Update July 29, 2004

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July 29, 2004


Hello to everyone,

Perhaps you are wondering if we have been on a very long vacation. The answer is no, but then again I wasn't quite sure myself when I saw that it has been two months since our last update. June found us fully immersed in producing another trilogy of events, and July has been a time of family visits and the occasional opportunity to work through yet another personal process or two. I do sincerely trust that this core level healing work eventually comes to an end. I don't know about you, but I have grown a bit weary of how many things continue to surface for clearing and release.

June and July have felt like we were in some kind of holding pattern, although a little movement has lately begun for a few people. Michele and I are still doing some waiting, but it feels like we are coming much closer to shifting into whatever is next for us. I can certainly slip into a sense of impatience as the summer zooms by and we wonder if anything is ever going to be different for us as we relate to the world. I have a feeling that September may hold some surprises for many of us, and maybe even much of the world.

I had another awareness show up for me a few weeks ago, and I'm wondering if you have been feeling something similar. Simply put, I have grown tired of the whole “spiritual” thing. That has always been a somewhat loosely defined word to me, but there has often been an air of expectation about how a person is supposed to be if he or she is being more “spiritual”. For me, spiritual describes an aspect of self, not an aspiration subject to external definitions and judgments. I suspect that I am experiencing the impatience I mentioned earlier, and also that things have shifted away from a perceived idea of spirituality as a goal.

To offer another reflection, sometimes an implication is made, or teachings are given that place Spirit superior to Matter. To me, that is an old distortion that can make it difficult for people to fully participate in the transformation underway. I don't see our journey as one where we are only learning lessons then returning to our “real home” in Spirit, repeating the process into eternity. Besides, isn't “home” more of an awareness than a place?

Earth may have once been considered a school for soul growth, but She is much more than that. She is the place in the Universe where a wondrous alchemy is taking place, merging Spirit and Matter in a way that has never been before. In essence, Source has desired to experience itself in form, and to dance life into a new creation. It is we who are the fulfillment of that ancient dream, and we who are the co-creators calling the dance. So, contrary to many teachings, my view is that we are not trying to leave a physical experience, but to become even more fully present in it. Oh, and those remaining processes that keep coming up for us? Clearing those areas of old consciousness is how we make the space for our great souls to come in to our bodies more fully. It is also how we dispel any remaining illusions that we are separate from that which put this plan into motion eons ago.


Okay, that was my 12 cents worth for the day. Always surprises me what shows up when I sit down to write these things. On to other topics………..

The 3 events we completed in June turned out to hold a surprise for us. They were very direct and powerful processes with specific kinds of focuses, but we also became aware that these events were a completion to the Light into Life “course” that began in January, 2003. The first evening was scheduled near the time Venus crossed the Sun. The facilitators were all feminine, and worked with the distortions in the feminine aspects of all participants, and of humanity. The second evening was facilitated by all masculine energies, and worked with distortions in the masculine aspects. The third evening was more verbally interactive, and became a process of participants consciously and clearly choosing to be fully here in life. This choice put things in motion for many of us, as it was a message to the Universe of our intentions, given from an empowered place of creators of our experience. In my case, I became inspired to write a book. I will share more with you about this book in the coming months, but it is yet a bit early for me to talk much about it.

Little did we know when we started this course that we would be engaged for a year and a half in creating such an amazing program. It is a substantial body of recorded work that has become a step-by-step course completely designed to facilitate the process of transformation in the body, and further embodiment of the soul. Michele was the vehicle for the information to come in, and the facilitators were the planetary consciousness we call the Earth Mother, and many friends in Spirit who organized the teachings and gave the processes. I know of nothing else like it in existence, and I consider it a profound gift that has been given for use in this time.

If you would like to participate, the course is available in parts on the Lightsmith Media page. I would also remind you that you can listen to the complete first session on our course information page.

If you have completed earlier sessions of the course, or feel you are ready to leap to the end, you can find the 3 June events on the same page. Please be aware, however, that this is a seriously powerful set of processes. If you have not done some substantial healing and shift work, I do not recommend leaping to the end sessions. It is very likely that you will create a more significant transformation process for yourself than you might find comfortable. Making such a leap is a swift, but not necessarily preferred path if you end up in severe crisis. Please choose which approach feels appropriate to you, and feel free to write with any questions you may have about the course.


In 1999, we found ourselves on a series of rather grand adventures in service to the planet. Michele wrote about some of these trips, and I earlier posted the stories on our web site. I ended up taking down the link, however, when it began to feel like the information was being shared a little prematurely. It felt like things had to gel without interference, and weren't to be disturbed energetically or psychically at that point. In fact, after writing about a later trip, Michele's computer crashed and the article was lost. We took it as a clue that the story was not to be made available at that time. Perhaps that story is yet to come.

Now, it feels like some of the story can be told, and I have relinked the pages on our site. If you are interested in reading about these unique adventures, start here on the first page.


In the last update, Michele wrote about a group trip to Guatemala that she has organized for next February. The focus of the trip is a retreat with the Earth Mother. The maximum size of the group is 14, and several spaces have already been reserved. Below is the latest information from Michele. I encourage you to contact here soon if you are interested.

*From Michele: Hello to all who have indicated an interest in the Guatemala Trip. I have been working out the details with Wendy at the Villa Sumaya and have more of a sense of what will be included. We decided to include two meals a day in the package, breakfast and dinner. I want to design an experience that includes choices. A couple of days will include options to go to Panahachel or to hike, and we would have lunch elsewhere. But if you feel like staying at the Villa and not going out, that's a choice too. If you need a snack or lunch, they will take your order anytime. I usually bring some snack food along anyway.


Friday, February 25 th : Arrive in Antigua

Saturday and Sunday in Antigua including toning at the Convent of Las Cappucinas, meeting each other, shopping, and transitioning. I am hoping to get us booked into a hotel with beautiful gardens.

Monday, February 28: Transit to the Villa Sumaya with a stop at Valhalla, an organic Macadamia nut finca (farm). The Earth Mother loves this place and it shows!

Monday-Sunday at the Villa with optional trips to Pana and The Women's Cooperative Textile Center, hikes, a weaving demonstration, hot-tubs, and if enough interest, a trip to Santiago and tour with Martin Prechtel's ex-wife.

All options are just that and if your need is to stay in retreat, that choice will be honored. We will have our own group sessions each day focusing on deepening our capacity to receive from Life, to integrate more of our Essence within our body, and to assist our body to hold more joy. I will be focusing individually during the group sessions when needed to assist the work we will do together. There are a number of skilled healers and massage artists as well as an excellent naturopathic healer, yoga and qigong teachers, etc that live at the lake and can be requested for individual appointments.

Sunday, March 6: Transit to Antigua

Monday, March 7: Fly home.

If you need to be home on Sunday for a work week, travel directly from the lake to the airport can be arranged.

The total for the trip is $1400. If you want to reserve your place, please send me $250 as a down payment. This can be refunded up until the second payment. Another payment of $575 will be due November 15 th and the balance ($575) due February 1, 2005. If you cancel after the second payment, your payments will be refunded in full if I can fill your spot with someone else. Sorry, I can't take credit cards for this trip.

Your flight is on your own, as are meals in Antigua. There are just too many choices! I checked on flights to and from Mpls/St. Paul. Round trip is currently running $736, which is high. There may be some deals coming later. You can also use either Continental or Northwest miles, if you have them. There is an American Airlines flight as well. We will better be able to coordinate flights as the group forms.

There are 14 spots for the trip, so I will take the first 14 and then start a waiting list in case someone cancels. It feels as if the group is already forming since I can feel an excitement and a current every time I tune in. If you can feel it too, sign up ASAP!

If you wish to send a deposit, please for my mailing address.


Okay, that's plenty. Guess I'm making up for skipping a month. I hope you are all well, and weathering the times with grace. Plenty of surprises ahead, and we all wait to see what we are creating next. Often challenging, always interesting, seldom boring. It's nice to have you sharing the journey.



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