A Creation Story From The Earth
August 10, 1998 
Time To Decide
October 16, 1997
The Mystery Of Creation Is In Your Cells
May 10, 1996 
Small Group
September 13, 2001
Following the terrorist attack on New York
February 27, 1999
Group In Guatemala
The Creation Story was told in words in a poetic style. Other recordings are not completely transcribable. When the Earth Mother speaks through Michele she often uses hand motions (mudras) and usually expresses an ancient "language" of sounds or tones as well as speaking in English. Sessions with her are energetic on the physical plane as she communicates directly with our bodies. We suggest that you listen to the audio files that are available to get some sense of her presentations. As you read the words from these transcripts we invite you to also turn your attention to the Earth and open to her energies.

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