These are the Saturday channelings presented as part of the Mastery Series of 2011

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Finale for 2011 December 10, 2011
The last class of the Mastery Course was facilitated primarily by Archangel Michael and Ra (our sun). This channeling is the finishing touch on the 2011 series and was presented more as a group (the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Earth Mother, Michael, etc.) A timely and supportive message to everyone who has been doing deep shift work during the year.
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Metatron November 12, 2011
As an emanation of what one might call the mind of Source, this being became more focused into the earth around the early 20th century, assisting to dispell illusion inhibiting the transformation of humanity. This was a message from another aspect of creation whose clarity can be challenging but always helpful.
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Earth Mother October 8, 2011
This was a well-received visit following a powerful mastery class with the Earth Mother and Archangel Raphael. Lots of great information with extra-supportive assurances of how well this transformation is going along with special thanks for all who have been participating without much recognition or fanfare.
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Yeshua (Jesus) September 17, 2011
A wonderful visit with amazing energy. Some reflection on his time in the earth, the trinity (as carried over from the Mastery Course), our part in the current age and some helpful questions and answers. Ends with powerful music.
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Merlin August 13, 2011
A powerful and clear master who speaks of his life as a Druid and teacher to King Arthur, and the practices we need to engage today as we move into position as conscious creator. Challenging and direct.
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Pan July 9, 2011
This is the great nature deva who shares an emotional and powerful story of the experience of the devas of the earth and their committment to the evolution of the human and the difficulties with the unconscious acts of humanity. Pan also speaks of the great movements now underway by the devas and the shifts taking place to begin rebalancing what has been so out of balance.
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Mary Magdalene June 11 , 2011
A beautiful, personal channeling with more information about the history of Mary and her alchemy with Yeshua. Discussion about relationships and new details about the creation of heaven. Chris' pick for a new favorite. Listen to the excerpt and you'll see!
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Kuthumi with closing by Earth Mother May 7 , 2011
The focus continues to be on the movement into mastery by those who are now choosing that path. Kuthumi talks about several topics including what mastery is and isn't, and answers several questions from particpants. A beautiful closing comment and blessing was given by the Earth Mother.
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Earth Mother April 9 , 2011
We are definitely cranking things up an order of magnitude this year with deep, rich processes and more new information we've never heard before. The focus of the Mastery class and channeling from this day is about the original EDEN we knew as Lemuria, plus connection with our personal deva, a conciousness from the earth that joins us every time we embody. The Earth Mother also offered response to several questions.
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Archangel Michael March 12 , 2011
WOW, a stunning dialogue with clear, clear information. The primary focus is how humanity has created the Astral level from the splits in consciousness created by judgment and separation. Also includes enlightening comments on the Japan earthquakes, Charlie Sheen and the Wisconsin political situation.
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Mother Mary February 12 , 2011
This was the channeling that followed our first full-day event with Michele and the energy of one of the beings assisting the mastery series. Mother Mary spoke of practicing presence in the New Field - "opening who you are in every moment and allowing creation to dance with you". As usual, the sense of being surrounded in powerful, warm love while shifting old beliefs and hearing new information about the times we are in and what is to come. And, lots of heart work continuing from the Mastery class.
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Yeshua (Jesus) January 8, 2011
A beautiful introduction to the Mastery course that begins with this channeling. Lots of interesting commentary about the state of our evolution and entry in the New Living Field. Also responses to questions about emotion, dying birds and others. Always a wonderful visitor with a heartfelt and uplifting energy.
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