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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summer Time

Yup, we're still slogging through the energies of a potent and profound
eclipse cycle not to mention several previous weeks of who knows what
and, as the Earth Mother recently told us, there's more to come.

Please hold your applause.

I don't know about you, but I still have occasional moments of suddenly
being drop-dead tired. These are times where I either go find a
comfortable place to nap or risk crumpling into a heap right where I'm
standing. Since I don't rest well while crumpled, I usually find the
nearest couch. In-between I keep myself occupied with whatever I find
interesting these days, and that journey has led me to something fun
I'll share more about in a future update.

These relentless energies continue to push up unconscious patterns into
conscious awareness, assisting release of old structures. If you watch
television you will see this effect happening large-scale. As I see it,
LOTS of goodies are yet to surface. Please keep in mind that the amount
of visible whackitude is only reflecting the depth of distortion already
present beneath the aging illusions. If something snags your mind and
jangles your nerves, see if there is any message for you otherwise let
it go. Minds can't deal with the amount of detritus crumbling off the
facades of the rotting reality, and there's little point to giving focus
and energy to the vaporous vehicles of verisimilitude (sorry, I got to
vaporous and had to make it work). Definition

The Earth Mother channeling last week was calming for me, and I found
her dialogue with us to be interesting and helpful. She spoke about how
one effect of these recent energies is to further assist us to release
from the old structures and to really start to understand and experience
how much we are supported ("pulling out of the limited arena of the old
story into awareness of how you are sourced"). She also talked about the
accelerating collapse of time, making us less able to keep track of more
and more details. I don't really like to paraphrase the EM or offer
quotes out of context, so please take the opportunity to listen to the
entire recording for yourself. I always find it helpful to hear directly
from the being who is the primary orchestrator of this transformation,
and I think you will appreciate her perspective and timely information.
With these Earth Mother channelings you set your own price for the
download (minimum $1) so for a buck I invite you to listen and enjoy
this great session. You'll find the link here:


*Tomorrow night* (Saturday) is the next channeling in the 2009 series.
Our visitor this weekend is Lady Venus. Michele mentioned that it feels
like the heart will be worked with, something about needing to create
space for capacities to open than have been blocked by old structures.
That's my closest deciphering of our only clue. Beyond that, you're
invited to join us and see what shows up - in person or by phone.


*Next Week* we have Quantum Light Breathing sessions with Roxann Kay,
and another kids event on Wednesday (Eco Drums and Shaker Making).
PLEASE be sure to pre-register early for the kids events to avoid
cancellation of the classes. I know about being in the moment, but the
facilitators need to know in advance how many are planning to attend,
both to prepare materials and to decide if the class will take place.

*Week Three* brings us Transformation Tuesday and another Creative Kids
event dealing with essential oils and breathing. See the calendar for

*Events this month lead to a finale with Fusion Weekend* on the 22nd and
23rd. Michele is still working on the structure for those two days, but
here is the summary at the moment: Day one will trace through the
healing and restructuring of the basic energetic system, chakras, soul
retrieval if needed, and release and clearing of memories bound in the
body and field from this or other lives. Michele assumes that
participants have done quite a bit of work in these areas of healing and
that this day of facilitated process and working with each other will
inform the places that need support to complete the shift.

Day two will focus on the upgrade, synchronizing the chakras so they can
sustain the fusion, and hopefully some practice accessing the field
directly through these new nodes of consciousness. Again, see the
calendar for more information, and contact Michele if any questions.
Please do let us know as soon as you can if you are planning to attend
Fusion Weekend. Email <mailto:>

BTW, we could still use one more sleeping place for an out-of-town
participant, whether free or not. She is happy to find a motel, but
thought it would be nice to meet a local "Lightsmither". Contact me if
you have space, and whether you will also be at Fusion Weekend.

Putting the woo in woo woo,



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