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May 25, 2004


Hello to all,

This is quite a lengthy note, so you may wish to print it out for easier reading The first portion is from Michele. She was feeling inspired to write about what she has been experiencing and learning from her client work these past few weeks. As you might expect, her sessions often follow what is in motion in the greater consciousness as individuals continue the process of making their personal transformations. Following the segment by Michele is information about 3 events in June that are connected to Michele's observations, and represent the next phase in the series of processes we began in January, 2003.

The Mother's day channeling with the Earth Mother on May 9th was the most recent gathering we organized. The message was very supportive, and the process was significant and helpful. I will be sharing some reflections about that session in the third part of the update, and then I will tell you about a web site I recently created to bring together and make available different recordings we produce. Lastly, a few words about early plans for a week-long retreat with the Earth Mother in Guatemala, facilitated by Michele --- Chris


[Note: NEW MATRIX is the term we use to describe the structures of consciousness that we are now moving into as the old structures of duality are disintegrating on this planet. In this unique time, souls are given an opportunity to choose whether or not to participate in the new creation of living light, based in love. The choice to participate can be challenging to those of us who were born into the old structures, and a transformation process becomes part of our experience.]

It's been quite awhile since I felt an impulse to write about what I'm sensing. The New Matrix of Living Light is becoming stronger and more easily felt. As we hook up to it and it to us, there seems to be a period of time wherein our unconscious aspects watch and look for assurance that this new foundation is indeed solid enough to trust. As that unconscious relaxes, there is another release of old structures of consciousness that have been wound into our chakras and life. As these structures release, our souls and bodies begin a process of restructuring. Our Soul, in partnership with the intelligence within the new hologram, draws currents of living light up and into our field. I have been learning much about how these currents work with and through a more full-featured version of each chakra. The new structure utilizes the entire potential contained within three layers or dimensions within each chakra to weave consciousness and life into our bodies and energy fields, as well as to communicate with Living Light. I feel as if I am in an advanced chakra class, and I'd like to share some of what I am learning with you in case it assists you as you restructure your own consciousness. Since the Root Chakra is the one most intimately connected with Life, and is the one most affected by old survival fears, I'll start there.

The Root Chakra is transforming as it releases out of contractions based in fear of lack and the need to survive and then plants into the New Matrix of Living Love. It is now beginning to open and reveal its full-featured version. The inner or first ring of the structure is designed to drink directly from the Well of Life, analogous to being connected to an umbilicus, or nursing at the breast of a Great Mother. At this stage, our bodies and inner unconscious child begins to relax, trusting that all our physical needs will be met. The body draws upon what it needs to replenish and rebalance. As it heals, it releases further adaptations and old memories of dying or struggling to survive during the centuries of duality and separation. This can take some time, depending upon how long your body and consciousness has felt as if surviving and meeting needs has all been up to you. Seeking the support of naturopaths, conscious body workers, and listening to what your body and inner child needs during this time is important. The body moves through its own sequence of healing and restoring. Trusting the wisdom within your own living system as it is now being informed by the larger intelligence flowing into you through your Root will help this process progress more gracefully.

The second ring of the Root Chakra has to do with the soul landing more fully within the New Matrix. Many of us were not born to land deeply within duality and thus have had limited success feeling supported within the material plane. We did the best we could, some of us adapting better than others. As the second ring opens fully, our souls literally sigh as they recognize in the New Matrix what has only felt familiar in Spirit. This recognition allows our soul to descend (the return of the Christos/Dove?), send down roots, and plant our soul/heart's deepest knowing of what is its fulfillment. Dreams are re-energized, restructuring to come into form within the New Matrix. And we feel as if we now stand on solid ground, doubts and fears have more difficulty influencing our choices, and we are aware of what is of Life and what is not. This is the stage that ends all co-dependent cording with others as we realize that we are indeed part of a larger caring Whologram of Living Love and it is part of us. There is no need to pull on others or allow others to pull on us because we are afraid that if we are truly who we are we may be alone. This stage begins to bring us into connection with others who are also hooking up and together we realize we can now be fully present. Thus waves of our own Great Light begin to descend, solidifying our expanding sense of self, magnifying our presence, and filling our emotional body with a sense of true empowerment.

The third and outer ring of the Root Chakra is often felt in the hips and legs. Its function is to weave atomic consciousness into matter, to materialize who we are in Earth. Women and men have had different conditioning and modeling regarding manifestation. In the yang/patriarchal dominated creation of the past several thousand years, males have often been conditioned to believe that they were to go out in the world and work for a living, support a family, and be successful even if that meant giving up following their dreams, hearing their own innate knowing, or trusting their hearts. Women were more generally conditioned to serve others, to form external relationships that would help them get their material needs met, and generally to take on the job of sourcing others and family. Women were expected to act more yang-like if they entered the world of work since duality had limited models of how to meet material needs.

As the conditioning releases in this layer, men begin to sense that they don't have to carry the burden of financial support for everyone and women realize they no longer need to source others every need. Manifestation in the New Matrix is not externally focused or driven by will-power. Instead, our souls stand firmly present and begin to allow our innate design to reemerge within our lives. We discover why we are here, and what is uniquely ours to create, to share, and to become. Our manifestation is from within, motivated by our own living light, and supported by the larger field of Living light that dances with us to materialize who we are and what desires to be born from within Creation. There are no feelings of being burdened, low energy, depressed, or chronically stressed or tired, carrying excess weight or baggage, burned out, etc. Manifestation is not up to you all by yourself. As part of the Whologram of Life, Life responds and assists, and there is a feeling of greater ease and flow. At the same time you may feel as if more of you is being drawn upon, more of your potential tapped, so to speak, as you step more fully forward and align your presence with Life on all levels. More Life energy is drawn up through the Root to source your body and life, so you feel more and more alive, thriving as yourself with others who are also thriving, mutually sourced within this new fusion of Light and Life.

Sounds great, right? I think so, too, but just as with every other stage of this long process, there is an application phase. It is my work and blessing to facilitate and assist people to release the old fear/duality based structures and to land and plant their souls within this New Matrix. However, hooking up is not enough by itself. Would you buy a new high-speed computer, hook it up and then expect it to do everything you need it to do just by looking at it? The new structures need to be used and exercised. Soon after planting, we find out that our lives have not been created to draw upon and use the new structures. Thus we need to stretch, to make choices that open space, time, opportunity, and movement towards a new creation of ourselves in life. Stepping forward (right foot/side of the body) requires us to plant deeper (left foot/side of the body), to draw upon the resources available to us in the New Matrix, and to trust that we will be supported as we choose that which is in greater alignment with our nature. Of course old fears and memories of not being supported will surface at this stage, and yet the act of making choices and moving forward activates the new structures and we find ourselves creating those new lives as if by magic. It's not magic, though. We are the fulfillment of the Creator's intention to consciously create within this beautiful materialization of Life we call Earth, Mother of this New Matrix.


So much for my little introduction! We continue to set up small series of channeled experiences as requested by the Earth Mother and Spirit Team. This next series will make use of the energies activated by Venus as she eclipses the Sun on June 8th, as well as the Summer Solstice. The focus will be on restructuring the Root Chakra as well as freeing the Heart of old programs and conditioning about Love. For any of you that are new, this series began in January of 2003 with a thorough process-based channeled Course we have called Light into Life. You'll find more information about it here.

The series continued with a trilogy in the Fall of 2003 and again in March of 2004. The last event was with the Earth Mother a few weeks ago on Mother's Day, which is highlighted in this update. It provides a lot of assurance to those of us who are releasing old familiar structures and beginning to trust the New Matrix to support us.

The dates for the next series are Saturday, June 5, Saturday, June 12, and Saturday, June19th. They will be held at The Center in Bloomington. More information here.    - Michele


[Chris] - This gathering was another "module" in the series of events we have been called to organize since the first part of last year. Again, the experience was part information and part process. I have come to the realization that trying to share these events by reproducing transcripts does not honor what the sessions are intended to transmit. No matter how many words are given during the course of the session, it is clear that we are being facilitated to release something, or shift something, or move through another level of transformation. Choosing to participate in these sessions experientially seems crucial to receiving the gifts being given as assistance through these times.

Having said that, I can give a brief reflection of what was shared at the session, and will include a few direct quotes. I do invite you to consider obtaining the CD's (2) of the session to experience and realize the transformation for yourself. They are available on our new Lightsmith Media site.

The Earth Mother opened with a discussion of how we are designed to love. She spoke of how our souls have traveled through the Universe to find this planet so that we could find a way to feel and manifest that love in our physical experience. We were reminded that many are old souls, and that we knew in coming here that it was an opportunity beyond anything that had ever been experienced.

She talked of our relational challenges and the pain that drives us to a deeper connection, and how through lifetimes we have been moving through separation to love, over and over. We learned that since we are the creators of love, we also get to bear and receive the fruits of love, and that those fruits are now to be opened. She said that this is a time to stop trying to listen and get answers, but rather to let our minds rest and begin to fill the chalice of our hearts. The more full the chalice is, the more we can bring to life the love that we have longed for. We were reminded that the love we have longed for is not "out there" - it's never been outside. For lifetimes we've been growing a capacity so that it can fill and come alive.

After a beautiful introduction, the Earth Mother proceeded to assist a process of releasing some beliefs that were firmly implanted in the duality matrix. One belief has been that as soon as we receive love, we think we need to give it away. Another is that we do not deserve to receive love. The old structure was based on giving and taking. The new structure is based on fullness and filling, receiving, experiencing, and letting love come alive.

Other short excerpts from the Earth Mother:

"It has been a long search, has it not, through this whole long process of duality? A long search for something outside of you. And low and behold, it's blossoming within. Not only blossoming within, but it is blossoming within so many at once that now it will begin to manifest. Do you understand? WE will manifest that which has been searched for. We will bring the fulfillment of many lifetimes into this next age. Yes, we and your children. And perhaps some of you will come back so that in another time in the future you will get to have a lifetime where it is not about transform first, bear fruit later. (laughter) Where you get to have a lifetime where you come in, and it's about playing from the beginning, with this golden, wonderful, juicy love fruit."

"And you ones, who had the process of transforming first, you get to bear fruits now. You get to feel the fruits of your labors, do you see? Do not miss this time. Don't run ahead and try to make something happen before the fruits are fully experienced, otherwise you will feel dry, fatigued, and not able to fully experience what is there for you to experience."

Toward the end of the structured portion prior to a Q&A session, the Earth Mother spoke of how we will now begin to play together:

"Now, some of you look out into the world and say 'well, I don't see much of that going on out there'. What I would like to say is that you've been looking out there for too long, do you see? Your training has been to come home, to come in, to listen, to look within, yes? So, if you do not see love manifesting out in the world at large, it is then necessary to bring the fruits and open them here in your own heart, in your own lives, and you will start to find others that are also fruit-bearing. ".

"It is time to take off the servant mantle, the servant identity. It is not part of the new structure. In order to wear the mantle of service, there needs to be someone to serve. That creates two. In the new structure, there is a hologram (whologram) of love. It is based in living love, it is based in fulfillment and filling, and the experience of manifesting that fulfillment, that experience of fullness of the chalice. There is not a need to serve or be served in it. So, old identities, old thoughts, old ways of being in the world are dying for you. You might find yourself going 'well, I don't know what to do with myself, exactly, if I'm not supposed to serve and I'm not supposed to do this and that, then what is this?' The more you receive, the more you'll know. The more you receive, the more you fill your chalice, the more that is filled, the more you know in this moment, this is mine to express, this is mine to feel. When you feel and fully experience any moment of juicy fruitness, of love, the whole of creation is filled."

The second half was opened to questions from participants, and is also part of the recorded program available here.


I have put together a web site to make available our recordings and those of others with whom I have done audio or video production work. Take a look at http://www.lightsmithmedia.com and you will see what I mean. I am still working on the site, but it is up and running. My intention is to make it easier for people to find other items of interest when they make a purchase from one of the participants on the site.

If any of you would like to create a recording, or have a production that we can manufacture and make available, please write to me about being included in this Lightsmith Media web catalog.


From Michele: I am excited to make the first announcement that I will be offering a retreat with the Earth Mother at the Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in 2005. The Mayans say that Lake Atitlan is the umbilicus to Great Mother and each time I go, I feel her sweet embrace and feel my body and being opening to receive. At this time, the dates are Feb 25- March 7. We will be at the lake from Feb. 28th to March 6 and spend the first couple of days and the last evening in the beautiful city of Antigua. I also love Antigua and wanted to be able to share that experience with you as well. Guatemalan textiles are some of the most beautiful in the world, and Antigua hosts many shops, galleries, great food, as well as one of the most exquisite places to chant and tone that I have yet discovered. The Villa has room for 14 people, double occupancy. I am still working out the price for the trip (excluding airfare), which will be somewhere in the $1500 range including all hotels, ground transportation and three meals/day at the Villa Sumaya. There are many wonderful body-workers and healers that live at the lake, so opportunities for individual focus and healing is also available if you choose. If you think you are interested, send me an email at michele@lightsmith.com, and we will inform you of more details as we have them. You can find out more information about the Villa Sumaya from their website at http://www.villasumaya.com


Much continues to stir, challenge, and release. At the same time we are more and more feeling the sense of being free of the old bindings, and learning how wonderfully we are supported to become fully who we are. June will be the time of another wave, lifting us even higher as we shift more profoundly into the light. It's a marvelous time to be here….finally……..and we look forward to the next part of our journey.

Thanks for sharing the adventure,

Chris and Michele


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