Friday, February 25 th
Arrive in Antigua

Saturday and Sunday in Antigua including toning at the Convent of Las Cappucinas, meeting each other, shopping, and transitioning. I am hoping to get us booked into a hotel with beautiful gardens.

Monday, February 28
Transit to the Villa Sumaya

Includes a stop at Valhalla, an organic Macadamia nut finca (farm). The Earth Mother loves this place and it shows!

Monday, February 28 -Sunday, March 6
At the Villa

With optional trips to Panahachel and The Women's Cooperative Textile Center, hikes, a weaving demonstration, hot-tubs, and if enough interest, a trip to Santiago and tour with Martin Prechtel's ex-wife.

Sunday, March 6
Transit to Antigua

Monday, March 7
Fly home

If you need to be home on Sunday for a work week, travel directly from the lake to the airport can be arranged.


February 25 - March 7, 2005

I am excited to announce that I will be offering a retreat with the Earth Mother at the Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in 2005. The Mayans say that Lake Atitlan is the umbilicus to Great Mother, and each time I go I feel her sweet embrace and feel my body and being opening to receive. The dates are Feb 25- March 7. We will be at the lake from Feb. 28th to March 6 and spend the first couple of days and the last evening in the beautiful city of Antigua. I also love Antigua and wanted to be able to share that experience with you as well. Guatemalan textiles are some of the most beautiful in the world, and Antigua hosts many shops, galleries, great food, as well as one of the most exquisite places to chant and tone that I have yet discovered.

The Villa has room for 14 people, double occupancy. The price for the trip (excluding airfare) is $1400, which includes all hotels, ground transportation and two meals/day at the Villa Sumaya. There are many wonderful body-workers and healers that live at the lake, so opportunities for individual focus and healing is also available if you choose.

I have designed an experience that includes choices. A couple of days will include options to go to Panahachel or to hike, and we would have lunch elsewhere. But if you feel like staying at the Villa and not going out, that's a choice too. If you need a snack or lunch, they will take your order anytime.

All options listed in the itinerary at the left are just that and if your need is to stay in retreat, that choice will be honored. We will have our own group sessions each day focusing on deepening our capacity to receive from Life, to integrate more of our Essence within our body, and to assist our body to hold more joy. I will be focusing individually during the group sessions when needed to assist the work we will do together. There are a number of skilled healers and massage artists as well as an excellent naturopathic healer, yoga and qigong teachers, etc that live at the lake and can be requested for individual appointments.

The total for the trip is $1400. If you want to reserve your place, please send me $250 as a down payment. This can be refunded up until the second payment. Another payment of $575 will be due November 15 th and the balance ($575) due February 1, 2005. If you cancel after the second payment, your payments will be refunded in full if I can fill your spot with someone else. Sorry, I can't take credit cards for this trip.

Your flight is on your own, as are meals in Antigua. There are just too many choices! I checked on flights to and from Mpls/St. Paul. Round trip is currently running $736, which is high. There may be some deals coming later. You can also use either Continental or Northwest miles, if you have them. There is an American Airlines flight as well. We will better be able to coordinate flights as the group forms.

There are 14 spots for the trip, so I will take the first 14 and then start a waiting list in case someone cancels. It feels as if the group is already forming since I can feel an excitement and a current every time I tune in. If you can feel it too, sign up ASAP!

If you wish to send a deposit, please contact me by , or leave a message at 952-996-6544.

You can find out more about the Villa Sumaya from their website at

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