Responses From Spirit To Questions Asked By Readers
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Dialogue following message of October 25, 2002. Secret government, Paul Wellstone effect, Sniper and war, Kineseology and consciousness scale, Open sharing of gifts, New music distribution, 
Power of the labyrinth walking meditation symbols, DNA activation, Experiencing negative energies after healings, AIDS, origins and consciousness perspective, Relationship issues.
Source of crop circles, Fate ot 19 hijackers from September 11, 2001, Can good come from aggresive acts, Herb to assist during plague, Where you are during coma, Effect of marijuana on karma, How to break patterns of desire, Older indigo children.
Osama bin Laden, National identity cards, Ascension, The nature of service, Sanctuary, Safety of Reiki, US Energy contracting, Free will, Channeling helpful, Magnetizing our energy, Planetary shift on schedule, Shark attacks, Levitaion and time travel, Posession and exorcism, Parallel universes, Stephen Hawking, Relationships ending, Vipassana.
Earth healing activity, Danger in special water, Letting go of beliefs, Stem cell research, Sexuality and spirituality, Shifting to outer work, Marian apparitions, Kundalini crises, Reincarnating to learn, Effect of aspartame, Role of alzheimer's disease, Spontaneous human combustion, Trouble sleeping at night, Personal awareness different from spouse, 
The children of the 70's, The people of Suriname, Sharing your heart, Impact of channeling on the channel, Is conscious creation stepping out of the ego, "Wars" and control of the dominant corporations, Stock market, Galactic federation, Is life being moved to inner earth, Atomic energy and the earth's shield, Mighty I AM degrees, Tourettes syndrome, Body aging and beliefs, Shroud of Turin, Earth changes underway, Prophecy and days of darkness, Social work not supported, Past life regression and the akashic records, Transcending physicality, Astral beings attaching to our energy, Getting chills when talking, Natural laws, Rapid changes and initiation, Unappreciative thoughtforms, 
Jesus and the Koran, Allergies to wheat and milk, Ringing in ears, anxiety, depression, Anger toward male-dominated hierarchy, Falun Gong, Biogenesis tool, Sacred sexuality, Balance and harmony, Attention deficit disorder, Miasms, Alcohol and readings, 2002 events, Creating rainbows, Ireland's history, Money and lightworkers, Healing betrayal, Urantia book, Information from earth, Dreams, Aura soma, Feng shui, Seeing light flashes, Service to others.
School shootings, Gun control, Mad cow and foot and mouth, Focus on the erotic in media, Children acting out, Artists not monetarily recognized, Hearing tones, Lemurian energies return, Stillness, Spectrum of frequencies, Changing thoughts, Negative dream images, Waiting for relationship, Kabbalistic system, Human clones, Adamantine particles, Zeta information and fear.
Alcoholism, The 'GIFT' program, Are humans controlled for food, Silver specks moving in eyes, Unable to die with feeding tube connected, Trading in our body and retaining memories, Copying music and software, Confusion about ascension, Is life a game, What is evil.
Complex busy dreams, Underground network, Lemurians, Consciousnesses within the earth, What is astral plane, Dream creation of alternate reality.
Tachyon energy, Angel workshop, Gore/Bush election, Effect of Green Party, What is inner child, ego, and subconscious, New Matrix, Jerusalem focus of conflict, Progeria and Star seeds, Perspective on assisted suicide, Healing power of magnets, Back pains, Genital herpes, Blood sugar, Seven healing circles, Thinning veil.
Good and evil, Karma, Napster and file sharing, Attachment to money, Challenges of Microsoft and Bill Gates, Waiting for loan vs. working
Did the nature spirits leave the earth, How to communicate with them, People going to moon when they die, Are we supposed to stop eating food, Investment company, Orbital of life and merkaba, Release of cellular programs.
What to suggest to others with physical ailments, Experience of Consciousness from Spirit perspective, Removing mice from church, Chasm between people seems to widen, Macrobiotics and food choices, Baktun of the Maya, How to deal with tiredness, Can people move winds, Harry Potter, Thorn in leg.
Panic disorder and chakra system, Is disease a choice, Silver balls viewed near chemtrails, Who is organizing the chemical spraying, Importance of dead sea scrolls in these times, Keys of Enoch, Who was Mithras, Feeling hungry and putting on weight.
Many experiencing neck pain, Why transformation not affecting all equally, Effects of global meditations, Weather patterns in South Africa, Reincarnation and spiritual action, Trouble sleeping, Hearing tones, Perspective on vaccination, Different merkaba training, Sensitive people, Activating bioelectric circuits in the body, Super Nova 1987a and the Eta Carina, Pineal gland, Purpose of food, Vegetarianism, Breatharians, Quinoa, millet, and amaranth, Fatima, Seven rays of God consciousness, Indigo children, Brain damage, A Course in Miracles, Allergies, Feelings of rage.
Blue Flame Sisterhood, Embodiment during Holocaust, What is our greater self, Nature of these challenging times, How creation works in the new matrix, Money in the new matrix, Life vs. life.
Nature of troubled and mentally ill youth, Perspective on abortion, Transformation, hormonal balances and effects, Is he Edgar Cayce, Bob Marley, Heart pains during the change of the centuries, Is earth becoming a sun, Conservatives seem more prevalent.
Aircraft spraying chemicals, The new crystalline children.
Helping son on path, Knee operation, Death of fiance, Clearing of beliefs, Moving to Arizona, Experiencing grief, Eliminating fear, Emotions about earth, Heliopolis, Personal and relationship pain, Life questions, Muscle testing, Adam and Eve, Stonehenge, Finding true relationship, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, Pedophilia, Tuning into self, Faeries, Vibrational name, Making connection, Sudden attack, Irresponsible with money, Opening to a greater reality, Jesus and the children of God, Remembering who we are, Connection to masters, Dream with a cat.
Relationship with spritual teacher, Difficulty maintaining relationships, White Brotherhood and Rosicrucians, Suspicious of formal belief systems, Mother Earth and unconditional love, Coping with negative work, Double numbers on clocks, Extremely fatigued, Trying to contact higher self, Benefits of fasting, Connection with a man, Attention deficit disorder, Autoimmune diseases.
Unpredictable pet, Support for energy work, Jesus and Course in Miracles, Feeling imperfect, Man to love, Blockage of energy flow, Blue ray children, Openings in time/space, Losing energy, New computer.
Trouble with neighbor, Woundedness, Dream with aliens, Hitting a wall, Being transparent, Souls crossing halfway on the bridge, What is a walk-in, How did Jesus heal, Emotional problems with brother, Impasse on the path.
Healing blockage, Feeling reclusive, Trouble breathing, Prosperity issues, Perspective on Clinton, 11:11, Spirit of father, Next year, Letters from secret admirer, What is life purpose, Selling home, What is best path, Finding ideal job, Numb legs and feet.
Children and their choice, Balancing interests and opening to the new, Loss of posessions, Hearing sounds and music, Move from Bay area, Menopause and hormones, Struggles with money, Feelings about past relationship, Broker and investing.
Duality, Connecting visions with experience, Excessive fear, Electromagnetic energy body, Stuck in financial sabotage, Assisting children diagnosed with ADD, 12 strand DNA connecting, Feeling new energy, How to help son and daughter, What about ET's, Needing spiritual mentor, Returning for doctorate, Difficulty with father of children, Vision of earth, Contact angels, New life, Ascension plan.
Shyness and throat blockage, Seeking loving relationship, Trance and helping people, Nature of homosexuality, Past lives, Male ascended masters, What will help band, Trouble taking deliberate action, Social service organizations, Where does energy source originate, Sciatic pain, Energy fountain in room, Two new children, Investment and Y2K problems, Loss of pets.
Creating new structures in the church, Commitment in relationship, Calling to the ministry, Accident or negligence, Seeing grids of energy, Low energy, Not receiving information in 3rd eye, Muscular dystrophy, Earth changes and preparations, Tumors in dog, Food allergies, Personal catalytic power, Was Jesus crucified, Seeing 11:11 on clocks, Activational art.
Stepping out of dominator culture, Awakening capacities, Purpose of energy centers, Having dramatic awakening, Music as communication, St. Germaine, Is violence part of God's plan, Dis-enchanted with circumstances.
High incidence of breast cancer, Daughter with lost voice, Medicinal properties of marijuana, Focus on children, Large scale happening.
What happens when one commits suicide, Contracts in Spirit, Experiencing low energy, Why can't some women have children, Money and finances, Life is in chaos, Why whales beach themselves, Control manipulation of some energy centers, Cause of muscular dystrophy, Relationship problems, Financial problems.
Difference between intuition and psychic ablilities, Direction from ego vs. higher self, Injury from car accident and scattered feeling, Reconnecting with Spirit, Near death experience and opening to channel, Helping others to open creativity, Effect of electromagnetic waves on earth, Find life purpose, Center for law and Spirit, Communicating with guides and angels, Following the flow of heart's desire, Abandonment issues.
Black aura and black magic, Winds and Tornadoes, Analog and digital technology, Parenting of 5 year old son, Stilling and awareness, Contacting spirit guides, Feeling dizzy, and disoriented, Loss of family members, Purpose in life, Fear of becoming too happy, False prophet, Marijuana use on other planets.
The "experiment" on this planet, why do we have such long periods of wondering and wandering, The key to the secret, Why are certain fates chosen, Use of intention, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Candida.
Not hearing guidance, Return of the Annunaki, Learning to channel, Meaning of 651, Initiations and symbols of Reiki, Experiencing the energy of Hale-Bopp, Feeling demoralized and doubting self, Life following brain surgery, Reality - created or predestined, Having trouble feeling love, Problems with effects of meditation, What is soul, Sensitivity to nature, The fall of man and the fruit of the tree of good and evil, Where to focus, Relationship and negative self image, Soul mates and soul families, Six pointed star, Purpose of healing powers, Meaning of brown band in aura.
High-pitched sound in ear, Ending a possessive relationship, What to do with failing business, Client missing emotional body, Blockage in throat chakra, Questions about angels, How to improve link with higher nature, Where to focus next in life, Problem with breathing and sound in ear, Is smoking really bad, At major crossroad, Cause and cure for depression, Knowing Amanda, What is Satan.
Several responses to a list of questions about the Eckankar religion.
How do I focus on my path, Feeling disconnected from loved ones, Searching but not finding, How to levitate, change water into wine, create things out of thin air, Heart chakra catches energy of others, Feeling a need to complete things, Peace in Israel, Ready to serve; now what, Getting past fear.
Physical challenges with health, Friend sees no reason to continue life, Suffering with no diagnosis, Looking for like-minded people, Speaking about earth changes, Difficulty with clarity of mind, Hearing "eeeee" sound, Trouble with meditation, Helping heal husband, Seeking identity.
Loss of many to death, Ancient names, Lack of joy in teaching, Making choices, Communication with nature devas, Kofutu class experience, Feeling out of sync with people, Friend who blows out lights and computers and healing of knees.
Healing gifts, Changes in relationships, Feeling pulled into a conscious sleep, Life after death.
Personal Guides, Nibiru, Spirituality-technological interface, A definition of light, Purpose of merkaba, "Junk" DNA.
Heaven's Gate, Why is earth such a coveted place to incarnate, Why are we visited by "aliens", Analyzing Hale-Bopp, How the comet is affecting the earth, Significance of low body temperature, Having an impulse to move to another location, Significance of a powerful dream experience.
The real name of comet Hale-Bopp, Miasms, The Greys, Human Cloning, Did Earth receive a walk-in, Do other planets help the Earth, Intense weather, Does Nibiru have anything to do with the comet.
Channeling from Hale-Bopp "companion", Hale-Bopp comet, Photon Belt.
General info on consciousness shift, Fear and anger, Special partnerships, Response to prediction of 15.5 million spaceships landing in December, Does the earth feel the pain of what's done to her.

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