Update January 7, 2005

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January 7, 2005

• Message from Chris
• New Year's Channeling posted
• Event being planned

Hello, and welcome to a Grand New Year,

We had a nice group of about 80 people that joined us for our annual New Year's Channeling. Unique to this year was a closing message from the Earth Mother, as well a great gathering of Spirit beings who came to be with us.

I finished the typing yesterday and have posted the dialogue on the site. The Spirit beings spoke of the increased interpenetration of light into matter, and some of the ramifications of that merger in our experience. The many levels shifting and being demonstrated by the physical earthquakes were also addressed by both Spirit and the Earth Mother. I found their perspectives to be both enlightening and supportive for this moment of convergence we have entered.


We have been prompted to organize a group channeling process that will probably be taking place near the end of this month. I will send out a notice as soon as we finalize the details. As usual, we know little about the intention, but we know it is a request of the karmic council to work with a group for some purpose.


Here's to an incredible year for us all…….


You will find the complete text of the channeling here

The PDF file can be downloaded directly here


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