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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Revving Up

All year we've been going deeper and deeper to release old patterns,
structures and everything else that we cannot take with us into the
frequencies of the New Living Field. Whatever won't compute gets the
boot. About two weeks ago a big wave of MAD blew through. Perhaps you
had either a major meltdown or some less intense discussion with the
universe letting it know you've had enough already with the distortions,
lies, manipulations, control and arrogance of the old story. Blam-o, a
big bubble of fruitless tolerance finally burst opening the way for
major movement.

As we integrate our greater essence into our physical bodies we also
begin to sense a larger potential waiting to be realized. On the
personal level we align with our essence rather than false projections
we created for navigating the old story. Once aligned we find ourselves
moving in unexpected ways, guided by our soul's deepest desires. At that
point the next adventure begins.

Each of us has a path of expression yet to be revealed, though we're
starting to get glimpses of what is next. Like an individual the entity
of Lightsmith also has guidance that Michele and I listen for, and
Lightsmith has recently begun to reveal its next area of expansion. On
our website we describe the focus of Lightsmith as the transformation of
consciousness, both personal and planetary. We have been involved on the
planetary level for many years, but it is now clear that we are
preparing for greater emphasis on that part of our expression.

This weekend we are off for some much-needed vacay, heading west for a
bit of R & R. I wanted to send this update before we left so you would
have ample notice of two September events along with a sense of what's
in the works around here as we move into 2010 on our way to 2012. First,
it appears that the channeling on September 12th is going to be
significant. Our guests are Archangel Michael and The Karmic Council,
and we were told that this session would be open to questions since we
may have some after we hear what they have to say. Second, a Planetary
Practitioner Training module is scheduled for the weekend of September
26th and 27th. This is new, and more info is below.

The rest of this page will be information provided to me by Michele to
help prepare new calendar entries and web pages. It's a lot to digest,
but I think you'll find it quite interesting. You may want to print it
out for ease of reading. I have most dates up on the calendar, but
minimal information and no web pages until we return. FYI, while
traveling we will be checking email and Michele will be able to schedule

BTW, downloads of the channeling with Lady Venus and the corresponding
Transformation Tuesday are available if you need to do some catching up.
Processes focused on the heart and deep in the brain. Follow the links

Getting ready,


From Michele:

Some of you know me as a channel, and you have participated in some or
many of the Second Saturday events over the past four years. Others of
you know me as someone who listens to your soul and who joins with you
to shift old structures, release trauma, and realign with your natural
state of Being. Or perhaps you have been a student in one of a variety
of classes I've taught over the years. What you may not know is that all
my work is grounded in my awareness of how everything I work with
affects and contributes to the unfolding of the larger planetary shift

From the early 1990's through 1996 I led several group trips and
facilitated large planetary gatherings. In 1999 I agreed to facilitate a
series of group trips to a number of sites around the world to unbind
and open large living cells within the Earth Mother's planetary body.
That was preparatory for the deeper fusion of Light within our planetary
body of Life that occurred at the time of the Millennium on January 1,
2000 during the 24 hours of celebration and joy that swept through our
collective consciousness. The levels of collective joy raised the
frequency enough to land the new template for creation and make it more
accessible to those either born to synch up with it, or to those
transforming their own consciousness enough to relax into resonance
beyond duality and fear-based separation.

Since that significant New Year's event my work has mostly been to bring
waves of transforming consciousness through teaching, working with
individuals, channeling courses and special visitors, and anchoring the
New Field within a place, Lightsmith. Together with Chris, we have
attracted those people willing to do the deep personal process of
unraveling old adaptations of survival within duality and lifetimes of
fear and separation to restore authentic integrity on all levels of

Another wave of planetary work is now surfacing that will take us into
and through 2012, and I have received enough awareness to set course so
we can do our part within the larger unfolding story. That wave has
already begun. Last year and this, the Practitioner Course that I teach
has had a planetary focus during the last Module. Without being fully
conscious of what was setting up we cleared land areas and energetic
vortexes (spinning structures through which the Earth's consciousness
informs life on the surface, similar to charkas but planetary in
nature). Vortexes can be clogged by human violence, mental or dominant
control structures and cumulative layers of the effects of human
unconsciousness. Significant in effect has been the false assumption
that the Earth, nature, is unconscious, unfeeling, and unable to

The most recent group clearings (summer, 2009) have been concentrated in
areas on both sides of the Mississippi River here in St. Paul. At the
end of each of the clearing days the great Deva of the Mississippi
opened up and connected with the vortexes that had been cleared, and we
witnessed right relationship being restored. This powerful Nature Being
oversees all of the rivers that join up with the Mississippi River all
the way to the Gulf of Mexico, working in harmony with the nature devas
for each of the individual rivers. This Great Deva began to inform me of
a process that includes more clearing at various places along the banks
of the Mississippi culminating in a trip to the delta as it opens into
the Gulf. When completed, the links will then be made between all the
river devas and the Devas of the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Superior. We
will continue to learn more as we go deeper into the process.

This series of trips over the coming months will provide training for
those drawn into planetary level work and prepare people to work with
larger currents in future trips in 2011 and 2012. The first such trip
will be to New Zealand over the Spring Equinox of 2011. Three more trips
are part of the sequence and they will be announced as they move into form.

This practical course in the field will include three journeys to
various sites down the Mississippi (expanded information further down
the page). The pre-requisite is completion of either the Practitioner
Modules, previous planetary work with me, participation in the Fusion
Weekends, or a personal interview so I can discern whether or not you
are ready to handle the larger currents of energy that are part of this
work. Doing the Practitioner Course this year will also be preparatory
for future planetary training as will participating in various Planetary
events at Lightsmith throughout the year. There will be more
opportunities to work at these levels before the big trips begin in
Spring of 2011. However, to participate in the larger trips you will
need some previous training and preparation.

*PRACTITIONER COURSE* (four modules)

I will again offer the Practitioner Course in four weekend modules. This
course is for people who either have an active practice or those who
desire to evolve a practice. It is also a pre-requisite for working on
the planetary level. This year, given the larger focus of our work, I
will include more awareness and practice of planetary skills along with
the skills for working with individuals. This course trains you to work
at the soul level and within fields of consciousness. As you learn to
function from greater self-awareness and move out of operating through
the fronts of your chakra system, you become more effective in your
practice with others and are more supported, clear, and informed as the

Dates for the Modules:

Module I- October 24-25
Module II – January 23-24
Module III – March 27-28
Module IV – July 17-18 (some flexibility for scheduling this last one
depending on the needs of the group)


We will offer several Fusion Weekends over the course of the year for
those of you who are continuing to shift out of the old story in your
body and field of consciousness and to integrate the upgrades into your
energetic system. Each person has their own soul design that was chosen
and created to come through while in this life. Most of us have adapted
out of our nature in order to survive, and we have done that repeatedly
lifetime after lifetime in the long story of Duality and separation.
That has felt more real than our own nature. Once we restore our natural
integrity we are then ready for Spirit Fusion within our body and
experience, and to add the enhancements: new nodes of consciousness that
interact directly with the living fields of consciousness for the
purpose of synchronizing our nature within the new dimension for creation.

Each weekend will assist that process and yet each weekend will be
unique based on who is present and what is evolving in consciousness at
the time. The group energy will support the alchemy of transformation so
more is possible than when we try to do the work alone. You are welcome
to come to one or more than one. The only requirement for participating
is that you have made a conscious choice to be truly whole and present
and are willing to move through the process of shifting your own
structures of consciousness. Previous personal healing work will enhance
your experience and make it more likely that you will be able to sustain
the shifts and new nodes of consciousness. This is another path to
working on the planetary level.

Because of the alchemy created by the group and the need to monitor and
address personal issues in the moment, we will not offer these events on
recordings. We invite and enjoy visits from participants who do not live
locally. If you are able to travel here to join us, we are gathering a
list of local people who have space available so you can stay with
others and work out your own exchange with them. It's a good way to form
new friends and expand community.

Please note these 2009/2010 dates for Fusion Weekends:

November 21-22
February 20-21
April 17-18
August 21-22


For those who have completed the four Modules of the Practitioner Course
and want to continue to deepen their skills and evolve more context for
soul-level work, there will be occasional one-day Continued Practice
Days. It is an opportunity for me to download what I continue to learn
as I work with individuals, and for you to integrate more for yourselves
and enhance what you bring into your work with others. Each one will
have a theme that I will announce in advance.

Saturday, Nov. 7
Saturday, Jan. 16
Saturday, April 24
Saturday, June 12


For anyone who has completed both the Chakra Course and the four
Practitioner Modules and is sincerely drawn to learning to work with
individuals in a soul-partnered way, I am offering one more option. I
will teach and coach a small group of people on a bi-weekly basis to
hone their soul-listening skills and to expand the repertoire of
possibility of what can be encountered in soul-consciousness healing. We
will meet for 3 hours each time and I will both teach and coach as you
work with each other. This way of working is very yin/receptive and
relies less on methods and more on learning to discern and sense how the
soul is communicating what needs the focus of Love in order to process
through and release. It can be incorporated into other healing
modalities, but it may shift some of how you focus. For example, it is
less about following the energy and more about acknowledging the wisdom
of the soul and where the soul is directing attention. The energy moves
on its own once the places of frozen experience are lovingly
acknowledged. If you feel drawn to this possibility and want to hear
more, please call or e-mail me and we can talk.

If you are a practitioner, I know you may need to make choices. Here are
some reflections to help:

1. If you have taken the Practitioner Modules and want to continue to
evolve within your own healing modality and include more awareness and
practices that enhance your practice and you personally, the Continued
Practice Days would be helpful.
2. If you have a strong draw to the Planetary work after getting a taste
of it during the Modules and are ready to hone skills and increase your
capacities to both listen at these levels and to work with larger
currents of creation, the Planetary Practitioner course would be a good
3. If you are more drawn to deepen your capacities to work in one-to-one
settings with individuals and expand your skills to listen and respond
to each wise soul/consciousness that you encounter, the Mentored
Practitioner Training is a good option.

Note to Clients and Potential Clients:

If you schedule an appointment with me and are open to having one of my
Mentored Practitioners sit in on the session (confidentiality
guaranteed, of course), please let me know when you make the
appointment. They will need to observe me working and to learn how to
hold a receptive focus within a field of love for longer periods of
time. As a small incentive, you will save $20 off the fee for your session.

I am also compiling a list of people who would be open to coming to
Lightsmith occasionally for a soul-partnered healing session with a
practitioner who is ready to work one-on-one with me present as coach
and guide. These sessions would last one hour and cost you $50.


This course will be very experiential and field based. Chris and I will
coach, mentor, and teach this course together. There will be four
primary field trips, all along the Mississippi River: Minneapolis,
Dubuque, IA area, St. Louis area, and the Mississippi Delta and New
Orleans area. We will also meet monthly on the second Tuesday evening of
each month to continue the work and to include other facets of planetary
work that will continue the training. If you are at a distance, these
will be available via phone.

Participants will learn the following:

1. How to listen and wait for the impulse of consciousness from the
Earth or a vortex without needing anything to happen at all.
2. How to move out of your mind and the stories it may want to engage.
3. How to use your emotional nature for diagnosis but not to process
what is being released.
4. To discern and then be present and receive from the consciousness
within vortexes, ley lines, nature devas, elementals, and the Earth
Mother to collaboratively work with them to free that which has not yet
released from the Earth.
5. To monitor your own core experience and grow capacity to stay present
and work with larger currents of consciousness and energy than what is
encountered in work with individuals or human consciousness.
6. To learn how to stay within the currents and not pull the energy to
yourself because of unconscious needs.
7. To stay in integrity with the planetary currents while staying
responsive to your own needs or personal processes that may surface
during the work.
8. To not become enamored by what is encountered and keep your energetic
body out of the lower astral frequencies that are attracted to
fear-based excitement.
9. To learn how to discern and release the variety of what humanity has
left in the body of the Earth, such as dealing with astral-based souls
that have not left an area, curses and that which was ritually bound in
the earth in the past, astral control of energetic centers, mental
overlays from government or church, the imprints of violence or human
unconsciousness, etc.
10. How to honor and form alliances with the Great Nature Devas that are
opening to humans again after a long period of retreat.
11. How to stay conscious of what you need physically, materially and
personally while working with these large currents of creation and to
include these needs and desires while engaged in planetary work.
12. How to receive the blessings of this level of work…..there are many!

Planetary Practitioner Training schedule

Sept. 26-27, Module I: We will meet first at Lightsmith for overview,
learning principals, and individual energetic preparation. Then we will
move to Minneapolis for vortex clearing and connection with the Deva of
the Mississippi. Sunday we will move down river and continue the work in
this area.

Dec. 5/6, Module II: Dubuque IA and area. We will drive, leave early
Saturday morning, stay overnight one night, and return later on Sunday.

March 20/21 (Equinox), Module III: We will probably fly to St. Louis on
Friday evening and return Sunday evening.

June 26 – July 3, Module IV: Fly to New Orleans and work from a base
hotel. There will be some time for fun too!

More details and other events will be posted mid-September on our return.


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