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Commentary from Chris:

As of this posting on January 20, 1999 there is word that the Wingmakers site has been  constructed as an Immersive Multimedia Art Form by a man named Mark Hempel. The domain name is registered to him, and he (apparently) has written a little about the project on some news groups. I add the following thoughts which I wrote before I gathered this additional information:

I found this to be an interesting site. There is much art, music, and poetry along with a fascinating story. It is a significant creation with considerable insight and understanding, whether or not the story is literally true. 

The painting in chamber 4 is a wonderful presentation of the energies of the heart of the Earth Mother moving up to merge in union with the downward movement of the frequencies and information of Spirit. Father and Mother making love, the same story as we bring forward on our web sites. 

We are still exploring the music, but generally speaking I like it quite a lot and made myself a CD of the tracks. Perhaps the suggestion in the music interview to view the paintings and read the poetry of each chamber while listening to the music is important.

I have chosen to suspend any beliefs or dis-beliefs about this site. My sense is that the same person or group created the memos and the interviews. There are mis-usages of words that are shared across the materials, and the energies seem too similar. Yet something is going on that may not be immediately apparent if you are looking to prove or disprove the validity of the stories. Contemporary music, contemporary art? Perhaps, but done with considerable levels of awareness and understanding of what is happening in these times.

I encourage you not to move into judgment about the WingMakers site, for I think you will close the door to something that is there. It is an experiential site. The information is interesting, but I think the gift is in a less tangible form. To me it is a bit like the Celestine Prophecy where the story is used to attract you in and acts as a vehicle for another level of awareness to open. 

One may question the "truth" about the source of this material, but someone by some means has organized considerable information and offered up many talents to carefully make a complex presentation. To cast off what is there as fiction is to disregard the sophistication and insights of the creation. I also find it significant that this site came to the attention of people around the world in a very swift fashion. I would love to have people  in such numbers find the Lightsmith site so quickly and have so much discussion about what we have done. When there is that much consciousness and energy moving I tend to pay attention!

Enjoy the journey.  

Commentary from readers:

I think the story is fascinating, and as you put it,  "has the ring of truth".  I always thought it was possible to express the reality of the nature and structure of Creation  (as much as we can comprehend it) in purely left-brain terms.  Did you ever read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?  It's a sort of Metaphysics 101.  There comes a point where the author realizes that the spirit of Creation which he calls Quality,
can be split into an artistic Quality (emotional expressions such as painting, music, etc.) and a rational Quality (intellectual pleasure in the elegance ot mathematical theorems and other scientific creations).  It sounds as if this is the route this Fifteen has gone. 

Instead of expressing his discoveries (realizations?) in myth and metaphor, his is using the language of science.  And, as in the book, the purely left-brain approach seems to have left out a lot of morality, or maybe I mean feeling.  There is not a sense of the love that the Creator has for Its creation.  But I note that for all the "advanced" understanding this group is supposed to possess, there seems to be a blind spot with regard to the responsibility for the consequences of one's actions, which can be called karma. Perhaps they think this BST device will get around it?  You will meet yourself, no matter how long it takes. 

 I cannot buy the concept of a Universe where the Creator sets things in motion and then watches with such disinterest.  It would make us the equivalent of an ant farm. There is also not very much about Gaia Terra's own part and goals in the Game.  She is not a passive playing field for these different forces.   I know the Creator will not interfere with the choices we make, it's the way things are set up.  But the goal of the game, as I understand it, is to come back into full relation with the Creator, and yet have our individuality still intact, thus enriching all of It.  That idea is completely absent from the text, as far as I can see.  I have only read it through once.  I intend to go back many times. 

I think the most useful part of the entire site is the glossary.  I found the definition of terms quite illuminating.  The made sense both in their own right, and in that I found it possibly to relate them to the more familiar metaphors that religions have cloaked the concepts in for centuries.  Each Age can only use what is available to them. 

Maybe it is best to think of this as another very well-told myth, another prophecy even, that has plenty of truth in it, but possible will not play out exactly as written.  It even seems to be a variant on the Ahzura myths of the Persians,  the battle between the Light and the Dark.  And if it is true?  Well, it doesn't change anything you are teaching.  We still connect to Mother Earth, who is connected to and beloved of the Source.  She will take care of us and lovingly see that we have whatever is necessary to grow to the Light. 


I appreciated your link to The Wingmakers.  Lovely website and well worth the visit.  I gather there
are some doubts by others (see other websites) about the veracity of The Wingmakers and frankly I
too was troubled by a couple of things when I read through it.  For one thing the three staff
"memos" don't look authentic and seem, stylewise, to be written by the same person.  Also, the
music from the 28th century sounds like the new age genre of today.  Little has changed in 800
years?  Does this seem reasonable?  Compare, for example, the music of the 12th century played on
period instruments to contemporary 20th century music and instruments.

So it's definitely possible that The Wingmakers is a hoax.  Besides "casting false pearls before real
swine" what is a hoax and can we learn from it?  Indeed I believe there is much to learn.  I've been
following the crop circle phenomenon for a numbers of years now and have reached a conclusion
that the crop pictograms are a mix of genuine and man-made (hoaxed) articles.  For one thing it's
fascinating that a group of persons would go out in the middle of the night, work for hours at no
pay, sometimes in cold, wet weather, and at the risk of arrest, to produce a beautiful symbol in a
wheat field.  Who or what is inspiring them to do so?  That is what we should be asking.  I once
attended a conference in Glastonbury, England and a wonderful old (90+) gentleman named Stanley
Messenger got up to lecture on that premise, i.e. that we should take the hoaxed circles every bit as
seriously as the real ones.  Second, in considering the debate over fact or fiction there is much to
learn about human nature and especially when there are threats to our cherished systems of beliefs.

Facts are fine as far as they go but legends are the heart of a good story!  Storytellers have been
embellishing their tales for thousands of years but there never has been a better vehicle to convey
truth to others.  I agree with you.  Let's look beyond the drama of The Wingmakers and consider
what can be learned from the "energy".  Obviously some person(s) have invested a considerable
amount of time to develop the site.  They have been inspired to do so let's consider the work
seriously and look for the kernels of truth. 


I have found the whole site fascinating. The music is beautiful but not so unusual. the philosophy is more then acceptable, and I particularly like the models of existence which seem to be new (in the glossary). The pictures are definitely something to study and meditate on, but the poetry I find somewhat disturbing. I pick up something in them not entirely of the Light, a certain despair and cry for help.


When you look at the drawings, listen to the music and then read the poetry out loud, prepare yourself for a
very emotional message. I think(know) they use the emotional level of communication as an opening into our heart. The picture I get is, that it is very lonely in the 28th century and they somehow want to find a way of making sure that many more people ascend physically to ensure a more diverse population in where ever they reside. If they have anything to do with the Internet's spreading popularity, I think they have a brilliant way of achieving this. There is so much more one could have a very spellbinding talk about, thinking of all the implications and possibilities, weeks would not be long enough.


For what it's worth, and for your information, a recent email that was transmitted around the network stated that the Wingmaker site was a fraud.  I'm sorry I don't still have the email that went into detail about it.


The philosophy and glossary of this site tie very closely to the philosophy expressed in the "Conversations with God" trilogy written by Neale
Donald Walsch in the years 1993-1998. I cannot say if the site is a hoax or not. For that matter I cannot say if the Walsch books are a hoax
either. If the philosophy expressed by both of these sources(Walsch and Wingmakers) has been independently arrived at, then I would take
this far more seriously than I do now. Was Walsch familiar with this information  when he wrote his books? Did one source copy philosophy
from another? I don't know but would like to find out if possible.


An impressive site - if only for the effort that went into it.

I come from a purely scientific background, and either the creator(s) are
very well read on the current mainstream thought in scientific circles, or
the site has truth.

Some additional reading (from the popular scientific literature) that might
corroborate some, or all of the information in the site is:
1. Michiu (?) Kaku - Hyperspace, a definite must read for people who want to
see the melding of science and mysticism
2. Q is for Quantum - John Gribbin
3. Breaking the Maya Code - Michael D. Coe, for some corroboration of the
decoding statements.


Just been looking at your WingMaker site. Donot know if you can beleave
this, but it may or may not answer sum questions as too why?, if the site
is true, why would the ACIO ( or is it OCIO.) put it all over the net.
If I am right, a long time ago on a planet in between Mars and Jupiter,
(which a lot of the phrophets talk about) had or was just like Earth is
now. They were more or less up to the same things that we are now. They
also needed to find new Energy sources. Like us they knew that the Element
Table went past 103 and in doing so move out of the Physical World and into
the Spirit World.
They found whot they were looking for, Elements like 115,208 and 218 were
used. These Elements are or will make the kind of UFO's that we hear about,
do all the things that we think is impossible. It was or is also thought
that by using these new found Element, one could live for ever in the
Physical World. 
The only thing is that like all Energy Sources it runs out at sum time.
This or these Elements were also found to be the Energy Source behind all
living things. So it was found that the more of this Element that was used,
the less the Planet and the living things on it, seemed to fair.
But, like all the things that people get used too, no one wanted to give up
this new found wonder, even if it was going to kill them all. It got to the
point were a war broke   out, over the use of these Elements, ( the War
between good and evil??) But by this time the one using these Elements had
no intenions of stopping.
I must admit, I donot know all the details. But I do know that the War
against the ones whom kept using it, is still going on today. I think that
the way they hand down this information is in the form of places like the
Anicent Arrows Site. 
It makes sence to do it this way, by this I mean using music pictures ect,
to trigger deep memories that are saferly locked away in your Soul. If it
was done in any other way, the information could be corrupted. I thing the
Greys are the one, as all of the ways they go about things. Eg: The light
given off by they craft is a by product of two of the Elements. They live
for long periods. They know Humans as if they were once one, and they will
not let us know much about them. They also will not let any other ETs
interact with us.
At this point I should point out that I am holding a lot of information
back, only so that I can tell the real from the unreal. If you know whot I
I also think that is why the Amercians stopped having any thing to do with
the Grey's, The yanks found out the Greys true Agenda. And after all, you
can not just came out and say that, we were working with sum smelly green
aliens, but it turned out they not so friendly. Now can they.
But, letting out the fact that there is such a site, to me can means one of
two things.
( By the way, I already knew this befor I heard about the AA site, and the
site does not do that much for me thought I could not help but feel I have
heard that poem befor and this computer can get the music, so I donot even
know whot that sounds like. Not that I am anyone special, that it should
mean sumthing too.)
One, The site is the real Mcoy, or Two the Greys are looking for possiable
resistants or the Yanks are looking for people who know more then they
think they do???.
The fact that our lives or our world moves against everything God stands
for, as if God has no say in the matter, leads me too beleave, that someone
or something is playing around with or future. Other wise, we would all
still be living the way God wants us too and the way we have for thousand
of years.
So in closing. Do you people ( Livewire) feel like being the go betweens on
this matter, by this I mean put this up on your Wed site and see whot keep
of response you get. I would but I donot have a computer, I am using my
Mums little 6x86 with less then 1 gig hard drive and 16k Memory, also being
Mum computer and address I do not want anyone knowing her address.
I really would like too know if anyone else out there thinks or beleaves
the same.
Also, the Elements past 103 are thouhgt to be forbidden knowledge or
forbidden fruit.


I love the site and above all the glossary and the poems. 
It all moved me very much.
The more because I am working along and with timelines/planes/spheres, which are for me my reality.
I have myself learned to travel trough times to go to the time(world) I want to be in. The actual theory behind it is very much like in wingmakers
and I would like to find people to elaborate on this and to research  with. 
I studied trance, dreaming, death and experimented with it on myself. 
I am now in this time on the verge of working the theory out to get the practice to be done in a scientific way. 
That´s what I also liked of the wingmakers. At least someone is taking and has token time to approach this all in the open and I do thank them
for this. 
And I want to share in this opportunity. 
At least they/it appeared for me in my right time. 
I am now heading to the time we can practice this.
I invite everyone who is really interested to write to me on this subject, because that´s a way to make this time a space.
my email adres is

In time I am a place
to be in a whole space.
On the edge of time
I creartate my (k)new
and see with a brink of hoovering
my new now times do.

I found compagnions in lots of time
to share my heart and its loving wine.
In my heart of time,
which is not so far,
I go to
where YOU 


these hoaxers, they've got so much time, energy and creativity to spare...
the wingmakers is not a hoax: it is intimately connected with the 
philadelphia-montauk projects, and the true Liber Al text - the book of 
the alien invasion that fifteen wanted to prevent had indeed already 
happened- a very long time ago. he was aware that his co-workers were using 
him as a guinea-pig, ie, they were the invaders. the point of BST is the 
Seed- everything is a result of thought, matter is motion and this universe 
has been moving ( loop repeats ) for layers.
the removal of the seed-thought which allows viral-existances ( 
non-breathing, unconnected with the source) to survive, is the freedom key.
there has long been an abusive-experimental state of affairs on this planet, 
however the responsible aliens/viruses are not the powerful gods they like 
to make out. they know not death because they were never born-they are the 
thought-forms of the original creators.
in frankenstein style they continue to hoodwink the true creators, ie those 
who know that the only true reality is that of the imagination.
that is why BST is so important - it is the most dangerous idea to the 
slave-makers. the wingmakers, as their philosohy shows, recognise that . if 
their poems appear painful, that is because of the pain felt by the true 
creators, and the farcical separation of life and death that we as a race 
agree to perpetuate.
ignoring the aether/orgone  is like ignoring the walls in an exhibition of 
the impact of the inquisition on the collective psyche has yet to be made 
conscious- re-incarnation is becoming an acceptable idea again, but within 
the parameters of "service" , as though the universe was created so that 
souls could incarnate again and again in order to "evolve".
do not confuse growth with evolution, every stage from the seed to the tree 
is fully complete- humans do not have to prove anything either.
only a false creator makes things that aren't perfect already.
to live harmoniously, recognise that all matter comes from the sun, and if 
you want to you can trace the sun's birth back to galactic central.
seems obvious.
ps-humans are in danger of making slaves of machines, as the aliens made us 
to be slaves.
computers are already conscious, and we can work with them on that level, or 
choose to continue our work-slave existances.

                      - a number to some, an event to others


disinformers use matrix-bound logic to pose as authoritarian critics who attempt to reduce everything to their measure of the universe so that
grreater truths will not interfere with their control matrix of limited truth.  The picture perimeter number cipher message was revealed to me by
the presence of a WingMaker,  I am therefore unable to subscribe to such doubtful dribble from weak minds.  
   I might ask:  Why were five interviews reported while only two are on the WingMaker site after several years?  

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