Posted December 11, 2003

The Lightsmith Shoppe

Hi everyone,

It has been awhile since we've been able to add something new to the site, so I wanted to put up a recent audio file until the next update comes along in a couple weeks. November was an extraordinarily demanding month, and although things now seem less intense, I cannot say that I feel less busy.

November had us organizing for 3 events connected with the Harmonic Concordance, and simultaneously preparing for a large "EXPO" in Minneapolis (similar to a Whole Life Expo) that needed a booth design, construction, and development of product......all within 4 weeks or so. I'm happy to report that the Expo went well, and that during a scheduled presentation we were able to provide many attendees an experience of meeting the Earth Mother through Michele.

The main addition to the Lightsmith site today is the audio recording of the Earth Mother from that Saturday evening Expo presentation on November 15th. It was a warm and welcoming dialogue with some good general information and direct perspectives on certain planetary situations, including the necessity of upcoming earth changes. Several in attendance asked great questions, and I would say that the answers given were direct and helpful. I would be happy to post a written page of this channeling if anyone reading this feels inspired to do the transcribing, but these days I often don't have the time to do that piece.

The other addition to our site is the new audio CD by Michele, called Bringing Your Light Into Life. We made this a few weeks ago in preparation for the Expo, and it is a very helpful process and alignment tool for anyone moving through this transformation. Check it out in our Lightsmith Shoppe.

Look for another update soon. We're planning to do an informal channeling around the Solstice (hopefully I'll be able to transcribe - any volunteers?), and also Michele is planning to write a commentary about her perceptions of the current time as well as the focus of the work that has been showing up with her clients.

Have a great holiday/solstice season, and we'll be back soon.




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