that are beginning to coalesce, or could, as this moment begins to come forward in this next time.”

“So, to each of you here and wherever you may be, and to all who are a part of this grand soul of this United States. Our essence is of love. We know nothing else is truly real. We join our essence with yours as you join your essence with the soul of the United States. Let love magnify as a pebble is thrown into a pond and the ripples move out. Allow yourselves to just be present, to choose what is essential. To stand there simply and purely, with no other thoughts right now, no other agendas. Just stand, and be the choice that you are making in this time, and let it ripple out wider and wider. Release any fear that you have about these next days. Let go. Do not allow fear to contract, bind, or hold you. Life and Love are birthing a new experience of creation. Stand in that, choose it, live it, and your vote will count."





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