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Excerpts from LIFE INTO LIGHT; The Course
Information received on September 21, 2003

This page presents content from both the Earth Mother and Teachers in Spirit. The comments are edited from a 24 page transcript of a session with those who have been participating in the Life Into Light course over the past year. We feel that much helpful information was given that would be of general interest to many, and would like to share some core elements. Here is a portion of what we received:

From the Teachers in Spirit:

.......It takes some time, as you realize perhaps, to do the integrating of so much shifting and restructuring of consciousness. You have been willing to do so. Have many of you also felt as if there have been completions of one sort or another? Some of you are opening another door in your life or in your creation process. If that is not true yet, it will be for most of you in this next cycle. Partially because there are different ways in which you are woven into life and into your created experience, and some of you have commitments that are yet in process of finishing. But most of you feel as if there is something new that you can now create or manifest in your life. That manifestation process that you are now embarking upon, whether is has begun or is to yet begin, that manifestation process is one whereby you come from your source, your inner self, your beingness, and it is as if the inside creates your outside. Your inner self creates your outer experience. You have shifted your frequency base, you have shifted your consciousness. You continue to clarify it in different ways.

.......When there are particular areas of consciousness that seem to be working their way out of the cells, out of the body, in order to continue the process of clarification, certain ones of you realize and are realizing more and more that you no longer can create your external world based on perceptions or beliefs that were adopted by you at some point or other as being part of the material world in the old reality, the old matrix. The old matrix is one of what? You were trained to be consumers, yes? You were trained that you had to work for a living, yes? You had to work in order to have what you desire in your life. There were certain equations that you had to fulfill in order to get what you felt you wanted in your life. And even that which you felt you wanted was somewhat influenced by that which was the cultural conditioning, coming from the past.

.......The manifesting power that belongs to each of you reflects, then, in the creation of your life as a material being. That materializing aspect is how creation, that which is manifest of light and life, comes through you. Creation comes through you. You are Creator, you manifest. You are in Earth. You are partnered with her to do so. That partnership creates a stance of loving creation, loving unfoldment, loving manifesting. And love, then, is the essence of what you create. Does that mean you have a sense of love in partnership, or love in friendship? It is love of self, love, respect, and honor of that which is the essence of your being in acceptance of yourself as the powerful manifester of creation that you are.

.......We want to talk about this today, because unless you free yourselves completely on the emotional and conscious level from the old patterns of consuming and materializing as they are still played out in your peripheral life in duality, as it is still in your televisions, in your newspapers, in your stores……unless you do that, there is a way in which the freedom to create will still be hampered by this other structure.

.......The second thing we want to say is that the earth, herself, she is also a materializing being….of course you know this, you see it in nature all the time…..and yet she, too, has power to materialize consciousness. And that means that where there is very dense consciousness that is continuing to bind in the body of the whole of creation, and not allow this freedom to create, her body, her manifesting powers will also be activated, probably very soon within her body, your body, planetary body. Which means there are certain places in the earth that will perhaps have certain….humm….what you call breathing out, where there is a certain way that something needs to crack open, something needs to break apart, something needs to manifest the freedom that is pushing from within to break free. Certain areas within the whole of the planet have already begun to loosen. These particular places are perhaps being watched, but they are also necessary in that which is this next phase of materializing consciousness. It’s necessary, so do not see anything that goes on in the next few months as something that is devastating or something that is not part of the whole, part of the creation of the whole.

.......This is for you to understand, because if you free yourself now and know the power of creation within your own experience you will not feel as if you are in any way limited by what others may see, or feel, or say, or attempt to make others believe. There are no limitations in the power of manifest creation, manifest love. Within the material plane there are no limitations for those who claim and know who they are, and who value and respect and honor the power that is within you, and utilize it.

.......So, our first part was just to speak to you about your own manifesting power. The second was to reflect a little on the earth’s manifesting power and what might be arriving soon. And the third little part of our time with you is just to help you notice that the illusion is getting more pronounced, is it not? The illusion, it is easier to see? It is easier to name, and it is also easier to ignore. If it is illusion, it is necessary to not give it much power, do you see? Do not give it attention. If you remember ever having a child who is trying to get your attention by being very demanding, very needy, very whiny, etc. and you give in to that, what happens the next time? It’s gets longer and gets longer, and they know immediately that if they do this again you will give in, yes?

.......So, parenting your own self at this time means that at times you need to be aware of when you give power to illusion, whether it is unconsciously, accidentally, or because you just get pulled in, whatever……to parent yourself enough to say, nah, this is not of essence, this is not real. To catch it and then to listen to yourself……to the place in self…..what is the need in that moment in self. What is the place in self that is calling for attention, that is seeking it outside of yourself in some illusory way or some way that is pulled out into this place. Go to this place in self and spend a little time there. Spend some time finding out what you need. If you are in the habit of getting your needs met or seeking needs met from external sources, you will find that you get sucked into illusion rather rapidly.

.......It is a very interesting time, is it not, where illusions are competing with each other for attention and for energy. Have you noticed? Illusion being what your government is perhaps trying to tell you is real. Illusion being what your television is trying to tell you is real. Illusion being what people in the world or the workplace, and even in certain relationships is trying to tell you is real.

.......It is yet time in this life, now, to stay consciousness. Some days it feels like you would like to go back to sleep a little, do you see? Some days you perhaps feel lulled, but it is not time to allow that to go on long. Partly because you are manifesting so quickly, you are creators, you see. And so, if you enter a lull where you get seduced into an illusory pattern or illusion, where you get pulled in or sucked in by duality, very quickly you may have a manifested experience that is intended to wake you up again. Do you see? So we are just saying to you, pay attention to your own needs. Those who are competing for your energy, for your attention, are very bright and they have used their intelligence to weave the seduction, do you see? The competition is great right now. You can even be seduced by those who continue to manifest or pull you into a drama of sorts where there is continued pain that you are intended to assist or pay attention to.

........What happens if that, too, is drawing you out of your core, out of your essence? What do you do? Come back to your self, your heart. Come back to the stance of love and life, and hold it. Vibrate that which is the most clear and most true, do you understand. Vibrate reality. Vibrate love, vibrate the essence of who you truly are. Acknowledge and honor it in the presence of those who yet have to come to this on their own, do you see, and suggest to these ones very perhaps clearly that they begin to seek within for what is of essence and what is real and that it is time to release that illusion, that story that continues to keep the pain in their experience. Do you understand? It is a direct approach, but timing, now, requires a more direct approach. There are not 20 years, or 5 or 10, for people to understand that much of the internal pain that is processed comes from the stories that were adapted and believed. Either made up and adopted, or adopted and believed that create the illusion that says I cannot live here, I cannot be fully who I am, I am not able to fully manifest who I am. All of which is not true, do you see? So perhaps we are just mentioning this so that it is in your mind, it is in your consciousness for the days, the months, ahead, that is all.

.......There is in this time, those who have invested heavily in the illusions and in duality. They continue to weave, as they can, that consciousness so that everyone believes it. But they are losing that battle, do you see? People are waking up and seeing things for what they are. So they continue to try to use fear, and threats, etc. to continue to maintain a certain amount of control over consciousness and the energy that that consciousness represents. It’s not just about oil, my friends, do you see? It is about you; human energy, do you understand? Yes. So that is ramping up, if you wish. It is not at a place of……it is not yet disintegrating, that is escalating yet in your world, in your consciousness. It is also being seen more clearly for what it is by a growing number of people, yourselves included. It is the subtle areas, however, that we want you to pay attention to. Some of it is very clear, yes? You don’t give your attention there. It is playing out and doing its thing, etc. But, there are subtle layers where you can still be seduced. And that is where those who are working to tap energy, whether it be your attention, or your consumer money, or whatever it is……..they are becoming rather adept at appealing to certain things. It is the entire structure where that which is the part of you that has been convinced that you have to do certain things in order to manifest, in order to have money, in order to survive……it’s all those things, yes, that you have struggled with? That whole matrix, that whole pattern, may still seduce you in different areas or different places until you recognize fully your power to stand in the core of who you are, partnered with the great mother of creation and to reveal who you are in manifest form. To manifest yourself, to manifest the supports that you need in your experience, to manifest your fulfillment.

..........The other thing about bodies right now is that because there is a shift of frequency you are also needing certain mineralization in your bodies, as well as to watch for yourselves the way certain foods are interacting in your bodies. What you used to be able to handle and eat, you may not be able to do so now, because the interactions in the body based on the new frequency……it alchemizes differently. There’s a different alchemy that is created in relationship to a different matrix of life. So, you may need more minerals, you may need more salt. You may need more water. You may need less sugar. You may need also to understand that bodies have had traumas in history……your past, you understand, different kinds of traumas. Traumas, now, in the way that the body is now moving into the new place, the new frequency place……some of the old trauma patterns…..even though that the energy of the trauma has released and many times you have healed, sometimes the sense of the body moving into a new place can re-initialize some of the sense of the old trauma in the body and it will then, again, perhaps reflect some of it. Just be patient with that, but also watch what you are eating.

.......Do not interact with the world as it is. The illusions are, as we said earlier, very rampant and they are competing for your energy and your attention right now. Each of you, stay true to what is real in your core. Stay true to that and continue to open to the revelation of manifesting who you are in form, in creation. You have ideals; ideals are part of, perhaps, the dream within your heart, but do not hold so fast to the ideals of an externalization that your souls cannot bring to you that place that belongs to you.You would love that place that belongs to you, and that is part of what is this next phase of manifesting in the world.

.......Some have begun, others have yet to do so, but in the next cycle……and we are saying cycle being the next 6 months to a year…..all of you will begin a new place, begin to manifest who you are in a different way than you did in the past. All of you, because it is that moment in time where that which is the materialization of the new matrix, if you wish……this new structure of consciousness… about to roll itself out into manifest form, more and more and more. And you won’t find it happening in ways that you expect. You will be surprised. Don’t think you know what is to happen, you do not. Even if you have an inkling, that is just enough to get you to where you need to go, you see. But most of you will be delighted and surprised by synchronistic connections or things that begin to open for you, and then you find that it is manifesting and you are aware that you did not fully, perhaps, even intend it to be that way. And yet your soul in alignment knows and feels as if it is exactly yours.


From the Earth Mother:

.......Manifesting, materializing. You do it all the time, every day. You are material beings, you have a material life, you have created what you are now experiencing, and you will continue to create what you are to experience in your future. The difference is that you are becoming more conscious and more aware of the core place of creation, the core place of who you are. You are becoming aware, also, that you have had certain filters that have manifested in the past certain experiences. Certain conditioned filters, that either you created or were created on your behalf by others, that you adopted out of duality, that you thought were true. Particularly about materializing, about manifesting, about that which is the substantial life, the matter life.

.......Some of you let go in the material plane easier than others. Some of you are pack rats, you like to hold onto things. You have emotional attachments to some things. Or, you are the practical type. You think you might find a use for something one day. How many of you have closets full of such things? It is time to not be practical or sentimental these days, partially because everything in your home, everything you possess has a certain energy cord to you, you understand? It takes energy to be sustained in your field. It is your life, your externalized self, yes? So, if there are those things that you think might be useful one day…..and how long have you had them…’ve had them longer than two or three months…….they are not useful. They are taking up energy. Plastic containers, to mention one. Yes? Perhaps you have a few of them. Notice how many you use.

.......What else do you tend to keep, for practical purposes? Jars, yes, how many do you use? Yes, there is a recycling plant nearby, yes? Let it be recycled. Clothes, how many do you use? How many do you like, and how many do truly reflect you now. If there is not a sense that is of you, of essence, now, pass them on. Perhaps there is another for whom that would be just what they love, you see. They fall in love with it, and it is theirs. Good! Serves them, it is part of their life. There is too much stuff in your life, do you understand? Too much stuff is being manifested, created, that has no essence relationship. Do you understand? If it has an essential connection, if it is truly yours and it vibrates with you and it is of your essence, you know it. It belongs to you, you feel it, and there is a connection and it serves you, and there is an energy flowing through it as you use it. Yes, keep it. The rest, it is my suggestion to release it. Gently, freely, and send it on into the place where it may need to be found by someone else. Clean your cupboards, clean your closets, let go. Practice it. If you are to be a manifester, a creator of who you truly are, you may need some energy space in your life to connect, to truly bring through and into your life something that has more mass and is essential. Do you understand? Yes. So, fall project.

.......Second thing, in order to manifest who you truly are, become very clear that there is no comparison, and there is no competition for resources or for anything that is in the world. You are who you are, you are yourself. Release any looking out of what others are manifesting and think perhaps you would like to do that, too. Get very clear about what is yours to manifest. Some of you may want partners in your life as part of your next creation. Go into your soul, very clearly, and see whether there is in your life for that, or not. Or whether your soul has a desire to manifest you in a way that is perhaps free of a partner, and your foundation is elsewhere. Just ask the question. Some of you want to manifest more money, yes? More support financially, part of the materializing experience. How you get that money, is it of essence and of life for you or not. If you are taking most of your life energy to get a certain amount of money to support you, that is where we are going to work today. Do you understand? Because the great lie that has been perpetrated upon the human nature, mind, soul, is that you have to give your life away in order to be alive. What a silly equation. What a silly thing, but it has been dualistically moved through all of life and you have all bought it, completely. Most people still don’t question it at all, do you see?

.......So, first thing is possessions, second thing is where is your energy hooked up. Sometimes it’s hooked up in dreams and desires that aren’t truly in alignment with what your soul is up to. Do you understand? You can be binding yourself with your own wants and desires, because you have an energy connection to something that you think you need, you think you want. Be very clear about whether or not there is a sense of aliveness and a sense of connection to the core of who you are before you energize desires and wants. Do you understand? Just ask the question. Am I stirring any kettles? That is good. That is the intention, here, is to stir you a bit, to see where you might have attachment.

.......The manifest world ties up energy. That is why you are going digital, because there is less need to tie up so much materialized energy, because you want to materialize something else now, yes? New world. We’ve got a ways to go. Yes? New creation, you want to participate, yes? Free up some energy. Free something up, consciously. Some of you have been freeing up a lot, yes? Some of you have dumped massive amounts of material possessions, yes? Yes, good for you. Good for you, you are creating space, now, to create and manifest a new life, a new creation, and to participate with me in an even greater creation.

.......I need some space, do you see? Yes, I need some space in the material plane to create something with you. If you can feel this as I speak it, you will begin to know what to keep and what not to keep in your lives, do you understand? This is first. Space, creating space on all levels. Desires, align them. Pictures, sentimental attachments from the past, align them. Many of you have collections of things, you like to collect things. Frogs….something……angels, stones, rocks…..fabric, yes. Search into those places. Sometimes there is a reflection there. I am not taking them away from you, do not fear. Sometimes there is truly a reflection, there is a sense that this, yes, belongs to me. Then, fine, honor that. But perhaps you started collecting them in another time, and perhaps the collecting is now……there is not so much presence there, do you see? Let them go, let them go, let them go.

.......Teach your children to not accumulate for the sake of accumulation. Teach others, if you have space to teach or to share this with others, teach about that which is the energy that accumulates and ties up with stuff. Life is to be simplified, and it doesn’t mean that you live poorly. Simplification just means that you are aligned with that which belongs to you, and it is energized and it is clear, do you see. You are not poor, that is not it at all. You have abundance of all that you need. It is JUST what you need, do you see. Abundance does not mean more than you need, for then you are wasting energy. It is what you need, but the need encompasses all of who you are. That is a different way to see it. Not covering basics, who you are doesn’t want just basics, do you understand? You want beauty, you want quality, beauty, you want from within your nature to manifest and to reflect who you are, to create it. Know that, and everything is in alignment, and everything then is clear.

.......Energetically, there are structures. The structures are not only your structures, but you are interactive in your day energetically with the environment and with the structures that are around you. You cannot avoid it, you cannot protect yourself, there are no shields that will keep you from being interactive within an energy field. You can filter, yes. You can filter, but you have to interact. You are part of life, you are part of the whole, you are part of the whologram. You cannot be different, you cannot be separate. Therefore, energetically, how can you create space for creation to manifest what is now coming into your field, your presence, your awareness, your body to create. How do you do that energetically? Connect with me, connect with the structure of life, itself. If you need to have more life, where are you going to get it, do you understand? More power for creation, where is it coming from? It is everywhere you are, it is everywhere I am, but I have a certain kind of processing experience that you share with me to manifest. You are part of my life, my body, my nature. You cannot NOT be as long as you are human, as long as you have a body. If you don’t have a body, you manifest differently. Do you understand? Very differently. If you do have a body, I am your partner in this. Therefore, how do you clear yourself energetically? You stay very hooked up. Stay very hooked up to life, to that which is life that we share. It’s not just me. I happen to manifest a body that you share with me, yes? Big body. Has a lot of life. But we draw life from where? All of life, eternal life, that which is the life of all that is, the universe. We draw life from all that is. We are part of a great family, great universe. Many, many, many energy fields interacting, yes? We draw that in.

The remainder of the session was spent in a process guided by the Earth Mother. Several things took place including a powerful clearing of the mental field, with assistance from her language and a particular color of light. A connection to the earth was facilitated, as well as an expansion of each person's core. This process is experiential, and is part of sequence of the Light Into Life series.


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