What's Happening?
A perspective offered by Chris LaFontaine

This article originally appeared as "Consider Another Perspective" in the November, 1994 issue of the Lightsmith Live Wire newsletter. It has been slightly edited from the original version.

An interesting thing happened as I went through my preparation for writing this column. For several days I was jotting notes to myself about a particular topic I had intended to focus on. After a while I found myself with more and more information that bubbled up in my mind and I ended up with several pages of notes about several topics. Each topic seemed to want priority and began vying for my attention. After a sorting process I found that what started out being a more brief introduction for the column has ended up being the topic for this issue of Live Wire. What seemed to be of importance was to set the stage for future writings by first presenting with as much clarity as possible the major points of understanding that Michele and I are guided by in our creation of LIGHTSMITH. What we are about presumes the following:

  1. The Earth and all upon Her are in the process of great change.
  2. We are shifting from duality consciousness to Wholeness.
  3. We are at a point where each person must make a choice.
For each of these points I offer the following thoughts from my perspective.


Many people have a sense that something's stirring. More mainstream sources are using words like paradigm, embodying, journey, wholeness and shifts. Recovery, inner child, holistic, meditation and boundaries are common or already becoming dated. Books such as The Celestine Prophecy and Embraced by the Light become instant best sellers and are passed around among many people. Prime-time television shows about angels, PBS specials about healers and healing, and even the actions by some who build underground bunkers and store food are all indicators that something feels important to a lot of people and this feeling is occurring on a large scale.

I hardly ever talk with anyone these days who hasn't begun noticing something shifting in their life. Memories fading. A mental experience of spaciness. Emotional releases, sometimes for no immediately apparent reason. Changes in desires for certain foods. Sleep difficulties. Relationship rearrangements. There's the odd feeling that our sense of time is changing and that there's too much to do. Frenetic highway driving and anger that shows up in so many ways. There's the notion that things just don't seem to work the way they used to. Any news broadcast or daily paper informs us that there is much movement happening on a global level.

I don't wish to belabor the point that something's up. Most of us agree. To try to define what IS going on will probably produce a never ending discussion. I offer my perspectives from my own experiences of spiritual growth, intuitive insight, and reflections from masterful Beings from many levels. My view is this: The Earth, Gaia Terra, is completing her preparation for a great reunion (more on this in the next section). She embodies a great consciousness that is shifting. Some have called it ascension. While I agree with that as fact, I have already grown to not like using the word because of the misunderstandings some connotations promote. I would say an expansion of consciousness or an uplifting. Our human forms are birthed of the Earth, and we are changing too. In fact, we are participating in and crucial to the process.

As a component of these changes there is a change in the physical forms. In our bodies we are beginning to discover that our DNA is changing. We are rearranging at a cellular level. The body of the Earth is changing, too, and that has been predicted to be seen as polar shifts, earthquakes, different weather patterns, massive continental restructuring, and more. Prophecies of all cultures have talked about this time. Some focus on the magnificence of the promised outcome and others speak of doom and destruction. I believe what has begun to come to completion here is the most magnificent accomplishment in the creation story of the universes. I also understand such change might be viewed as apocalyptic.


Duality consciousness is a term used to describe the system we have been experiencing for a long, long time. It refers to a particular way of seeing and experiencing a reality that depends on the perception that there are opposite poles. Something we can be for or against.We judge using our mental capacities. We compare others, ourselves, and our ideas, behaviors, and beliefs relative to some position. Energy moves by being directed to focus on another. When you make somebody wrong then you can be right. This is a great mechanism for keeping you totally occupied and giving away your energy. It's remarkably effective and a darn clever creation. The classic representation is the White hats versus the Black hats. As long as you stay within this system you will always experience the illusion that you are separate from something else. This includes the notion that you are separate from the Source, the Creator. This has been our way. This is ending.

To help explain what is changing I invite you to envision a small circle in the center of a very large piece of paper. I next invite you to step outside the line of the circle and rise above it and look down. You will see that it's just a created boundary that causes a portion of the whole to appear separate from the rest. The inside of the circle represents one of the longest running shows of all time. The duality play. The world's a stage and we're just acting out roles, remember? We even got to play the good guy and the bad guy at the same time (are you still playing?). Much of the universe has not taken a part in our drama. All are not governed by the rules within the circle. We have had quite an audience watching us, however.

The lines of the circle are thinning and our reality is shifting as we open to an awareness of the whole and our place in it. We begin to realize that there is nothing truly separate from another thing. We start to see how all that we have perceived as separate is but an individuation of the one Source. When we see this is so we prepare to take our place in the great dance.

Wholeness is the end of separation. It is Creator and creation merging. Great teachers have been here to demonstrate what kind of a being gets birthed when matter/Mother and Creator/Father become one. We have been told of our destiny and in our western culture it was modeled for us 2,000 years ago by Jesus to help us understand what was to come. It is my view that the merging has begun and the changes in store for us are profound.


There has been much privilege in our experiment here. Having free will has allowed us to move in our evolution through duality. We have made choices again and again that create experience and growth through karmic cycles. We question how there could be purpose behind the struggle and pain of survival in this mode of being. We ask "what kind of Divine Plan is this, anyway?". From within the system it may be impossible to see the intent and perfection behind the design. This adventure in duality has served in quite a unique way. For a merging of Creator energy with matter, the matter must be prepared to be able to contain such energy. Creator energy is a frequency that is experienced by us emotionally as ecstasy (and beyond). The significance here is in our capacity to embody this energy. To expand the emotional body sufficiently to be able to sustain such a presence has been accomplished by evolving through lifetimes that have, in effect, stretched us. Finally the capability is reached where the original desire of the Creator to fully wed itself with creation can be fulfilled. After all, the notion of God walking the earth requires a form to do the walking!

Now, about the choice. Moving from the experience of duality to step into our part in the Whole requires us to choose to leave duality. We choose to become the living principle that unifies all. We choose Love. Not love as an abstract concept or a romantic notion, but Love as a state of being. We cease the endless cyclings of the thinking energy of the mental level, and we open, expand, and move into the knowing of the heart. The energy accessed through this doorway is high, clear, and clean. It is centered, calm, warm, beautiful, and immensely powerful. It is You in your actual state.

A word of warning here. When you choose the option to step out of the density of duality you will set into motion a sequence of life-changing events that cannot be reversed. You will stop creating all of those parts of your life that are not real or that have kept you from knowing who you are. Co-dependent relationships with people and systems come apart. Addictions surface to be faced and cleared. The tiniest dark corners where you have attempted to hide something get swept out. You will move through the emotions of what you will begin to feel as all the repressed experiences release from your body. You will grieve the passing of the life you have known, and you will know that you are changing forever. Absolutely nothing can remain that would take up space. Love requires it all.

Making this choice for Love will confound many people you have known. Those yet remaining in duality will need to define you in some fashion so they can decide what's wrong with you relative to their position. See how that works? They will want to know what your belief system is so they can compare it to theirs. The trickiest part of all of this is that you are not choosing a new belief system. You are choosing not to have one at all. You are choosing to BE fully who you are! Being labeled can get a little tiring after a time. Don't be concerned. You will find that perfect support appears right when you need it. Just be aware of the tremendous power and pull that the dying system has as it attempts to save its own life by keeping you in it to feed it.

One last thing. You'll really like where you find yourself after you make your choice for Love and move through your process. It's very literally beyond words. We are on a most incredible journey!

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