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Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh My

Jeepers, we be zoomin' on a cosmic growth spurt. Can we possibly squeeze one more thing into the day? Better question, can we possibly keep up the pace? I miss summer vacations, when the rigidity of school schedules gave way to actual playtime in the neighborhood. I remember how days seemed to elongate themselves to fit my adventures of recreation and discovery. This summer it feels like someone keeps stuffing my job jar and I am duly compelled to complete my tasks. I guess with every birth comes plenty of pushing.
Sanat Kumara
One of the items on my list was cleaning up and posting the audio file from last Saturday's channeling with Sanat Kumara. He spoke of us as "masters in training" about to step into a new role. He was clear that we are in the doorway to the next experience and that this summer was our moment of making the transition. He said that "the last piece of this unfolding is to set yourselves free", and that the pain and memories of the old story literally did not matter any more. I do not do justice to his words in my summary (and he facilitated a nice process), so I posted the first 10+ minutes of the recording on our site at
Give a listen, and if you wish you can also order the full channeling on that same page.
Fusion Weekend
A nice group is beginning to come together for the special Fusion Weekend August 22nd and 23rd. We have some people joining us from out-of-town, and we are wondering if anyone local might have an extra room for cheap or free. It would be nice if you were also coming to the weekend event, but that is not necessary. Contact if you have some space you will share. Send your phone number, too, and we'll get you connected.
BTW, Michele wrote about the Fusion Weekend in the last update. Please contact us soon if you are planning to attend. Having a good sense of the number attending will help us better plan. Information is on the August calendar at
Transformation Tuesday and the Solar Eclipse
If I have done my math correctly, the major upcoming solar eclipse will be taking place precisely during our next Transformation Tuesday event. You might want to join us for that one :)   In the latest Shamanic Astrology newsletter, Daniel Giamario wrote that "when determined by length (six minutes 39 seconds) and centrality (the umbra only 275 miles north of the center of the earth), the total solar eclipse of July 21 through July 22 is rightly called the Solar Eclipse of the Century. None will surpass it until 2114."
Michele says she has been hearing the word "Alignment" as we are moving through this triple eclipse cycle. Most of her recent work with individuals has been to dissolve the deep emotional/sensate memories stored in the body and brain so the adaptive survival patterning can release and reveal our natural design for being here. She adds that this deep realignment with our true design and nature is freeing us to create a new experience of everything. The process on Transformation Tuesday will include some of this realigning process as it relates to those present in the field as well the theme of restructuring that was begun by Sanat Kumara earlier in the month. We are now reaching core levels in this collective/personal transformative process, and both Michele and I are open to and excited about what is to unfold next!
More info about Transformation Tuesday:
Short note, more stuff to think about....


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