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Vibrational Signatures

What is a vibrational signature?

When we were born we received a name from our parents usually having 2- 4 parts, with a first, middle and last name being most common. Like your given name, a vibrational signature also has several aspects with a Spirit vibration, a Soul vibration and a name given to us by the Earth Mother the first time our soul embodied here. She recognizes us by feeling and vibration and does not tune into a different name every time we come. Some people have consolidated their signature into two and others have a fourth that is part of their make-up.

Michele has been accessing Vibrational Signatures for people since 1991 (Mayama is part of hers), and it feels that it is now time for more of us to use these unique universal signatures as we move into our Planetary Presence as universal citizens. Some of you who have worked with Michele over the years may already have your Signature.

Please view the introduction video before scheduling your session

How do I learn my vibrational signatures?

The ability to retrieve these Signatures is one of Michele’s innate gifts. She works with groups of 5 people during scheduled sessions (see the calendar), or by appointment for individuals or groups of 2-5 people. We encourage group participation since the capacity for each person is enhanced in a group, and the experience of witnessing another person receiving these aspects of their being is particularly special and sacred. There is usually some energetic preparation for every participant before the signatures are called in, so all sessions begin with a process to set and clear the energy field.

Video Recordings of The Session Included

Each session is captured on video, and you will receive a video DVD of your segment so you will be able to remember the experience including specific pronunciations and elemental motions/mudras that come with the Signature.

Individual sessions with Michele are $285.

Contact Michele or Chris to schedule an individual session – 651-224-4451, or

You can also schedule your own group of 2-5 people, $215 each. Contact Chris for details.