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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lightsmith Events Week of June 25th


Already we're heading into the last week of June. Time really does seem to be less and less of a reference point these days. Instead, we find ourselves fully engaged in projects, swiftly moving through yet another healing process, or perhaps finally feeling a sense that somehow things are noticeably different in our experience.

Last week I sent out an update with a message from our friends in Spirit. They spoke of paying attention during this next month to receiving a kind of present, one linked to personal fulfillment. Already we are hearing stories (and having some experiences ourselves) that reflect such moments of receiving. Perhaps you, too, are recognizing a significant moment with something opening or shifting in your life. If so, we would love to hear about it, and perhaps we can share some of the stories in a future update. You are always welcome to drop us a note. Send email to .

6:30 - 9:00pm (CDT), Tuesday June 27th

This coming Tuesday we will be receiving a visit from Aine (Ahnya) from Dublin, Ireland. During the evening she will share stories of her experiences with the Faerie Realm and with the Ancient Tribes of Ireland. You will hear about the Faerie Godmothers and Guardians, the Healing Faeries, the Nature Faeries and much more. The cost is $35, $20 for children 8-14, or one adult and two children for $65. You can read more at Find the link on the right for directions to our building.

7:00 - 9:00pm (CDT), Thursday, June 29th

This is our first "topical" channeling. Once a month we will select a topic to explore with our friends in Spirit. The most popular request right now is a focus on relationships. What's happening to relationships as we shift out of the old structures of consciousness, and what does idea of relationship mean in the new, living field? You are invited to find out with us on Thursday evening, either in person or by phone.

The cost is $30. If you would like to participate by phone, you will find more information on our web site. We begin these sessions as promptly as we can. If you will be with us in person, please plan to arrive by 6:45, if possible.


Those of you who are on our mailing list will recognize a new format for our update mailings. I expect we will have some "tweaks" as we go. Please let me know if you have difficulty with the format, or have any other suggestions or comments.

Next month: We are making a small change to the Tuesday Tune-Ups. For future sessions we will be working with a specific focus, partly based on what Michele is seeing as current issues with clients. The July Tuesdays will be Tune-ups of the endocrine system. I'll have more information in the next update, and you can always check our calendar of events for dates and topics.

The July Second Saturday Channeling is with the Earth Mother, and will include a process for the body. In August, the story of our evolution continues with a visit from King Arthur, followed in September by St. Germain. More to come on those events.

Back soon.........



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