Update February 7, 2005

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February 7 , 2005

• Reflection on Karmic Council event January 30th
• Earth Mother event planned for February 20th

I have been sitting for the better part of a week with the intention to write this update. I wanted to give myself enough time to reflect on what took place last weekend so I can tell you about it with some clarity.

I have been with Michele for over 11 years, and in that time I have been involved in experiences that have to me been powerfully moving. Some of the stories challenge my ability to speak of them, although I have begun writing about many of them for future sharing. Last Sunday was one of those moments for which words alone cannot satisfy. It was an experience that, for lack of a better way of describing, ranks high in the “profound” category. All I can say is that it was a gift. A gift for those who participated, a gift for humanity, and a gift to and from the Universe.

This was an event created as a direct request by the Karmic Council, and I will include some excerpts down the page that will explain more about them. We were really anticipating this session, because we considered it very significant that this council chose to come forward at this time. The session was short compared to many we have hosted, but a great deal happened in the time the group was together. Close to 100 people participated either in person, or by phone conference. The afternoon began with some energetically appropriate music, followed by a clearing of the emotional and mental energy fields of the participants.

The Council first presented some helpful information about themselves and their role in the plan for earth, and then they proceeded with a series of processes. As the time of the karmic experience on earth comes to a close with this transformation of consciousness, the first gift was given in the form of an opportunity for participants to release to the Council any karma yet remaining in their fields, as well as the release of associated memories, if desired. That ranks high on the profound scale all by itself, but then the second part began.

The Council asked permission of participants to proceed with a process on behalf of humanity. We were directed to move our awarenesses to different places around the earth, and a series of energetic waves were transmitted into the collective consciousness. For many people the energy was intense, and they “napped” for awhile as the waves were generated and dispersed through them. It was over in a few minutes and the Council spoke of codes being unlocked, and how people we might not even expect may suddenly find themselves on the journey of awakening many of us began years ago. I will say less about the third portion, except that again it was unexpected and offered to the participants.

Before this event I did not offer a CD recording. I wasn't sure what would be taking place, or if it would be relevant after the fact. Turns out it is very relevant, and we definitely want to make this available. I finished the audio editing a couple days ago, and the CD is ready. By editing, I mean structuring the segments and cleaning them up, not deleting content. In fact, this CD is so potentially helpful, that I have added it to our more permanent items for sale. If you feel drawn to participate through the medium of the CD, please know that the energies and the gifts given are available at any moment as you bring your focus into the processes. It is not a time-sensitive experience.

The CD is briefly explained on our Lightsmith Shoppe page, and can be purchased from the Lightsmith Media order site

Please note two prices. If you were part of our group on the 30th, please choose the version at the reduced price.


Earth Mother event Sunday, February 20 th . 3pm CST

Our next event gives the Earth Mother a chance to visit with us. As usual, we don't know what to expect from this session, either, but she would like an opportunity to connect with us in this more conscious way. I would expect that we will receive some information about these times, as well as a process of some kind. She uses the language of creation, and it's always a beautiful and moving experience. You can participate in person, by phone, or via CD. More information here.


Here are some excerpts from the Karmic Council channeling. I did not do a complete transcript, since it is not effective for the process portions to be read, since they are guided and meant to be experienced:


Hello, blessings. It is our great joy and pleasure to join you in this time. It is an unusual request that we do not usually make. We operate behind the scenes. We are not ones to come out in front of the curtain, so this is unusual. This request was made because we have heard your cries to us. We have heard and felt from you a weariness.

You have been embodied many times, and are ones who set course a very long time ago to enter the human evolution, the unfoldment here in earth, to join the great earth mother, great Gaia Terra, to serve her and to serve the unfolding consciousness. Little did you know, and little did any of us know all of the density that would form as individuality staked its claim upon consciousness. There was a purpose, indeed, a very definite purpose in the evolution of the individual consciousness. Each of you has one. You have spent many lifetimes honing it, making sure that this individuality contains many facets, many different qualities, skills, capacities, abilities, interests, curiosities, and many other qualities that you know are part of you, uniquely you.

You have wound your way back to an awareness that the individuality is not all that exists. You have come through different processes, challenging processes for some of you sometimes feeling like crises. You have reawakened those awarenesses of that which connects, unifies, and is eternal. The living light that dwells within you that has, yes, evolved into individuality but remains eternal and unifed.

The design of the great plan for this planet included the merging of individuality within the whole, and the whole within the individual. It included the marriage of the dimensions that you know of as heaven, with the dimensions that are materialized as earth. It included the receptive and the active principles of life, the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, the female and the male. That which is the receptive and active principles as they have manifested to also come together and to dance in wholeness, collaboration, and cocreation. This plan has been unfolding, not with a blueprint that has been indelible, but rather it has had a lot of leeway for choice, for play, for figuring out cause and consequence, and for learning through cause and consequence. You are becoming aware that you ARE cause, and that you experience consequence. All of this you have grown, or you are growing, depending on where you sit in this moment. It does not matter, all of you present we include you at this time. All of you listening, and all who are to listen will find their way to this moment. There are no moments that are outside of this moment once there is a focus within it.

We have been asked to explain a bit about who we are, since some of you may not know who is behind the curtain. We have a council that has served the unfolding of the plan. It is not a council that has been formed and only certain beings stay on this council forever. It is a council of masters, and the masters are engaged for as long as their part is necessary, and then the parts shift. The number stays constant, but the membership changes, you would say. The membership on this council changed about 5 years ago, and is now set for the course of this next time. We are those who join you. Our role, over time, and those who sat in these seats before us, has been to regulate, if you wish, that which is cause that enters the consciousness during different facets of the story as it has been lived in earth. We regulate it to some degree because there is a necessity, and has been, to have a certain amount of seeded awareness within the living field. For most of you, karma means perhaps you did something in another lifetime, and you have to rebalance it or live the opposite, or whatever is in your mind. It is not necessarily that simple.

Consciousness continues to evolve and grow, as well as the awareness of how much of the different facets of the whole are needed within any one epoch, or storyline, within the larger story. Some of you carry in some of this consciousness. You are a seed within the whole. Others of you carry in a willingness to take on a portion of the illusion of the pattern that has grown dense. You are born into a family that has a certain amount of density of that consciousness, that waveform. You take it on, and you form the patterns in your own consciousness in which to work with it, while bringing in a certain amount of light, a specific patterning of frequency, so that you can work with it and not seduced by the illusion to a such a degree that you fall deeply asleep.

It is uncomfortable to carry both those frequencies and the pattern, but your willingness has been to take this on and to transmute by bringing the two together. Some of you set this up in other lifetimes with certain events, yes. Karma has been part of the story. But, there has been purposeful karma as well as accidental karma. Accidental does not mean accidental in your terms. It means the choices that are made without consciousness. Some have made choices that have resulted in a certain kind of karmic experience. But those choices have been purposeful within the whole unfolding. Yes, some of you carried the weight of these choices, and it bound you just the same. Still, you were willing to carry those choices and the weight of the consequences in order to serve in this time to bring those choices, consequences, and karmic patterns into this age for this completion time. We oversee all of this.

The other thing that we do is that when souls become burdened with what they have witnessed or experienced in earth, and have difficulty going back into a physical experience, we take some of that from you. It is rather like an upload in your computer world. What we would like to do with all of you today is to begin this time by offering to do that.

[at this point a process was guided for the benefit of participants]

This new matrix is willing to serve your heart, to manifest who you are with no need to hide, no need to protect, and no need to be anything less than who you are. Within this beautiful living field, that now vibrates here in this beautiful planet Gaia Terra, is a living intention to manifest and materialize the fulfillment of each of you and your deepest hearts' desires. Would there not be within this great unfolding plan an also equally magnificent gift for those of you who have undertaken this long story? You are unable to receive this gift until you allow yourselves to unravel the old structure, the old pattern, the old fear, the old hiding. Some of you may have even hidden your deepest desires from yourselves. It is time to allow those great gems to surface in consciousness again, be polished up, and set into this new field within your body, within life.

There are many great beings embodying now, but they are young, in small bodies, or younger than you. It is their job to very energetically begin to create the new forms of love and light within this planetary experience. They are enthusiastic, they are energized, they are incredibly bright, and they are up to the task. Some of you may need to realize that before you can tackle a great purpose, It is necessary for you to first fulfill your desires for being human, for the capacity to be filled, for your humanity to be expressed. If you do not allow yourselves the opportunity for this gift to be fully realized, you will always sense that you are missing something, even if you go on to do great things. The fulfillment is actually that which will then build your capacity within the new matrix for what is yet to come.

Your capacity will be built within you, based on your capacity to fulfill your potential within humanity. Your merged, conscious, living light is humanity, is your human-ness. Mana within light. Individuality merged with the whole, and the whole merged within your individuality. Expand, breathe, open, be willing, become willing if you are not yet willing. Do not deny yourselves thoughts that come to you, desires that come to you. Allow yourself to dwell with them. Allow them to connect deeply into the living field of the new matrix of light. Be willing to allow your lives to change, to open, to release those things that may now be of less interest, need, or vibrational compatibility. Draw to yourselves those things that are now part of this fulfillment. When you do this, you will begin to sense, feel, and know that all that you have chosen from the very beginnings of your lifetimes in this journey, this great unfolding story, that that choice is now coming to its fulfillment.

You'll enter the time where there is a great new playground. Those who are the young ones who are here with their energetic ideas and plans for what is to be born and birthed into life, they will need you, they will include you, and they will hold hands with you because they will recognize that they, too, are here with a similar adventure, but with a different part. Perhaps you will feel their acknowledgment and gratitude for the parts you have played in getting this transformative time through its paces, which has been quite intense. We don't have bodies. We have been on this side behind the curtain attempting to support, and to add consciousness and awareness where needed. Attempting to bring to you those moments where all things then begin to fall into place, and you could see more clearly. And yet it is you, with emotional, physical bodies, who have experienced the transformation and transmutation of consciousness within a very intimate experience.

Vibrationally you are changing. Your DNA continues to turn on, if you wish. And it isn't that it hasn't been on, it's just that it is becoming more and more coherent, therefore more accessible. If certain frequencies can play a certain tune or melody within the DNA structure, and you have not yet been able to play with those frequencies, then those particular melodies have not yet been able to be part of your story. The more you open to fulfillment of all of what it means to be who you are here, the more the frequency palate, your repertoire for what is accessible into your body's living computer, it then has more capacity and therefore so do you. Each of you is unique, indelible, within the signatures that we see each of you carrying.

Second part of today we would like to invite you to participate in something that would serve your collective humanity. Are you willing?

It is your great opportunity here to not only serve your collective humanity who are in the process of a very difficult transition. Those of you who have carried the seeds for a very long time through many bodies, you may be weary, and yet without you this story would not have happened. It has been your desire to see as many facets of individual consciousness as possible to move through this transition, because the mass actually magnifies and multiplies the potential for the fruits of this plan, the gift that is now being birthed here in this planet, in this part of the solar system, in this part of the galaxy. Its potential is magnified by the mass that takes part in it. You know this. You know that your part, and the few people that are part of it in a conscious way, is not enough. That is why you have hung on. That is why your tenacity has been tested. Do you understand? Please understand. Release all thoughts, now, of all judgment on your fellow human beings. Regardless of what they are playing out within duality, for them it is real. For them, they are doing what they think is in alignment with what they believe to be good, or true, or what they need for survival, depending on where they are.

[a process on behalf of humanity is guided at this point]

This is truly becoming a shared experience. You may notice those that you never expected to have any transformative thoughts may surprise you. Those that you have given up on may begin to open. We do not know, just as you do not know, how this unlocking will affect the whole of consciousness and the individualities within that whole. But, we do know the opportunity exists now for many more to open, for many more to feel what you have felt in the past that guided you into this moment. And they will find their way, perhaps with you assisting or guiding, but they will find their way as well to knowing that they are part of the whole and the whole is within them.

[another offering was made by the council to participants near the end of the session]



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