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July 26, 2005

• Earth Mother Event August 20th
• Email Change
• Earth Mother Channeling Excerpts

Hi to everyone,

Already it has been two months since we last posted an update, and the summer we were waiting for is half over. A couple of weeks ago my mind was thinking that maybe we needed to offer some kind of additional message to our readers, yet I wasn’t really feeling like it was necessary. During a session with Michele, I asked our friends in Spirit, and they confirmed that no, nothing new was yet forthcoming. They said we would still benefit by giving our focus to what they offered at the end of May. I know that the message we last posted is still getting my attention, so I invite you to re-read what we seem to still be working with through these extra-warm days (warm in Minnesota, anyway). That previous update is posted here.

Through much of June and most of July, my experience has been one that I have been calling hibernation. I have felt disconnected from the world, not particularly inspired, with not much energy moving in a visible way. One friend said “I just feel lazy”. Toward the end of last week it seems that a shift occurred in the energies, with a little more sense of something coming back alive. Yet, the internal focus is still taking priority to much external action.

Traumatic world events may dominate the news, yet a real feeling of possibility for substantial change remains present, even imminent. My sense is that we still haven’t seen a fair amount of what this very pregnant year is waiting to deliver. To help stay out of the emotional currents, and to confound the siren song of duality, Michele and I have all but stopped reading the daily newspaper. We haven’t watched television news for years, but we have kept a newspaper for entertainment items. Now I only give minimal note to headlines, and avoid letters to the editor. Choosing where I allow my attention to focus helps me maintain my connection to a reality other than one based on death. Duality is dying, flailing about in its struggle to suck our energies, and it’s not a pretty picture to watch. Personally, I’d rather not be taking in mental or graphic images of the process. From a consciousness point of view, the more we pay attention to duality, the more energy it acquires. And the longer it lives.



We have been prompted to plan another opportunity for the Earth Mother to work with us. We don’t typically receive much information about what will take place, but from what we know the intent of this session is to work with vibrational mismatches in the emotional and physical bodies. It will be a needed attunement to the new field of Living Light…..or the new matrix, as we have called it. If you have had some challenges shifting out of duality, or staying engaged with the new matrix, you may want to consider joining us either on the day of the event, live or by phone, or later via CD.

This event will take place on Saturday, August 20th at 7:00pm (CDT). We will be gathering in the presentation room of the Metaphysical Emporium, a store in Oakdale (next to Woodbury), MN. This location is easy to reach just off I-694 on the east side of the Twin Cities. Click here for more information and travel directions.

Note: The Metaphysical Emporium closes at 5pm on Saturdays. It will open again at 6pm for our event.



A few weeks ago I changed our web host for the Lightsmith site. A web host is a company that sells server space for our web site and email. Our previous host had such aggressive spam filtering that both Michele and I were losing legitimate mail. We receive more spam now, but at least we receive all of our mail. If you have written to either one of us in the past several months and did not receive a response, we probably did not see your email. Please write again.



In these updates, I like to include some perspectives from other levels of consciousness. Michele recently worked with a small group of women who wanted to have some conversation with the Earth Mother, and receive some assistance from her. Although much of the session was process-oriented, I transcribed some of the information that was shared. I haven’t added much in the way of participant questions, figuring most of it is self-explained. Here are some excerpts from that session:

“Your soul actually designed your body, and chose which genes to put together. And yes, for a reason. Even those of you who are related have a body different from a sibling, yes? You may have chosen out of the same pot, so to speak, but you all chose differently. Your wisdom knew exactly what you were doing. Not only did you choose the physical genealogy for your body for this lifetime, you also chose a vibrational genealogy. You picked from all of that ancestry those things that would support your soul to create this life. Therefore, you are a creator. Before you even inhabit your body at birth, you are creating it. You forget that, sometimes. Sometimes you do not remember that you had that much power to create. You did, and you do. Therefore, when your body begins to talk to you, it is not just talking about an immediate problem or something that is happening in your physical body. It has all of this other knowledge. It has your vibrational genealogy, your physical genealogy, and your patterning. And, it knows your soul. So, there is a merger place, and every one of you knows this place to some degree or another. When you listen to your body, it also opens you to your own vibrational signature and the imprinting that you chose.”

“There is now a process of transformation, shifting frequency, embodiment, where more of your soul has an opportunity to be present. In a sense, all of us together are creating a new genealogy. We are picking what to bring forward out of the past, and we are deciding what to keep and what to let go. Each of you is doing this personally.”


“Each of you has gifts; gifts you have grown, gifts that you were born with, and gifts of your soul and nature. Not only would they like to be "packaged" in some way in order to be shared, but these gifts also bring fulfillment. So, you are working with old fears of lack, of not having enough, old structures of worry, old inhibitions that keep you from trusting or moving with your own current and creativity.”

“One of my favorite old patterns is about when people make lists. There is always something on the list, is there not? And what you want for fulfillment usually works its way further down the list. Put it on the top, do you see? It is time to sort out what is truly important, and what has priority. If your body and soul are not able to come to the top of the list all the time, then it may never get to the top of the list, then the longing never has a sense that fulfillment is possible but can only be hoped for. Hope is different than possibility. Hope puts it out "here". Possibility lives in potential. It has possibility, so it can be planted and can grow. Hope doesn't grow very well, so it is important to start to have a sense of possibility for life, for fulfillment, for all of these things that you were born with that you have grown, and that your soul would like to now open and create in your life.”

“So, is it not important to every day give some time or opportunity where the possibility can live? Does it not make some sense? So, if you have lists to get things done, it is important for you to put something of fulfillment near the top of that list every day. Something that feels as if it is from your heart and soul, from your body's awareness of what it would like for that sense of possibility to come alive. Doing that begins to also speed up the sorting. It is the easiest way to speed up the sorting, and the most fun. Otherwise, if your fulfillment is at the bottom of the list, gradually there is a sense of something not opening, and then there is more pain in the opening.”

“ I have given you some things to play with, but it is up to you to play with them. And play is the attitude for life, the stance for life. Yes, there is pain, yes, there is loss, yes, there are things that happen in your life. But life is creating every day, and you create more experiences each day. Every day is a new day, yes? If only what has been informing the past is informing today, then what happens? It doesn't leave a lot of room for possibility. So, it is important, as you are sorting, to not give so much power to every feeling and every thing that you are carrying with you from the past. Perhaps it is time to either look at it directly and ask ‘what is it that continues to bind me and hold me there?. What is it, and can I now look at it and let it be free?’. Can you now set it aside, can you now heal, or shift, or whatever you need to do. But not carry it any longer. And if it is something that needs more time, then it will take more time. But, you don't have to look at it all the time, you see? So have a little shelf in your consciousness, if you wish, and put it there until it is time to look at it and take the next step. The attitude of play is helpful, because everything, including your list, can be played with.”

“What happens when you play with something rather than let it weigh you down? You become ‘attractive’ to all the little helpers. My helpers are not so attracted to heaviness, but they are very attracted to play and joy. Not that it is impossible to help you, otherwise, but there is more attraction. So, not only do you get more things done yourself, but you have help. Then there is more synchronicity, the flow opens up, more people assist you, and things resolve or happen more easily. Not only do you become more attractive, but your body moves into a more synchronized motion. You actually move more fluidly. Your body is more fluid, it's more alive, and more accessible to all of what is needed. It's something like if you have a seriousness, and you say it's all up to you, and you feel that weight on your shoulders, and then you try to get up and move with that weight, you begin to feel as if it is harder to move. This is an opportunity for a possible shift by saying to your self that for this day, or hour, or half-hour, I'm going to play my way through this. I'm just going to live in the possibilities that are present here, and I open to and call forth all the help that is present. You can do this in your own language, your own way of expressing this, and notice what starts to feel some relief and what feels too hard to do. Just notice.”


“The root has been one of the more injured of all of the chakras over time, collectively. It's part in the whole has been to feel the experience of what it feels like to be embodied, even if souls are not fully embodied. So, the reservoir of experiences is in the lower part of the body, even if you left, even if your soul has been busy, or the mind has been focused elsewhere. Even if you diverted your attention, the body remembers. And, you've had other bodies, and sometimes there is an accumulation in one body that is so much, that some of that is brought forward into the next life. As children, infants, or even at birth, some of what you remember as trauma was because the overlay was there, and it was reintroduced into this body so you could work with it and heal it this time with more help. Sometimes there are very generous souls who take on other portions of the collective to work with that, as well. That has been helpful, because transformation has not been undertaken consciously by many. All of that, however, gets worked through the experience in yourself. If you have an experience of trauma, there can be a fear as a result and you contract. So, root chakras sometimes take a little longer to heal, in the sense that not only are they healing, but there are new possibilities available now that were not possible in other times.”

“The root is your connection to the animating force of life. So, if you feel very tired, there is something that is preventing life from fully sourcing you. Sometimes the body just needs a little time and attention to let that open. Sometimes it also needs a little bit of a sense of passion. How much do you want to live? Do you ever feel that you really want to live? Then open with the passion, and that will also help the root move along. The root likes security. It likes safety, and trust that you will be cared for and have what you need. So, when it grips around that, it doesn't like to let go. It's like a child that won't let go of a security blanket. The root can be like that. That is why when you have a strong desire or passion, it is almost a way of saying that ‘this is really important’. It brings in a quality, just like play, that opens something different in that place. If you have a child that is holding onto something and won't let go, and you introduce something very attractive and they get excited about it, then they let go and move toward the new thing. It is similar.”

“Fear is one of those things that is usually just saying "right here, I need to feel a little more secure, a little safer, a little more protected or something. It is not trying to stop you, you see? There is no intention there of trying to stop you. It's just a feeling. So, pay attention to what needs some security, AND is there something else that is very important and is needed for life. Sometimes people think they need to hold on to what they have, and then they're afraid to reach for what is next. That is the root chakra fear. And that is where desire and passion can be of assistance.”

“The body’s root chakra is not so conscious, because it has grown up in the old matrix of duality. So, it is not so aware that by contracting, it actually keeps you from attracting. What I am doing is helping you open that place to become more attracting. If you have some passion about what your possibilities are, you will every day begin attracting something into that place to create it and give it manifestation, to animate it. Your desire for fulfillment is stronger than any contraction your root chakra currently has, because your soul is in it, your heart is in it, and your passion is in it. Then the old, security structure will begin to release, just like the child who sees something new and lets go of the old. As that releases, then more possibility, more animation, and more life is available. Which can mean more money! [one of the participant’s issues].”

“Money has been green in this culture [United States]. Life is green. And you have been convinced that you have to give your life away to get the green stuff. Whereas, you are part of the whole of life. You cannot be outside of life, so you are part of the green rather than having to get the green. The more you receive, take in, inhabit, and are attracting of the green of pure life, it can manifest in terms of the green-ness of money, too. It's just another form of life that has been designed here. But it is not meant to be a substitute, although many people think it is, so they have piles of it. Many people give their lives away for their pile, but their soul is not at ease or fulfilled. They figure that piles of it means more life, and less of it means not so good life. So, what happens when people such as you start opening abundance and fulfillment? [we get piles of green - participant]. And piles of experiential fulfillment as well. It is not that you give your life away, but you actually grow your life. You are the creator. You created your magnificent body. If you designated all of these different aspects of your nature for this life, have you not the same qualities now to create greater fulfillment? Your minds might have forgotten because the conditioning has been otherwise, but your body would like to feel alive. And it is more fun.”


Here’s to more fun………………..



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