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Lightsmith was created in 1994 by Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine to offer clear information and helpful assistance for this time of fundamental change in our lives and world. We consider the current challenges on earth as a birthing process, thrusting us out of an old reality into something profoundly new. We see humanity moving into a different experience of life, born of the fusion of Love, Life and Light while an old world reaches the end of its time, self-extinguishing through choices made in fear, contraction and limitation.

Our focus is assisting the process of transitioning between these two worlds, which some call the great shift. The stories about these times can seem abstract or metaphysical, but the effects are very real in our lives. What we provide is grounded in ways that assist integration of the changes, with processes that are expertly facilitated, experiential and powerfully effective.

Our site is also a storehouse of information with dozens of pages of perspectives about this intense time of change along with hundreds of helpful responses to questions asked by our readers. These responses were offered by the Earth Mother and Friends in Spirit using Michele’s capacity to be a channel for them. We also share our own perspectives through regular posted updates, support materials and timely classes and services.

As the new story continues to reveal itself we will continue to expand ourselves and Lightsmith, so please visit us often – and be sure to add yourself to our email list to receive updates as they are posted.

Chris and Michele